Kaplan LSAT Review 2024

High quality LSAT practice materials and instructors make Kaplan a great option for those seeking a live online LSAT study option.
Written by: Kristine Thorndyke
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If you’re taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), read our full Kaplan LSAT review before making any big decisions on your LSAT prep.

Over 100,000 students each year take the LSAT, and among them, many students feel the Kaplan LSAT is worth it despite the relatively high course cost. With LSAT tutoring, classes, instructors, and online resources, their online course options are unmatched.

Because of this, we ranked Kaplan as the #1 live online LSAT prep course.

All About Kaplan LSAT Prep

kaplan lsat prep

For students who thrive with live online instruction from instructors and discussions among small groups of peers, the Kaplan LSAT live online review might be your prep course of choice

With the live online course, you receive an almost overwhelming array of practice tests, questions, and video instruction.

In addition to the compendium of materials, you also have the ability to chat with other students and analyze your thinking on a deeper level. While there are no overly sleek modern features or exciting frills, the materials and instruction you receive from a qualified group of LSAT experts make up for any lack in that department.

LSAT Prep Courses & Test Prep | Kaplan Test Prep LSAT Prep Courses & Test Prep | Kaplan Test Prep

For those who are interested in live online or who thrive in small class sizes, this may be the perfect LSAT course for you.

  • Small live class option (only 5-15 students)
  • Includes every official LSAT question every released
  • A set of LSAT prep books
  • Expensive
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

My Thoughts on the Kaplan LSAT Course

In this section, I offer my pithiest thoughts on the most prominent features of the Kaplan LSAT prep courses. Take my feedback and advice with a grain of salt; since every student is different, you’ll need to decide if Kaplan is right for you based on your personal learning style.

Kaplan Lesson Videos

For all students (whether you are taking the on demand course or the live online course), you will gain access to the on demand course library, which features topic introductions, practice, and explanations for related questions.

All students will also gain access to the Kaplan LSAT Channel. The main focus of the Kaplan LSAT Channel is to provide students with a comprehensive collection of supplemental video lessons. The videos do a deep dive into specific problem types and concepts.

From my perspective, this type of video is most helpful for students who need an in-depth explanation of a topic – for instance, if you’re still a bit perplexed after an in-person or online lesson. I’m a fan of their lesson filter feature and search bar, which makes it easy to find and watch pre-recorded videos on a specific area of weakness or concern. When you decide on a live online class, you can simply add it to your calendar with the click of a button.

kaplan lsat channel

New videos are released almost every day and they all follow a similar style. You can register to join a class live or watch the recorded lessons if you are not able to make it.

lsat channel

A recorded class in the LSAT channel. You can see students can join in on the chat and ask questions, so being present while they are live are much more interactive and fun.

The one issue with the Kaplan video platform is that these videos are not very high-resolution or aesthetically, visually appealing compared to other courses’. This can make the studying process more tedious than it needs to be. On the other hand, Kaplan makes up for it with the information they provide, so it’s a stylistic criticism more than anything. 

Students who are good at taking notes and retaining information will succeed with a course like Kaplan LSAT. 

My Rating: 3.5/5

Kaplan Study Plan

kaplan lsat study plan

Kaplan’s Study Plan is different from other test prep courses’, as it consists of their entire course curriculum and is the same for all students. They break it down into core sessions that follow the outline of the LSAT sections. Then, the core sessions are broken down into smaller lessons called units that are focused on concepts and specific problem types

Each of the core sessions includes assessments, video lessons, practice problem sets, and other types of coursework. Each topic is well-organized and divided out into the following:

  • Intro to the topic / Learning objective
  • Prepare and Practice
  • Perform Assignment
  • Perform Review

You will receive a Lesson Book in the mail from Kaplan that you will also utilize for practice questions in the Perform Assignment that you will be assigned in on-demand videos.

Opening up my Kaplan book delivery! When signing up for the course, you will include your shipping address for your physical books and cheat sheets.

kaplan course

In the Prepare and Practice portion of the core lesson, the instructor will walk you through practice questions.

kaplan lsat

After the Prepare and Practice session with the instructor, you work through the Perform Assignment video – you’ll be assigned practice questions in your Lesson Book to complete on your own and then review in the following video.

When you sign up for your course, Kaplan will send you their impressive Lesson Book, LSAT Unlocked book, and a strategy cheat sheet.

I like their Study Plan because they give the student a feel of exam-like conditions, which is arguably the best way to practice for the real LSAT. However, it doesn’t give students a lot of wiggle room to create an individualized study plan, as students should complete the core sessions in order that they are provided.

My Rating: 4/5

Kaplan LSAT Practice Tests and Question Explanations

No matter what Kaplan LSAT review course option you choose, you’ll receive over 60 practice tests. This is a great deal since some other test prep companies provide less than ten practice tests for around the same price.

The questions on the test come from real former LSAT questions and you will also need to purchase an LSAC LawHub subscription for an additional $99/year, which can be linked to your Kaplan account and integrated for seamless practice on the LawHub platform.

When taking the Kaplan LSAT course, you will have 3 full-length timed LSAT practice tests scheduled through your LawHub account. These are official LSAT tests that you will take before the course as your baseline score, in the middle of your course, and at the end of the course.

After each practice test, students receive a “Smart Report” with their results. The “Smart Report” also gives students detailed, targeted feedback based on where they performed well and where they could improve. I like this because it allows students to think about their weaknesses rather than just reviewing the correct questions. 

My Rating: 4.5/5

Kaplan Live Online LSAT Class Experience

The online live LSAT class experience is delivered via live video lesson format. In most lessons, the instructor presents from the corner of the screen on a digital whiteboard. This is where they give their daily specialized lesson and provide students with notetaking opportunities. 

The online class also offers students a chat feature where they can interact, answer a live poll, or ask questions. I’m a big proponent of participatory, democratic online class formats like this. Students – introverts, this is for you – who don’t feel like speaking up still have an avenue to get their opinions across. This model also allows for critical two-way communication between instructor and student that Kaplan can, and hopefully does, use to continually improve its services.

kaplan live online course

For live online courses, you can choose the schedule that works best for you as well as the instructor.

The live online courses offered by Kaplan come in either 4-month, 6-month, or 12-month schedules with rolling admissions for each. Each of the course includes 32 hours of live online classroom instruction, so the difference in prices between these courses is due to the length of access to online and digital resources.

My Rating: 5/5

Kaplan Instructors 

kaplan lsat instructors

The instructors at Kaplan are top-notch. They are all bona fide, verified top LSAT scorers and pride themselves on their communication skills. The Kaplan live online course gives students the option to meet their instructor one-on-one (in an online setting) before meeting the other students in the virtual class. 

I appreciate, and you might as well, that they provide structure for LSAT students with constant follow-through and check-ins. 

While their lesson plans might seem to lack “fun” and be overly serious (a not overly common yet not unheard-of criticism), many learners prefer to get right down to business, perhaps considering “fun” lesson plans placative or infantilizing.

My Rating: 4/5

Kaplan Course Cost & Refunds

There is a wide range between Kaplan’s course costs; with the most affordable originally priced at around $800 and the most expensive at around $3,000. Even if you opt for the most expensive option, though, you get a lot of bang for your buck. 

kaplan lsat on demand prices

Kaplan LSAT On Demand course prices

Each course comes with the same prep books, the same amount of online video instruction, and the same amount of practice questions and practice tests. The main real difference lies in the length of time you want access to these resources as well as whether you choose a live online or an on demand format.

kaplan live online

Kaplan’s LSAT Live Online course prices

As far as refunds go, all courses offer a money-back guarantee. If you go through the whole program and don’t score higher (than a previous real-world LSAT or practice test) on your next test, you can request a tuition refund. This request is more often than not granted. 

If you want to retry taking the test, you can request to reactivate your program within 60 days. This grants you an extra 12 weeks of free online resources. 

kaplan lsat score guarantee

My Rating: 4.5/5

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Free Course

free lsat course trial

Trial a FREE LSAT course with real Kaplan LSAT instructors before purchasing a course.

The free course is a standout feature of the Kaplan LSAT program. They give you all available options and you choose the time/instructor that works for you. You can browse all instructor profiles before deciding and sign up for free; you don’t put any money down until after the class.

I’m a fan of this style because it allows you to get to know your future instructor rather than being assigned to them. As you no doubt have observed by now in your many years of formal education, everybody vibes with their own personality type and teaching styles. 

We’ve got a list of free trials available for popular LSAT prep companies here in our 39 Free LSAT Resources page.

My Rating: 5/5

kaplan free trial lsat

Kaplan LSAT Prep Options

The Kaplan LSAT offers three major prep options; the Kaplan On-Demand Course, the Kaplan Online Course, and the Kaplan Bootcamp Course. The On-Demand course doesn’t come with any live instruction but does include all the materials from the other courses. The Online course comes with over 32 hours of live instruction, while the (much more expensive) Bootcamp course comes with over 140 hours. 

The course you ultimately choose for optimal results will depend on your budget and what type of learner you are. I would personally recommend the Kaplan live online course because I like the accountability of live online instruction that is harder to recreate with an on demand course. If, however, you are good about keeping yourself on pace and creating your own study schedule, the Kaplan On-Demand would work fine as well.

Kaplan LSAT On-Demand Course 

Price: $799 (with a money-back guarantee)

kaplan diy lsat

Summary: You’re on your own for studying when it comes to this course as far as schedule-setting, which can be either a hindrance to success or a convenience, depending on the caliber of your personal discipline. 

Lack of a schedule aside, what you will get with the On-Demand course is a hardcopy book, 60+ practice tests, 8,000+ practice questions, and 180+ hours of video instruction (found in Kaplan’s LSAT Channel) to help you out.

We recommend this package for the more well-disciplined studier, who may have demanding work/school hours, and who might not have a lot of time to spare in the digital or physical classroom.

Learn more about Kaplan On Demand LSAT Options

Kaplan LSAT Live Online Course 

Price: Starting at $1,199 (with a money-back guarantee)

kaplan lsat live online

Summary: The main difference between the do-it-yourself course and the online course is the additional 32 hours of live instruction included. It still comes with a hardcopy book, 60+ practice tests, 8,000+ practice questions, and over 180 hours of video instruction accessible at any time through the Kaplan LSAT Channel. 

We recommend the live online course for students who, like me, thrive in classroom settings with some of the inherent pressures of coming to class on time, completing assigned coursework, and staying focused.

Learn more about Kaplan Live Online Courses

Kaplan In Person LSAT Course

Price: $1,499 (with a money-back guarantee)

kaplan lsat in person

Summary: Sold in 4, 6, and 12-month increments, you can get the same amount of live classroom hours as the live-online course, except in person with your instructor. Comes with the book, 60+ practice tests, 8,000+ practice questions, and over 180 hours of video instruction through the Kaplan LSAT Channel.

Classes are usually held at universities or hotels and taught by Kaplan teachers.

Note, with in person courses, that class cancellation is possible and location may also be subject to change. It’s worth having a back-up plan to an in-person class, should this be the case.

We recommend the in person course to students who are living in metropolitan areas that can have easy access to class locations and who do not enjoy taking classes online. As we have seen with the big switch to online classes during Covid-19, not all students thrive or enjoy learning online.

Learn more about Kaplan In Person LSAT Courses

Kaplan Bootcamp Course

Price: $3,999 (with a money-back guarantee) 

kaplan lsat bootcamp

Summary: This course is significantly costlier than the previous two because it includes over 140 hours of live online instruction (along with all other materials listed with the other courses); that’s a little over 17 full 8-hour work days of instruction.

We recommend this course for the full-time prepper who wants to be as prepared as possible for the test and has time to devote to studying.

Learn more about Kaplan LSAT Bootcamp Courses

Kaplan LSAT Prep Reviews from REAL Students

kaplan lsat test prep reviews

The jury is in. 

Law school hopefuls across the country have rated the Kaplan LSAT prep course regarding the effectiveness with which it prepared them for the LSAT, and reviewed it overwhelmingly positively. Kaplan has 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot with over 4,500 reviews. Let’s take a look at a few of the most descriptive and informative ones likeliest to help you form your own yay or nay judgment.  

In June of 2022, Hayley Johnson gave Kaplan LSAT 5/5 stars He cited the quality of the material on offer and the responsiveness/helpfulness of the staff:

“Kaplan review courses have set me up for great success. I feel so comfortable navigating the systems and prep courses. I feel as though Kaplan has provided quality study material that can really be tailored to each student. Additionally, Kaplan representatives whom I’ve had the chance of interacting with whether it be for prep courses, online assistance, or to receive resources for an organizational level conference- everyone has been so pleasant and enjoyable to communicate and work with. Thank you so much, Kaplan!”

Hayley Johnson

Also in June of 2022, Ava Alexander gave Kaplan LSAT 5/5 stars, referencing again the caliber of material as well as the instructors’ competence and devotion to their work:

“The Kaplan review was extremely helpful. The tutors and teachers were always there to help and provided extra help outside the classes. There was so much material to practice from and the website was very efficient. I did not get the score that I was aiming for on test day however, Kaplan was very helpful and informative. I would recommend this tutoring platform to other, 10/10. Overall, very good.”

Ava Alexander

Even most of the more critical reviews still have something positive to say. In May of 2022, Vy gave Kaplan LSAT 4/5 stars while criticizing its practice question rationales and the lack of a hard copy for their content review book:

“I would like to see more rationale for the wrong answers but overall, it’s great. I also wish you guys would provide us with a hard copy of the content review book, instead of us purchasing it from Amazon or reviewing it on PDF. I keep going back and forth between pages and reviewing the questions. A hard copy would be easier to write in and study along with the questions. Thank you.”


Regardless of what any lone reviewer has to say, it’s important to take all reviews into account before purchasing something expensive – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the neutral. 

Three percent of the reviewers gave Kaplan LSAT one out of five stars. Some of them mention specific personal situations, while others focus on technical issues or customer service complaints. 
In May of 2021, Bhino gave Kaplan LSAT 1/5 stars, apparently driven to her low rating by technical issues with the site:

“When it works its great, but so many technical issues makes it not work a good amount of time. This course when working so far is great but oh man is there so many technical issues that i honestly would never take their courses again. the test you pay $100 to have access to don’t even load and you’ll be forced to print on A LOT OF PAPER and then input it all into your computer for grading. the video lessons often don’t have audio on them when others work fine. it doesn’t keep track of your progression well often resetting areas you’ve already been through. I don’t recommend this program due to high amounts of technical issues.”


As a caveat, technical issues aren’t always the fault of the provider. I personally never experienced technical issues regarding access to the online content. I’m not discounting Bhino’s accounting of events, but take it with a grain of salt.

Who Needs the Kaplan LSAT Course?

The Kaplan LSAT review course is best suited for:

  • Students who are specifically interested in a live online course with a proven track record of success. 
  • Students who thrive in smaller classroom environments. Their biggest class size is around 15 students while their smallest is around 5. 
  • Students who want tons of realistic and official practice tests as part of their prep package.

Kaplan LSAT Course Alternatives

Though the Kaplan LSAT review provides you with a lot of materials, we know they’re not affordable for everyone. So, we identify and investigate three alternatives here.

PowerScore LSAT

powerscore lsat

One solid alternative option is the PowerScore LSAT. They’re best for students who want an in-person learning experience. Also, it’s helpful for students who need access to other peers and one-on-one time with an instructor.

Princeton Review LSAT

princeton review lsat prep

Another alternative option is the Princeton Review LSAT. They guarantee your LSAT score results (165+), regardless of whether you did live online classes or studied offline. Also, they offer online and in-person tutoring options. One aspect we appreciate about the Princeton Review is the hearty inclusion of official LSAT content that comes from the actual test.

See more of our thoughts on the comparisons between these test prep companies in our Kaplan vs Princeton Review LSAT review.

Best Score Guarantee
LSAT Test Prep | The Princeton Review LSAT Test Prep | The Princeton Review

With a score guarantee of 165+, you can rest assured that if you put in the time (84 hours worth), you will see the results! Get 15% off with code: TPN15

  • Score guarantee course options
  • In person, live online, on demand
  • High amount of classroom hours
  • Expensive for score guarantee course
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Blueprint LSAT

The Blueprint LSAT On Demand offers a first-rate free trial. Like Kaplan, Blueprint is great for students who are tech-savvy, but its content is a bit more engaging. They focus on keeping you entertained while helping you learn. You can also create your own study schedule and adjust the coursework based on your education level. Check out our Blueprint LSAT Review for more details.

Best User Experience
LSAT Courses & Classes Online l Blueprint Prep LSAT Courses & Classes Online l Blueprint Prep

LSAT prep course with a customizable Study Planner tool and super granular analytics for targeting weak areas.

  • Can pick instructors before enrolling in live online course
  • Average score increase of 11 points
  • Easy to use customizable study planner
  • Pricey
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Kaplan LSAT Review FAQ

Does Kaplan use real LSAT questions? 

Yes, the Kaplan LSAT uses real LSAT questions. They have a partnership with LSAC, the official creators of the test. While the questions are from past LSATs, they still mirror the actual feel of the test. This helps students retain more information and prepare for the LSAT experience. 

Is Kaplan or Princeton Review LSAT better? 

We believe that Kaplan is a better option for the LSAT than Princeton Review. Overall, Kaplan offers more quality materials and a more in-depth study experience. Students benefit from small class instruction and active instructors. While the Princeton Review has great options, they just don’t stack up against Kaplan. 

Is the Kaplan LSAT course worth it? 

All-in-all, yes, the Kaplan LSAT course is worth it for what you get. Their instructors aren’t the most interesting or entertaining, but they know their stuff as legitimate LSAT veterans. The quality of instruction, combined with the practice tests and questions, real LSAT materials, Kaplan Study Plan, and a robust money-back guarantee, makes the price worth the product. 

The Bottom line on Kaplan LSAT Course

Taking the LSAT can be one of the most stressful things a student has ever done, which is why it’s important to have the best test prep course to help you along the way. We believe Kaplan LSAT is a great option for students of various abilities and learning styles.

For students who enjoy small environments and interactions with knowledgeable instructors, they’ll thrive here. However, if you’d rather spend time studying than having in-class discussions, you might want to choose another test prep option. 

Here are the standout features of the Kaplan LSAT prep course to factor into your decision: 

  • Offers smaller class sizes than competing courses, meaning individual questions and issues are easy to handle
  • Students are prepared with real LSAT practice tests and practice questions (8,000+)
  • Students are granted access to LSAT Channel, where over 180 extra hours of video lessons can be found 
  • Offers between 32 and 140 live online classroom instruction hours (depending on the course chosen) with the live online options
LSAT Prep Courses & Test Prep | Kaplan Test Prep LSAT Prep Courses & Test Prep | Kaplan Test Prep

For those who are interested in live online or who thrive in small class sizes, this may be the perfect LSAT course for you.

  • Small live class option (only 5-15 students)
  • Includes every official LSAT question every released
  • A set of LSAT prep books
  • Expensive
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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