GRE Testing Dates for 2023 + Registration Tips!


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When planning your GRE study schedule, it’s helpful to know your GRE test dates options. Whether you are hoping to take the GRE test date this year or the next, we’ve got your available options as well as some tips on registration for the GRE.

Keep in mind that the GRE comes in a computerized format as well as a paper format, so we will give you the GRE test dates for 2020!

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The 2 Types of GRE Tests

  • Computer-Delivered GRE General Test
  • Paper-Delivered GRE General Test

The dates vary between computer-delivered and paper-delivered GRE tests, which is why we have broken them out by year below:

Computer-Delivered GRE Test Dates 2018-2019

The Computer-delivered GRE general test is offered in more than 160 countries and more than 1,000 testing centers. You can find testing centers for the computer-delivered GRE general test by searching your location here. You will only be able to view the upcoming two-month GRE test dates for registration. To register, you will need to have an ETS account.

Paper-Delivered GRE Test Dates 2018-2019 US & Puerto Rico

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Paper-Delivered GRE Test Dates 2018-2019 in All Other Locations (Including U.S. Territories)

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Considerations When Choosing Your GRE Test Date:

Please confirm that your scores for your GRE will be reported in time for your chosen program application deadline! If you are taking the Computer-Delivered GRE, your scores should be received within 10-15 days after your test date.

How Many Times Can You Take the GRE?

You are allowed to take the GRE test once every twenty-one days. You are allowed to take the GRE up to five times within a 12-month period (not a calendar year). The paper-delivered GRE test, however, can be taken as many times as you want! For more details, check out our article How Many Times Can You Take the GRE?  Taking the GRE is not cheap, so we advice being as prepared for the test as possible for the first try. Understand the difficulty and prepare for the toughness by reading our article How Hard is the GRE?

How Much Does the GRE Cost?

If you register to take the GRE in the US, US Territories, or Puerto Rico, then the GRE costs $205 USD. The costs vary for locations outside of the previously mentioned.

When registering for the GRE, you will also have the chance to opt-in for the GRE Search Service. This service is free and will help to save you costs later on in the graduate program admissions process. In exchange for the ETS to release your information to graduate programs across the US, schools will send you information about their programs and many will waive your application fee. Learn more about whether you want to opt-in for this service here.

What is the GRE Fee Waiver & Are You Eligible for It?

ETS offers a partial fee waiver for those who qualify. If you receive the GRE fee waiver, your GRE fee will be reduced to half, costing about $102.50 instead of $205. To be eligible for the GRE Fee Waiver, you must show that you are in financial need and can refer to the program specifications here.

Rescheduling or Canceling the GRE Registration

To be refunded your GRE registration fees, you must reschedule or cancel your GRE test at least 4 days before the GRE test date. The deadline for Mainland China is 10 days before the GRE test date for a refund. Get prepped on how many times you can take the GRE

  • Rescheduling or canceling your computer-delivered GRE test can be done online – find instructions here.
  • Rescheduling or canceling your paper-delivered GRE test can be done online – find instructions here.

What GRE test dates are you considering taking your GRE? Consider the best GRE prep courses to get you to the score you need!