Blueprint LSAT Review

LSAT prep course with customizable Study Planner tool and super granular analytics for targeting weak areas.
Written by: Kristine Thorndyke
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Looking to increase your LSAT score by 11+ points? Here in this Blueprint LSAT review, we’re sharing how Blueprint works its LSAT prep magic and what makes this top of our list for Best LSAT Prep Courses in 2024. 


  • High-quality, engaging video lessons
  • Customizable study schedule that is easy to navigate and edit based on availability
  • Practice on official LSAT questions 
  • Homework adjusts based on your current level


  • All course options are a bit pricey
  • Extra charge to access the 85 official LSAT tests
  • Although mobile-friendly, there is no app yet

About Blueprint LSAT Prep

blueprint lsat

Blueprint LSAT has been around since 2005, and they’ve recently expanded their Blueprint brand into the MCAT vertical. Their claim to fame, and the reason they’re our favorite LSAT prep company, is the customizable and intuitive study schedule and the access students gain to LSAT prep tutors and experts. 

I took the LSAT in 2015 and, although a lot has changed on the LSAT since then, this course material format and the user-friendly platform for studying is the best in the industry. Although their course prices are on the higher-end, students can rest assured that they will get what they pay for in terms of content and delivery. And, for those of you who are still unsure after making their way through this Blueprint LSAT review, you can start with a free trial (more on that later). 

LSAT Courses & Classes Online l Blueprint Prep LSAT Courses & Classes Online l Blueprint Prep

LSAT prep course with a customizable Study Planner tool and super granular analytics for targeting weak areas.

  • Can pick instructors before enrolling in live online course
  • Average score increase of 11 points
  • Easy to use customizable study planner
  • Pricey
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Test Prep Nerds Tries out Blueprint LSAT

For this LSAT review, I took the Blueprint LSAT Online Anytime course for a spin. All images and review content you’ll read is based on my experience using this course. That said, I will also detail what’s included in the Blueprint LSAT Live Online course if in-person instruction is more up your alley. 

Blueprint LSAT Review – Course Curriculum

Blueprint LSAT Books

First off, if you enroll in the LSAT Online Anytime course, you will not receive any Blueprint LSAT books. For those who enroll in the Blueprint LSAT Live Online course, however, you will receive the Blueprint LSAT Strategy Guidebook. The strategy in this book is a bit redundant, as the content is also covered in the online course that is also included in the LSAT Live Online course. For those who enrolled in the Online Anytime course, you’re not missing out on much. 

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Blueprint LSAT Practice Tests

Throughout either of the Blueprint courses, you’ll be taking several practice tests. The LSAT practice tests have been updated to mimic the 2024 LSAT test and interface with a tablet mode setting and you can choose some options on the length as well as timing of the test. In addition, there are opportunities take free additional proctored tests!

blueprint lsat practice test
User interface reflects the 2024 LSAT

Above all else, the most impressive feature I found in these practice tests were the analytics that you can sort through upon grading. After each test, you can go back and look at how you did on each exam by question type, section, and reasoning skill. This can also be done on your overall testing progress through their Analytics feature, that takes into account all tests and practice questions you’ve worked through. For those trying to study purposefully, this is going to be key in hacking away on weak areas and boosting your score quickly. 

Although you will get LSAT tests and real LSAT questions included in your course, there is still going to be a fee for the official LSAC Prep Plus practice material. Although $99 is not a huge deal in the overall investment for this course, it still feels a bit nickel-and-dimey to pay an extra fee for this. Just know that this will be an added cost to your course. That said, you’re going to absolutely need the official LSAC material, so make sure to keep this included in your purchase. 

Blueprint LSAT Prep Video Content

Blueprint has invested heavily into their video content, and it shows. I really liked the experience of working through their video lessons, as they blend instruction with animation and diagramming. For each concept, you’ll watch one or two videos, then take a “quiz” to reinforce what you just learned. This quiz is just one question, but still runs you through the practice. 

blueprint lsat video
Parallel Flaw Module

As a visual learner, I find a lot of benefit in a course set up in this manner. For those who prefer reading text or having physical books and flashcards, however, this will not be a good delivery of content for you. 

Blueprint LSAT Review – Prep Platform


Once you get into your course, it’s super easy to navigate and work through your Study Planner. Each day within your Study Planner is broken out into separate tasks that will mark as complete once you’ve worked through it. There is a module that walks you through how to use your course, but honestly, you can skip it. 

blueprint lsat study plan

I’ve spent a lot of time in courses, and the Blueprint platform is the best I’ve experienced. I’ve written about the Blueprint MCAT course extensively as well, which utilizes the same platform and delivery. 

You’d be surprised how many courses out there still feature a big block of text, old LSAT testing interfaces, or useless analytics. 


blueprint mobile

Blueprint used to have an app, but they’ve since gotten rid of it. Unfortunately, there is no app that you can use to study-on-the-go, although their course is mobile friendly. The course calendar will also sync to your phone, which is a fun little feature to help keep you on track. 


I mentioned the Analytics a bit earlier, but wanted to spend a bit more time breaking down what you can pull out of this. 

Analytics are a bit different from what you can see on an exam-level in that it aggregates all of the questions you’ve answered through practice tests, section exams, and Qbank. Here you can see the stats for each section by Family, Difficulty, and Language Difficulty. 

Blueprint analytics
blueprint analytics

What you can do with this information is create your own practice sets within the Qbank that will focus on the areas you just identified as weaknesses within your Analytics. 

Blueprint LSAT Review – Support

Student Support

The Student Success Team seems to be working round-the-clock for questions or problems you may have in accessing your course. I’ve received responses via email as well as in the chat during early morning as well as late night hours. 

Office Hours

office hours

A unique feature to the Online Anytime course is the Life Office hours with Blueprint instructors. 6 days a week, you can book and add these 2-hour Life Office Hours to your Study Planner. These sessions can range from section-specific review to taking a proctored exam as well as detailed review. 

Considering LSAT tutoring can cost in the hundreds of dollars per hour, this is definitely an area where I think students can take advantage of having some additional facetime with the instructor at no extra cost. You’re allowed to bring your own questions to the session and can also take notes while other students may have similar questions to yours. 

What’s the Refund Policy? 

For a refund, you’ll need to decide you don’t like the course really quickly, like within 5 days. To apply for the refund, you’ll need to email This works across all the LSAT courses. For those of you who received a book (Live Online Anytime), you need to return the book in pristine condition within 30 days. If you don’t get the book to them within the 30 days, they will hold a $100 administrative fee. 

What’s the High Score Guarantee? 

The high score guarantee is separate from the refund policy. There is a lot of red tape around the high score guarantee, per usual, but here are the general rules: 

  • Complete either the 6 month or 12 month plan of either course
  • Take the Practice Exam 1 within 2 weeks of login
  • Complete the course (75%+ of homework and 4+ practice tests) and take the LSAT within 30 days
  • Within 90 days, submit score report that is less than Practice Exam 1

If this is a genuine concern of yours, I suggest you read through the fine print, as there are yet more rules that may be involved. 

Blueprint LSAT Reviews from REAL Students

blueprint lsat review
blueprint lsat reviews

Who Needs Blueprint LSAT

Visual learners and students who are looking for a more structured LSAT prep will benefit from this course. If you are working, in school, or in need of a bit more motivation, then this is the course for you.

Who This Course is NOT For

I hinted at this a bit earlier, but if you aren’t a visual learner or don’t jive well with watching videos as course content, then this is not going to be a good fit for you. Plenty of students actually prefer reading text and not watching video content. This would also save you some money along the way. Keep reading to see our recommendations for you. 

Blueprint LSAT Online Options

Blueprint LSAT Online Anytime

Price: $249/month; $699 for 3 months; $999 for 6 months; $1,499 for 12 months

Summary: Subscription-based on-demand course featuring LSAT Study Plan, 68 Learning Modules, 9,000 real LSAT questions, Live Online Office Hours

Blueprint LSAT Live Online

Price: $1,499

Summary: 3 month live online course (usually meeting twice per week) with 2 LSAT instructors. Includes free access to LSAT Online Anytime

Blueprint LSAT Tutoring Options

For those who are considering already purchasing the LSAT Online Anytime and also keen on additional tutoring, this is one of the better deals offered by Blueprint. Deducting the cost of the LSAT Online Anytime course, you’re looking at about $100 per hour for a tutor. 

The benefit here is that the tutor is already familiar with your coursework and getting you set up with a fitting study schedule should be pretty quick and effortless. Below are the current Blueprint LSAT tutoring options available:

Cash Course

Price: $2,399

Summary: 16 hours one-on-one tutoring + 4 months enrollment in LSAT Online Anytime


Price: $3,399

Summary: 24 hours of one-on-one tutoring + 5 months enrollment in LSAT Online Anytime


Price: $5,399

Summary: 40 hours of one-on-one tutoring + 6 months enrollment in LSAT Online Anytime

Blueprint LSAT Review FAQ

How much does Blueprint LSAT prep cost?

Blueprint LSAT starts at $249/month for on demand LSAT prep course and $1499 for a live online course without tutoring.

What’s the Blueprint LSAT refund policy?

If you cancel within 5 days, you’ll receive a full refund. If you received a book for the live online course, you must return it in pristine condition within 30 days or be penalized $100.

Does Blueprint LSAT have an app?

Blueprint LSAT does not have an app but their course is mobile friendly and syncs with your iPhone.

Are there payment plans for the Blueprint LSAT prep courses?

Yes. Blueprint is partnered with Affirm, which allows you to make smaller payments over time. You’ll need to confirm if you qualify before purchase.

Is Blueprint better than Princeton Review?

We believe Blueprint LSAT is an overall better value than The Princeton Review, but for students seeking a 165+ on the LSAT, you may prefer The Princeton Review’s 165+ LSAT course.

Will Blueprint increase your LSAT score?

Students who complete Blueprint’s LSAT courses have averaged an 11 point score increase. If you complete the course and your score does not improve, you will receive a refund.

Alternatives to Blueprint LSAT

Blueprint vs PowerScore LSAT

powerscore logo

For those who are looking for an in-person course, PowerScore takes the cake. If these classes are not available in your area, however, we recommend opting for the Blueprint live online LSAT course. 

Blueprint vs LSAT Lab

lsat lab logo

LSAT Lab is known for its affordable subscription-based classes that feature unlimited live online classes. This is definitely a cheaper option than Blueprint, but the drawback here is that they have fewer live online class cohorts. Before you buy a course, you’ll want to make sure that there is a live online class session that is going to work with your schedule. Read our full LSAT Lab review.

LSAT Lab | Unlimited LSAT Classes LSAT Lab | Unlimited LSAT Classes

Affordable subscription-based LSAT prep that features unlimited live online LSAT classes and an average score increase of 12 points!

  • Unlimited live online classes
  • 24/7 student support chat from instructors
  • Great production value on video lessons
  • Industry-leading 12-point average score increase
  • Fewer live online class cohorts may mean waiting to start your classes
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Blueprint vs 7Sage

7sage logo

7Sage is a much more no-frills prep course that has proven results and a cult-like following among its students. We recommend this course to students who aren’t looking for entertainment while they work through the content or who may not identify as visual learners. 

Blueprint vs TestMasters

test masters logo

Testmasters offers similar course options as Blueprint but without the high-quality video content that we’ve come to expect from Blueprint. Where you may prefer Testmasters, however, is in their in-person courses. Offered around the US, these in-person courses are pretty intense and student reviews have been extremely positive coming out of these in-person LSAT courses. All the classes are taught using the strategies from founder, Robin Singh.

TestMasters LSAT Prep Course | Live and Online Classes TestMasters LSAT Prep Course | Live and Online Classes

Testmasters offers a plethora of official LSAT practice material, so you can rest assured that you will be practiced and ready for test day.

  • 170+ course instructors
  • Can choose instructor before enrolling
  • Live online and in person options available
  • On the pricier side
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Bottom Line of Blueprint LSAT Prep Course

If you’re a visual learner and looking for some structure in your LSAT prep, then this is the course for you! Remember that for those of you who are considering tutoring, you can receive the free Online Anytime course with your purchase of tutoring hours.

LSAT Courses & Classes Online l Blueprint Prep LSAT Courses & Classes Online l Blueprint Prep

LSAT prep course with a customizable Study Planner tool and super granular analytics for targeting weak areas.

  • Can pick instructors before enrolling in live online course
  • Average score increase of 11 points
  • Easy to use customizable study planner
  • Pricey
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

We hope you got a lot from this Blueprint LSAT review. Tell us why you decided to buy / not buy this course by commenting below!