Testmasters LSAT Review 2024

A reasonably priced LSAT prep course that boasts the highest in-classroom hours among its competitors.
Written by: Kristine Thorndyke
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Up to 150,000 people take the notorious Law School Admission Test (LSAT) every year. If you’re one of these lucky many, read our TestMasters LSAT Review to see if they’re the right prep course company for you.

Compared to Kaplan and Blueprint, TestMasters comes out on top in several categories; their LSAT discounts, competitive pricing, and online centers are unlike any other. In fact, we ranked TestMasters as the #1 choice for official practice resources.

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$899 – $2,999

Video Hours

Between 20 and 45 hours of video

Classroom Hours

Around 80 (either virtual or in-person)

Practice Questions

Includes every LSAT question ever released (around 9,000)

Practice Tests

60 (+20 digital exams)

Money-back Guarantees

Yes (10-point score increase guarantee)

Free Trial


All About TestMasters LSAT Prep

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David Killoran, the writer of PowerScore’s LSAT Bible Trilogy and the founder of the PowerScore company, co-founded TestMasters when trying to create a prep course company accessible to all students. Also, the online course is delivered by world-renowned LSAT taker Robin Singh.

My Thoughts on the TestMasters LSAT Review Course

TestMasters’ resources, options, and instructors combine to make up a program that is hard to beat. They offer both online and live course options, 9,000+ official LSAT practice questions, 6 full-length proctored exams, and over 160 hours of instruction.

Let’s dive into the course details, feature by feature.

Lesson Videos

The lesson videos are delivered by Robin Singh, who is famous for being the first person to obtain a perfect score on twelve different LSAT tests. He has also tutored over 10,000 students. Suffice it to say he, perhaps more so than any living human, knows what he’s talking about.

The videos are available anytime, which is ideal for students with unpredictable schedules or odd study hours. Also, aside from Robin, there is a 24/7 Academic Support team available to answer any questions you may have. 

My Rating: 5/5

Study Plan

The TestMasters LSAT review prep course was designed for people who want to study on their own schedules. So, if you’ve chosen a self-paced or online prep course, you won’t receive a study plan. I personally don’t like the lack of a study plan in this course or any other because I’m the type of person who needs a plan to keep me on track. However, if you are disciplined and know how many hours you want to study every day, the lack of a study plan shouldn’t be a problem.

My Rating: 3/5

LSAT Practice Tests and Question Explanations

The practice tests and question explanations TestMasters offers are top-tier. They offer 6 proctored practice tests, which means you can simulate what taking the LSAT will feel like. The downside is the tests aren’t all proctored if you choose the in-person option, so you lose out a little on the simulatory experience.

The question explanations are awesome, however, across all course options. Not only do they offer detailed explanations of all questions, but they also have a support team available at all hours of the day in case you get confused or need help understanding. 

The LSAT course does not come with a book, but TestMasters offers one on their website for $299.99. It can be used in conjunction with any of their courses but is not a requirement. TestMasters acknowledges their book is a little more expensive than students like to spend, which is why they also offer a $200 credit if the book is purchased in addition to an online course. This equates to a 66% discount and you get to keep the book. 

testmasters book

My Rating: 4/5

Online LSAT Class Experience

My favorite thing about the online LSAT class experience, which is somewhat unique to the LSAT prep space, is that every student is miked. The produced effect is that the digital classroom feels more like a traditional, real-world class environment where learning takes place. Call me old-fashioned, but I feel strongly that the type of physical, in-person learning of yesteryear is generally more effective, and so any tech adaptations that more closely mimic that experience and serve to bridge the digital-physical divide, such as miked up students, are beneficial.

(For what it’s worth, research backs up my anecdotal claim regarding the greater efficacy of in-person learning over online learning, generally.)

The classroom set-up is basic and frills-free: whiteboard videos and a lot of supplemental materials. In addition to 24/7 academic support, the online class experience also comes with Diagnostic Scoring and an LSAT search engine. The diagnostic scoring is utilitarian because it helps you practice your timing and rhythm as if you’re taking the real test. The LSAT search engine helps you access materials without having to dig through the thousands of options available. 

My Rating: 4.5/5

TestMasters Pricing

If there’s one universal truth regarding LSAT prep courses, it’s that, no matter what provider you choose, it’s probably going to cost you a pretty penny.

The TestMasters programs aren’t cheap but they’re cheaper than the most expensive names in the LSAT prep sphere. With the lowest-priced package option at $900, it’s just not going to be doable for some students on tight budgets. Hourly tutoring may be relatively more affordable if you have a specific area of study you want to hone in on and don’t need the rest (around $175/hour).

Their most expensive course option starts at $3,000 and includes significant resources, but it’s still a lot to pay to study for one test. It also does not include a book; if you want one, you’ll have to buy it on your own. However, when you take into account everything that comes with it, some students still find it worth it. Also, their score guarantee should give you some relief and assurance that your financial and time investment won’t be in vain.

Though the course is a bit pricier than I (or most) would prefer, I do think it’s worth it overall, depending on your needs. The amount of resources available for the price is hard to pass up. Also, their instructors are top-notch, their online resources are stellar, and they offer discounts. You can’t go wrong with the TestMasters LSAT prep course if you’re the type of student who benefits from excellent online options and professional tutors. 

My Rating: 4/5

TestMasters LSAT Discounts & Free Trials

Unlike many other test prep providers, TestMasters does not offer a free trial of any kind for any of their prep courses. In this way, TestMasters is a definitive outlier.

Their overall prices are somewhat higher than other companies, but they offer discounts for students who plan to study in a group. When using an in-person, full-length TestMasters course, students are eligible for a discount. The TestMasters website lists a $25 discount per 3-4 student group. In groups of 10 or more, each student receives a $100 discount

My Rating: 4/5

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TestMasters LSAT Prep Options

Let’s briefly run down a few of the different packages offered by TestMasters.

Online Course

Price: Starting at $899

Summary: Comes with 16 LSAT classes, 1,200+ pages of LSAT class materials, 60 real LSAT practice exams, and a 10-point score increase guarantee. 

Classroom Course

Price: Starting at $999

Summary: Comes with 16 LSAT classes, 1,200+ pages of LSAT class materials, 60 real LSAT practice exams, and a 10-point score increase guarantee. Also includes live classroom hours. 

Private Course

Price: Starting at $2,999

Summary: Comes with 16 LSAT classes, 1,200+ pages of LSAT class materials, 60 real LSAT practice exams, and a 10-point score increase guarantee. Also includes live classroom hours and the ability to work one-on-one with a certified LSAT instructor.

testmasters instructors

TestMasters LSAT Prep Reviews from REAL Students

The TestMasters LSAT review course is rated highly on Yelp. They have 4.5 out of 5 stars and 119 reviews (as of July 2022). Reviewers enjoy the online database, prep class, and written explanations. They also enjoy the tutors, with many saying the instructors are what made the LSAT review so helpful. 

testmasters review

Testmasters alumni Elisa G. has nothing but good things to say about her instructor, Michael La Masse for not only helping her reach her target LSAT score but also to gain more confidence in herself.

testmasters student review

Brooke R. from San Francisco was happy with her private tutoring at Testmasters and increased her score an astonishing 20 points.

testmasters lsat review

Another positive review from Harry W. gives credit to his instructors by name for his 160 that he scored on the LSAT.

Generally positive reviews aside, I would be remiss not to share their disappointing Apple App reviews have 1 out of 5 stars. Most of the reviewers say the app doesn’t work well or they don’t like the layout. So, if you’re the type of student who studies on your phone or tablet, you might want to look into other options before choosing TestMasters.

Who Needs the TestMasters LSAT Review Course? 

If you enjoy a huge library of resources, diagnostic scoring, and affordable tutoring (starting at around $175/hour), then TestMasters is the prep course for you. What I like most about TestMasters is you can spend hours studying and still just scratch the surface of the materials they have to offer. Also, if you enjoy in-person tutoring too, they offer the ability to take the online course and receive tutoring in person at the same time. 

TestMasters LSAT Course Alternatives

If TestMasters, for one reason or another, doesn’t suit your needs, here are a few viable alternatives to consider.

TestMasters vs. Blueprint

Blueprint works best for students who are visual learners and need some structure surrounding their LSAT prep. One of our favorite things about Blueprint is that if you purchase tutoring hours, you will receive the free “Online Anytime” course. This allows you to study at whatever time works best for you.

Though they have great resources, TestMasters does not offer an opportunity like this. We’re big fans of Blueprint. We even rated them 4.5/5 stars in our Blueprint LSAT Review.

Customizable Study Planner
LSAT Courses & Classes Online l Blueprint Prep LSAT Courses & Classes Online l Blueprint Prep

LSAT prep course with a customizable Study Planner tool and super granular analytics for targeting weak areas.

  • Can pick instructors before enrolling in live online course
  • Average score increase of 11 points
  • Easy to use customizable study planner
  • Pricey
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

TestMasters vs. Kaplan

For students/social butterflies who enjoy heavy class involvement and group projects, Kaplan would be a good choice. Unlike TestMasters, live classroom instruction and peer participation are the highlights of Kaplan’s courses. They offer over 32 hours of interactive instruction, as well as access to their LSAT Channel, which has 180+ hours of video lessons.

Also, we like the small class sizes, so you don’t get lost in the crowd. Check out the Kaplan website for further information about their opportunities.

Best Live LSAT
LSAT Prep Courses & Test Prep | Kaplan Test Prep LSAT Prep Courses & Test Prep | Kaplan Test Prep

For those who are interested in live online or who thrive in small class sizes, this may be the perfect LSAT course for you.

  • Small live class option (only 5-15 students)
  • Includes every official LSAT question every released
  • A set of LSAT prep books
  • Expensive
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

​​TestMasters vs. Princeton Review

The Princeton Review LSAT prep works best for students who place their trust in well-liked, reputable companies. Their instructors are knowledgeable and challenging, but allow you to work at your own pace. Like TestMasters, they give students the opportunity to study online and enjoy an in-person learning experience. However, unlike TestMasters, their LSAT prep library is somewhat lackluster. Take a look at their website for more details about what they have to offer.

Reputable Test Prep Brand
LSAT Test Prep | The Princeton Review LSAT Test Prep | The Princeton Review

With a score guarantee of 165+, you can rest assured that if you put in the time (84 hours worth), you will see the results! Get 15% off with code: TPN15

  • Score guarantee course options
  • In person, live online, on demand
  • High amount of classroom hours
  • Expensive for score guarantee course
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

TestMasters LSAT Review FAQs

Here we have rounded up a few of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding this TestMasters LSAT review and their answers.

Does TestMasters use real LSAT questions? 

Yes, TestMasters uses real LSAT questions. In fact, regardless of the package chosen, they provide students with over 9,000 real LSAT questions. This is a great deal when compared to the somewhat minimal offerings of other companies.

Does the TestMasters LSAT course include books? 

The LSAT course does not include any books, but TestMasters does offer a companion book to go along with their course via their website for $299.99. Enrollees qualify for a $200 credit if the book is purchased in addition to an online course.

Is the TestMasters LSAT course worth it? 

Considering the quality/number of resources and instruction, relative to the broader LSAT prep industry, TestMasters is reasonably priced and backed up by a firm score guarantee that protects your investment.

The Bottom Line on TestMasters LSAT Course

To score well and get into your first-choice law school, you’ll probably need a good prep course to keep you on track as you ready yourself for test day. With tons of LSAT practice (more than you get from any other LSAT company listed in our favorite LSAT prep courses) and both in-person/virtual options, TestMasters is the top choice for many, and it might indeed be for you.

When making the ultimate decision, consider the essential TestMasters features:

  • Online course delivered by Robin Singh (known for the world record of 12 perfect LSAT scores)
  • 9,000+ official LSAT practice questions found in both live and online LSAT curriculum
  • 6 proctored LSAT exams (full-length) occur in the live LSAT course
  • In-person course offers more practice than the online course (so you would need to proctor your own practice tests)
TestMasters LSAT Prep Course | Live and Online Classes TestMasters LSAT Prep Course | Live and Online Classes

Testmasters offers a plethora of official LSAT practice material, so you can rest assured that you will be practiced and ready for test day.

  • 170+ course instructors
  • Can choose instructor before enrolling
  • Live online and in person options available
  • On the pricier side
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.