7Sage Review 2024

The most cost-effective subscription-based LSAT prep course on the market. Known for its high-quality logic games videos and cult-like student following.
Written by: Kristine Thorndyke
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In this 7Sage review, we chronicle the legendary under-the-radar LSAT prep course with a large cult following. It’s not as big as Kaplan or Princeton, but what it lacks in name recognition it makes up for in stellar reviews.Let’s explore the many reasons that we at Test Prep Nerds named 7Sage the best budget LSAT prep course.

All About 7Sage LSAT

As we mentioned previously, you might never have heard about 7Sage, given its relatively minor marketing budget compared to other prep companies.However, that doesn’t mean its prep course doesn’t have merit. Just ask the legions of devotees on Reddit (see 7SAGE LSAT Reviews from REAL Students section for more info).

My Thoughts on the 7Sage LSAT Course

Here’s what I think about 7Sage course features, usability, cost, and platform. Take my advice with a grain of salt, as my feedback is based on my personal experiences and prep needs; there’s not necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach to LSAT prep.

That caveat aside, 7Sage is, overall, a really exceptional LSAT prep service, in my opinion. Here’s why.

Class Content & Videos

The content and videos offered with 7Sage review cover the waterfront of prep topics and materials:

  • LSAT prep tools
  • Game explanations
  • Problem sets
  • Prep tests
  • LSAT analytics
7sage video

As you work through the course contents, your progress will be tracked, personal feedback will be offered, and weak points identified for greater focus to develop your skills in the areas that need the most attention.

All 7Sage review course materials are self-paced. There is no live element. However, if keeping yourself on pace is a challenge, they do offer a complementary DIY study scheduler for customers.

Likewise, there are no hardcopy books that come with either the monthly or annual course – so if that’s what you’re looking for (some of us like that physical feel of paper we can mark and notate on), you might want to consider another program. To get a taste of 7Sage’s online videos and content, sign up for a free trial (see later section for link and info) or take a gander at their YouTube channel for some samples:

My Rating: 4/5

Study Plan

All your prep work is self-paced, meaning that you have to rely on your own willpower/motivation to stay on track.

However, 7Sage does offer help in the form of a customized study plan.

7sage review

The study plan isn’t as rigid/structured as the more undisciplined among us (myself included, at times) might like. And it requires a little bit of effort to create in the first instance.

My Rating: 3/5

LSAT Practice Tests and Question Explanations

7Sage review LSAT prep courses come with 98 LSAT prep tests and 8,440 question explanations.

As far as the tests go, 7Sage has every official LSAT ever released available to subscribers in both PDF and digital-tester formats.

These tests as well as the practice questions are sourced straight from the belly of the LSAT beast – the LSAC Prep Plus service – using actual problems posed on the test.

7sage lsat

You can utilize 7Sage’s custom problem-set generator to tailor the questions you receive from the question bank by tags, difficulty, and other features for more targeted studying.

Some preppers who have used 7Sage recommend the service for its excellent logic games instruction alone. In this way, some preppers use 7Sage to augment their overall prep strategy with another service.

7|Sage used to offer logic games videos for free on YouTube, but LSAC forced them to remove all such content on copyright grounds. Now it’s paywalled. The good news is that 7Sage’s logic games instruction is still available; the bad news is that you have to shell out some bucks for it now.

My Rating: 4/5

User Experience

All 7Sage instruction is online – its videos, practice tests, instruction, everything. There is no option for in-person learning as there might be for other courses.

7Sage’s platform is minimalist yet elegant and engaging. It’s not as flashy as others like Blueprint, but it gets the job done. The videos are excellent substance-wise but lack somewhat in the graphics department.

7sage user experience

My Rating: 3.5/5

Forum/Student Support

One of the biggest benefits of 7Sage is that it’s a very online kind of course. There’s a huge community of 7Sage preppers who support each other online.

What sets 7Sage apart is the plethora of questions and answers related to the LSAT and 7Sage platform/materials. Users interact frequently on all-purpose forum space Reddit as well as on 7Sage’s own forum.

lsat forum

The company also regularly produces pertinent blog content.

Their support staff is reachable via their contact page and generally responds to technical or substantive issues within 24-48 hours.

My Rating: 4.5/5

Pricing & Refunds

The monthly course is $69/month. The annual course is $599/year (let me save you some arithmetic; the annual course is slightly less expensive on a per-month basis at $49/month).

Plus, you get an extra perk when you sign on for a yearlong subscription (see upcoming course options section for more info).

You qualify for a full, no-questions-asked refund within 6 days of signing up for the course.

My Rating: 5/5

Free Course

There’s a trial course you can use to test-drive the 7Sage platform and materials.

The free trial includes:

  • 1 LSAT prep test
  • Sample lessons
  • 100 question explanations

Unlike with other prep companies, no credit card or extensive form-filling is required to enroll in the free trial. You just need your email and a password.

My Rating: 5/5-star

7Sage Course Options

The dichotomous 7Sage course options are straightforward: monthly and annual packages.

Please note that the Law School Admissions Council requires that preppers who utilize real LSAT practice questions enroll in a service called LSAC Prep Plus for $99/year. So with each of the below course options, bear in mind that you’ll also need to purchase Prep Plus.

7Sage gives you the option to “bundle” your Prep Plus subscription with theirs or to integrate your own if you already have one. Prep Plus is transferrable across all prep companies, so even if you move on from 7Sage, you can take your Prep Plus subscription with you.

Monthly 7Sage LSAT subscription

The bread and butter of 7Sage is its monthly subscription option. You simply pay as you go, for as long as you need, and cancel your subscription once you’ve finished your prep program. 

Price: $69/month

Here’s what you get:

  • Core Curriculum with 50+ hrs of video lessons
  • 98 LSAT PrepTests
  • 8,440 question explanations
  • Custom problem-set generator
  • Personalized study schedule
  • Digital tester and PDFs
  • Modern and classic formats
  • Full LSAT Analytics

Annual 7Sage LSAT Subscription

If you’re planning on studying for a year or more, save yourself a pretty penny on the monthly premium and opt for a yearlong subscription.

Price: $599/year

Here’s what you get with the annual subscription service:

  • Core Curriculum with 50+ hrs of video lessons
  • 98 LSAT PrepTests
  • 8,440 question explanations
  • Custom problem-set generator
  • Personalized study schedule
  • Digital tester and PDFs
  • Modern and classic formats
  • Full LSAT Analytics

As an added incentive to go the annual route, you can also benefit from $100 off Admissions Consulting to create a strategy for landing a spot in the law school of your dreams.

7Sage LSAT Reviews from REAL Students

Reddit user u/youngsaturn offers a comprehensive review:

7sage review

Reddit user u/gamer_bread displays his impressive practice test results and claims he received greater benefit after switching to 7Sage from Khan Academy.

7sage review lsat

Nilesh explains in his 7Sage review that he went with 7Sage over an in-person course because he didn’t have the time or money, and was satisfied with the results (he reports getting into Georgetown Law).

7sage lsat

Who Needs the 7Sage LSAT Course?

Consider the 7Sage LSAT course if:

  • You’re on a budget and don’t have the big bucks to shell out for high-profile courses like Kaplan or Princeton Review
  • Logic games are an area of particular interest
  • You would like an excellent all-online platform

7Sage has a 5/5-star rating on Facebook and a 4.9/5-star rating on the iTunes Apple App Store.

7Sage LSAT Course Alternatives

Perhaps you’re nearing the end of this 7Sage review and you’re still not quite sold. Here are a few LSAT course alternatives:


With an impressive 4.8/5-star rating on TrustPilot, LSAT Lab is another popular, affordable prep option built on a no-frills model similar to 7Sage. The monthly courses begin at $49/month.

Cheaper Subscription
LSAT Lab | Unlimited LSAT Classes LSAT Lab | Unlimited LSAT Classes

Affordable subscription-based LSAT prep that features unlimited live online LSAT classes and an average score increase of 12 points!

  • Unlimited live online classes
  • 24/7 student support chat from instructors
  • Great production value on video lessons
  • Industry-leading 12-point average score increase
  • Fewer live online class cohorts may mean waiting to start your classes
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Blueprint LSAT On Demand

Check out our Test Prep Nerds’ Blueprint LSAT Review for more insight. 7Sage is notably more affordable than Blueprint, but their courses does not come with any live instruction element (unless you opt for additional tutoring). Additionally, you’ll automatically receive a set of LSAT prep books with Blueprint but not with 7Sage.

More Customized Study
LSAT Courses & Classes Online l Blueprint Prep LSAT Courses & Classes Online l Blueprint Prep

LSAT prep course with a customizable Study Planner tool and super granular analytics for targeting weak areas.

  • Can pick instructors before enrolling in live online course
  • Average score increase of 11 points
  • Easy to use customizable study planner
  • Pricey
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

PowerScore LSAT

PowerScore is also popular in the online community. For a helpful comparison of the respective benefits and drawbacks of PowerScore vs 7Sage, check out this Reddit thread on the topic full of students who took each one.

7Sage Review FAQs

Here are a few common questions regarding the 7Sage review and their respective answers.

How long does the 7Sage LSAT course take?

You can complete a solid prep program to excel on the exam in as little as 3 months.

Do I need LSAT Prep Plus for 7Sage?

Yes. The LSAC Prep Plus subscription is necessary to utilize 7Sage’s real LSAT question base (as is the case for every other LSAT prep service).

Is the 7Sage course worth it?

7Sage is definitely worth it. Its high cost-benefit ratio is one of its standout features.

The Bottom line on 7Sage LSAT

Here are the factors you should weigh most heavily when considering 7Sage:

  • It’s perhaps the most cost-effective LSAT prep program out there ($69/month subscription available)
  • 14-day trial program available (+ 6 days to request a full refund after purchase)
  • Extremely high-quality logic games videos
  • No live instruction element and no physical books

We hope you enjoyed this 7Sage review. If you’ve used this LSAT prep and have thoughts to share, feel free to drop a comment below.