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Get Started with Your LSAT Prep with These 39 Free LSAT Resources

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

New to the LSAT? Then you made it to the right place. We’ve scoured the depths of the interweb and rounded up the best, free LSAT prep resources to date! This list has been completed thanks to student feedback and our experts who have shared their favorite prep recommendations.

Before you jump into buying an expensive LSAT prep course, we recommend working your way through this list to determine your strengths, weaknesses, and desired learning modality for your chosen LSAT prep plan. At the end of this list, we recommend some free LSAT trial courses that you can use to try out a few LSAT prep courses before you invest in one. So, without further ado, let’s jump into these freebies:

Getting Prepared For The LSAT: 39 Free Resources

Free LSAT Practice Tests

To do well on the LSAT, you must be utilizing practice tests to get familiar with the timing and to build the endurance needed for test day. When utilizing practice tests effectively, you should be blazing through at least 20 LSAT practice tests throughout the course of your 2-3 month LSAT study plan. Of course there are not nearly enough free LSAT practice tests to meet 20+ practice tests, but we do our best to get you a start:

1. LSAC June 2007 Official Test

2. Kaplan Free LSAT Practice Test

3. Khan Academy Full Diagnostic Test

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Something to keep in mind with the free LSAT practice tests you’ll see across the internet, is that the majority of them are the SAME free June 2007 Official Test that is released by the LSAC. Be sure to double-check the free practice test you are taking to make sure you haven’t already worked through it. If the company doesn’t specify which free official LSAT Practice test they are offering, then you should ask. 

Free LSAT Study Guides

When you’re just getting started with the LSAT, all the material you need to cover can be overwhelming. This does not need to be a moment for your existential crisis, however, because there are free study guides that can help map out the studying process for you, whether you have 2, 6, or 12 months to prepare for the LSAT:

4. Magoosh LSAT Study Guide

5. PowerScore LSAT Study Guide

6. Alphascore LSAT Study Guide

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LSAT Question of the Day:

Although embarking on an LSAT Question of the Day subscription is by no means a substitute for hours of daily prepping, it can still be a fun and easy way to get 10 minutes of studying in with your morning cup of coffee. Consistency is key with the LSAT, and even if you can just squeeze in one question on a super busy day, it is worth it:

7. Varsity Tutors Question of the Day

8. Manhattan Review Question of the Day  

Unlike most question of the day sites, these don’t actually email you the questions daily. In order to build this into your daily routine, it may be helpful to set a recurring reminder each day to knock off a question or two. We’re still looking for companies that are offering email QOD service. If you know of any, email us at!

Free LSAT Flashcards

There are thousands of free LSAT flashcards that you can find online, so you won’t be needing to pay for these out-of-pocket anytime soon. These flashcards help to cut memorization time and can be an effective way to review LSAT content – whether you’re on-the-go, commuting to work, or just don’t feel like working through an entire practice test. These flashcards challenge you in various areas including If-Then Statements, Logical Opposites, Mini Logic Games, Transitional Language, and more:

9. Varsity Tutors Free Flashcards

10. Magoosh Flashcards 

11. Quizlet Flashcards

LSAT Blogs 

Keeping up on the latest changes to the LSAT as well as tips on test taking and admissions is a must when you’re prepping for the LSAT. Pretty much every LSAT prep company blogs about these updates, but you can also find some more lifestyle-centered blogs such as The Legal Duchess, where she shares more personal life experiences and tactics on actually thriving when studying for the LSAT as well as doing well in law school. We recommend signing up to receive newsletters from the following blogs so that you receive emails with latest test changes and updates:

12. Manhattan Prep LSAT Blog

13. Test Prep Nerds LSAT Blog

14. BarBri Blog

15. The Legal Duchess

16. Magoosh LSAT Blog

LSAT Forums

It would be lovely if we all had a mentor who recently took the LSAT, had the same struggles and issues as us, got into the law school of our dreams, and could coach us all the way through the process. Unfortunately, life doesn’t seem to work out that way for most of us. This is why we recommend joining communities on Reddit or through other law school forums such as 7Sage. You can ask your burning LSAT questions (but only after doing a quick search to see if someone has already asked the same question):

17. r/LSAT

18. r/lawschooladmissions

19. 7Sage

Read more about 7Sage’s forum in our 7Sage Review

LSAT Podcasts

Got some extra time on your commute to work or while walking to classes? There are some LSAT-specific podcasts you can listen to, including one by PowerScore. Others, like Revisionist History, are great for getting you to see the world a bit differently than you previously believed. I’m personally a huge fan of Malcolm Gladwell, so I loved his insight on taking the LSAT in Season 4 – Episode 1: Puzzle Rush

20. The PowerScore LSAT PodCast

21. Law School Toolbox Podcast

22. Revisionist History (Malcolm Gladwell takes the LSAT in Season 4 Here)  

23. Serial 

LSAT Webinars:

With all these LSAT prep companies vying for your time (and money), you can bet there are plenty of great free webinars hosted by the likes of Manhattan Prep, Kaplan, The Princeton Review LSAT, and more. Some of these webinars are about general test-taking questions and admissions tips, while others will walk you through an hour-long bootcamp. These webinars, like free course trials, are great ways to “try-before-you-buy.”

Go ahead and sign up for a few of these webinars and see what you can take away from them:

24. Manhattan Prep Free Prep Hour

25. Kaplan Free LSAT Webinars & Bootcamps

26. The Princeton Review Free LSAT Strategy Sessions

27. Blueprint Free LSAT Events & Law School Admissions Webinars

28. PowerScore Free LSAT Seminars

Free LSAT Trial Courses

As mentioned with the free webinars, utilizing free LSAT trial courses are great ways to try out different LSAT prep courses to get a feel for your learning style and what exactly you need from an LSAT prep course. Not all students enjoy on-demand classes, for example, and end up opting for a live-online or in-person class. That said, some students find that they don’t even need an LSAT prep course at all and prefer working through on their own time with a book set. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the LSAT, which can be both liberating as well as stressful for those who may prefer to have a proven strategy. The way I see it, however, is that trying these free LSAT trial classes will help you to determine what the best strategy for you will be and to follow through on it without needing to make a large investment upfront. Here’s our list of free LSAT trial courses from our partners:

29. The Princeton Review Free LSAT Strategy Session

30. Magoosh Free 7-Day LSAT Trial

31. Kaplan Free LSAT Bootcamp

32. Manhattan Prep Free Live Online LSAT Prep Trial

33. 7Sage Free Trial

LSAT Blog Posts

Here are some of our most popular LSAT blog posts from this year:

34. Proven LSAT Study Schedules [1-6 Months]

35. A Guide to a Perfect Law School Resume for T14

36. A Guide to the LSAT Experimental Section 

37. Understanding LSAT Scores

38. Guide to LSAT Percentiles

39. When to Take the LSAT for High Scorers

40. How to Study for the LSAT for a 5-11 Point Increase

Recommended LSAT Courses & Discounts

We work hard to share LSAT course discounts and promotions with our readers. Here are our top 4 partner courses and any associated coupon codes. If you are interested in learning more about these specific courses, be sure to read our more in-depth review of these courses here

40. AlphaScore: 10% off with code: prepnerds10

41. Blueprint Online LSAT – Read our review: Blueprint Online LSAT Review

42. 7Sage LSAT – Read our review: 7Sage LSAT Prep Review

43. Kaplan LSAT Prep – Read our review: Kaplan LSAT Review

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Recommended LSAT Prep Books 

You don’t actually need a prep course to do well on the LSAT. Working through a couple LSAT prep books is going to save you a lot of money and is still going to get you the comprehensive studying that you need for the test. If you’re looking for a prep book, start with these 4:

44. The LSAT Trainer

45. PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy (read our in-depth Powerscore LSAT review)

46. The Official LSAT SuperPrep I

47. The Official LSAT SuperPrep 2

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