The Best LSAT Tutors Review

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You’ve worked hard and achieved a lot in your first few years of college, and now you only have one item on your checklist left prior to taking the notoriously difficult Law School Admission Test (LSAT): choose the best LSAT tutor. 

Let’s survey the top LSAT tutoring services to help you make the wisest choice with your hard-earned money.

Best LSAT Tutors Overview

7 Best LSAT Tutoring Services in 2022

When preparing to take the dreaded test, figuring out an LSAT study schedule and picking the best LSAT tutor can be hard. Where does one even start to parse through the endless online offerings?  

The LSAT is designed to test logical reasoning, critical reading, and analytical reasoning skills you may not have fully developed yet, even in higher education. All test takers have different needs. You might need a high-quality instructor, you might benefit best from online instruction, or you might just need something that’s a bit more cost affordable. 

Helping test-takers navigate the world of LSAT prep tutoring to choose their ideal prep provider is why I’ve compiled a list of seven premier LSAT tutors with different strengths and drawbacks, to serve as a guide to match you with the right tutor to suit your needs.

Let’s dive right into this best LSAT tutors review.

Blueprint LSAT

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blueprint lsat tutoring

I personally endorse Blueprint LSAT overall and its also made its way as our top choice for LSAT prep courses because it offers the best overall choice and top options for the best LSAT tutors. I rank it as such for three reasons: its value in pricing, its self-paced LSAT course, and its top-notch tutors. 

Blueprint provides three different tutoring packages with an average cost of around $150 per hour for 16 hours and $135 per hour for 40 hours. Even though this price tag isn’t small, the majority of other LSAT prep companies charge much more.  

Their self-paced online LSAT course includes over 7,500 practice questions, 15+ practice tests, and 60+ learning modules. They also include analytics to help determine your test-taking weaknesses, which can be helpful if you’re already nervous about the test. 

Lastly, their tutors are all in the 99th percentile scorers of the LSAT, so they really know their stuff. This means they’ve already gone through what you’re about to go through and they know the best ways to help you raise your score. 

Overall, you can’t really go wrong with Blueprint LSAT, irrespective of what type of learner you are or your budgetary constraints.

Best Overall
Blueprint LSAT Tutors | Private Online & In Person Blueprint LSAT Tutors | Private Online & In Person

Improve your LSAT score online or in person with some of the best tutors in the industry.

  • Includes access to all of the Blueprint’s top-notch LSAT prep course
  • Extremely reasonable rates in light of the number of resources provided
  • Comes with a superior score guarantee
  • The tutors are top-rated and highly effective
  • Live online only (no in-person tutoring)
  • Can get pricey depending on the package you choose

Princeton Review LSAT

princeton review tutors

If you’re the type of learner who works best in an in-person environment, then Princeton Review is probably the best choice. Other LSAT tutors hold interaction and instruction through Zoom or similar digital interfaces, a trend that has increased since COVID.

E-learning can sometimes be hard for students who thrive in physical, face-to-face settings. In-person isn’t available for all of the US, but their online options help make up for that. 

princeton review lsat tutoring

They offer two different tutoring options: a 24-hour package and a 10-hour package. Both packages are a bit more expensive on their per-hour basis than other options, with the most affordable option being around $1,800. 

One thing I appreciate about the Princeton Review is its tutors. All of the tutors are top-scorers and have been trained for more than 80 hours. The communication between tutor and student is a bonus as well, with continuous interaction as you prepare. 

The Princeton Review offers the best in-person LSAT tutoring options if that’s the style that works best for you. 

Best In Person LSAT Tutor
LSAT Private Tutoring | The Princeton Review LSAT Private Tutoring | The Princeton Review

Start studying today with some of the highest-scoring LSAT tutors with training upwards 80 hours.

  • Tutors have all been trained for more than 80 hours
  • Instructional methods and proven strategies
  • The app is helpful for scheduling, talking to your tutor, and viewing progress
  • In-person tutoring is an option for those who need it (in most states)
  • One of the more expensive options
  • Only one package (24-hour) comes with the guarantee of a score increase

Kaplan LSAT

kaplan lsat tutors

For students who need a top-tier tutor, I would suggest that Kaplan LSAT would have the best LSAT tutors for you. They have some of the highest quality and well-trained instructors out there. Kaplan is also unique because they let you use either your Kaplan diagnostic test or your previous test score for their high score guarantee.

Even though it costs a little bit more than these other options (with final costs equaling up to about $2,000), we think their tutors make up for it if you’re really serious about serious-quality instruction. They offer one-on-one tutoring, which is sometimes hard to find. This can be done either in person (in most states) or online. That combined with their huge content library is hard to pass up. 

The only downside is the free trial is limited, so you have to know you want to go with Kaplan before signing up. Even so, with their tutor’s credibility, you will probably have a good experience no matter what. 

If you’re the type of person who needs a tutor to keep you on the straight and narrow, then Kaplan LSAT is the place for you. 

Highest Rated Tutors
LSAT Tutors - In Person & Online Private Tutoring | Kaplan Test Prep LSAT Tutors - In Person & Online Private Tutoring | Kaplan Test Prep

Carefully vetted tutors and a high-score guarantee means that there is little to lose with this LSAT tutoring investment.

  • High score guarantee (using either a previous test score or Kaplan’s diagnostic test)
  • One-on-one tutoring offered both in-person and online
  • Enormous LSAT channel and content library
  • Offers personalized analytics and study planners
  • The price is quite high (upwards of $2,000 in final costs)
  • The free trial is limited and doesn’t give a full overview

7Sage LSAT

7sage lsat tutoring

7Sage Alumni have rated this LSAT prep service as the top choice on their list of LSAT tutors. This is partially because they help you learn effective studying strategies, help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and make a study plan customized just for you. It’s also great for students with full schedules because the study materials are available at all times.

Tutors at 7Sage LSAT must score in the 99th percentile on the actual LSAT, so you know they know the material. After the tutors are hired, they’re trained even further through a variety of courses and teaching seminars. In fact, the hiring process at 7Sage LSAT is even more particular than Yale Law. 

7sage lsat

With that being said, there’s no in-person or video tutoring. It’s all done through videos and logic games. This can be tough for some types of learners. But for only around $150/hour, most alumni have looked past those limitations and really enjoyed their experience

All-in-all, you should choose 7Sage LSAT tutors if you trust the opinions of test-taking alumni.

Powerscore LSAT


For students who like a treasure trove of easy-to-access resources, Powerscore LSAT will do the trick for you. With over 100 hours of pre-recorded on-demand instruction that is accessible almost any time, Powerscore LSAT provides countless online materials for students who need it. 

For $2,340 a year (plus an enrollment fee), you can gain access to the online student center where you will find these materials always available. They offer over eighty hours of both in-person (in some cities) and online tutoring. 

powerscore lsat tutoring

Many learners benefit from their time-management and test-taking courses, especially those with test anxiety (research suggests that 25-40% of US students battle test anxiety). The only downsides are that there isn’t much of a difference between each course they offer and that there’s no mobile app. Some students say their pre-recorded courses are low quality, too. 

Powerscore LSAT is the best choice overall if you want long-term access to some of the highest quality materials out there. 


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lsat lab

Some students prefer having prep tests that are as close to official as possible to get the “game day” feel. If you’re one of those types of preppers, then LSAT Lab probably has the best LSAT tutors for you! Their enormous database offers some of the most realistic LSAT preparation there is – augmented by their wide-ranging collections of video lessons, study plans, simulated LSAT practice tests, score analytics, live online classes, and a bunch of practice questions.

Another reason LSAT Lab might be the best option for you is their monthly subscription model. For around $300 a month, you’ll receive access to the full company course and 30-minute tutoring sessions every week.

There are only two tutor options: Patrick or Matt. They’re the co-founders of the company and worked together to write the LSAT curriculum for Manhattan Prep, so they know what they’re talking about. 

Their monthly subscription model allows you to cancel when you want and is one of the better values per hourly basis for LSAT tutoring.

If you’re the type of student in the market for official test prep, LSAT Lab tutoring is your best option.

Best Value
LSAT Lab | Tutoring LSAT Lab | Tutoring
Affordable LSAT tutoring that can be cancelled anytime!
  • Unlimited live online classes
  • 24/7 student support chat from instructors
  • Great production value on video lessons
  • Industry-leading 12-point average score increase
  • Fewer live online class cohorts may mean waiting to start your classes

Varsity Tutors

lsat tutoring

For preppers on a tight Ramen noodle-style budget (I can relate), Varsity Tutors is by far the most affordable LSAT tutoring option. Not only do I include them on this rundown because they’re inexpensive, but I also like how you can choose a tutor from hundreds of options on their website. You also have the option to use a matching tool to link you with the best fit. 

Varsity Tutors doesn’t follow a defined teaching framework, which means its tutors all have their own methods of teaching. This could either be advantageous or a setback – a double-edged sword — depending on how you learn or what you’re looking for. Most tutors from other companies follow specific strategies or methods that are proven to help students. 

varsity tutors free lsat practice test

Regardless, the per-hour rate is hard to beat. Varsity Tutors offers options as low as $25/hour, which is extremely affordable in the LSAT world compared to other options. Also, their practice tests are top-notch. 

Varsity Tutors offers the most affordable LSAT tutoring options and a variety of tutors to fit your budgeting needs. 

Best Budget LSAT Tutor
Online LSAT Tutors | Varsity Tutors Online LSAT Tutors | Varsity Tutors

Imagine being able to get quality LSAT tutoring without breaking the bank... now it's possible with Varsity Tutors.

  • Rates as low as $25/hour (one of the lowest available)
  • Varsity Tutors roster has numerous tutor options
  • The screening tool helps match you with the best option
  • It’s possible to find a tutoring fit that works for your learning style
  • Tutors all use different teaching methods
  • Study tools and prep courses are not included

LSAT Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You’ve got questions about the best LSAT tutors; we’ve got answers.

Is LSAT private tutoring worth it? 

LSAT private tutoring is totally worth it! People who don’t do private tutoring before taking the LSAT generally score, on average, below people who do. Even if you’re great at studying, it can be hard to prepare for a challenging test like the LSAT on your own.

How much should an LSAT tutor cost? 

Tutor cost depends on the number of resources and type of tutoring you want but ranges between $25 to $250 per hour. If you want both in-person tutoring and numerous resources, it’s going to cost more than if you just wanted access to study materials.

Are online LSAT tutoring sessions still helpful? 

Yes, LSAT online tutoring options are still helpful. Thanks to the technological advancements recently in e-learning, an online LSAT tutor is achievable and effective. You can get essentially the same experience with an online tutor as you would with an in-person tutor.

What are the best in-person LSAT private tutoring options?

Princeton Review is the most cost-effective option and starts at around $1,800. Next is Kaplan, which starts at around $2,000. Last, at around $2,340 per year, is Powerscore. All options come with a variety of study materials and practice tests.

Best LSAT Tutors – The Bottom Line

You can’t really go wrong with any of the picks that made our list of the best LSAT tutors, as they’re all well-vetted and well-established as industry leaders.

But I personally endorse Blueprint above all because it offers the top options and the best overall service. Their value in pricing, their self-paced LSAT course, and their top-tier tutors are hard to beat.

Best Overall
Blueprint LSAT Tutors | Private Online & In Person Blueprint LSAT Tutors | Private Online & In Person

Improve your LSAT score online or in person with some of the best tutors in the industry.

  • Includes access to all of the Blueprint’s top-notch LSAT prep course
  • Extremely reasonable rates in light of the number of resources provided
  • Comes with a superior score guarantee
  • The tutors are top-rated and highly effective
  • Live online only (no in-person tutoring)
  • Can get pricey depending on the package you choose

No matter which prep provider you choose, best of luck on your LSAT journey. Remember where you started after you’ve climbed the ladder to the top of the legal profession!