About the GRE

The GRE, Graduate Record Examinations, is a standardized test that is administered by the ETS, Educational Testing Service. The purpose of this exam is to measure students’ Quantitative and Verbal aptitudes and is a requirement for admission into many graduate programs.

In most parts of the world, the GRE is computer-adaptive at the section level. This means that the first section of the GRE is of average difficulty and based on your performance of the first section, the next section will either get easier or harder based on your needs. This means that every GRE test is different


What are the GRE Sections?

There are 5 scored sections on the GRE:

Analytical Writing (1 section with 2 timed tests):

  • Test 1. Analyze an Issue
  • Test 2. Analyze an Argument

Verbal Reasoning (2 sections):

  • 20 questions per section

Quantitative Reasoning (2 sections):

  • 20 questions per section
  • Unscored or Research


How’s the GRE Scored?

There are 3 scores reported on the GRE:

  1. Verbal Reasoning is scored in 1-point increments on a 130-170 score scale.
  2. Quantitative Reasoning is scored in 1-point increments on a 130-170 score scale.
  3. Analytical Writing is scored in half-point increments on a 0-6 score scale.

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