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One of the few NCLEX prep courses with comprehensive instruction that can be live online or in person.
Written by: Kristine Thorndyke
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In this Kaplan NCLEX Review, you’ll learn that it may may not be the cheapest NCLEX Review course out there, but with their vast amount of content review as well as questions and in-depth answers, you are sure to get your money’s worth

If you have the time and energy to put into this extensive NCLEX review course, then consider Kaplan for your NCLEX prep.

About Kaplan NCLEX

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Kaplan NCLEX has several different pricing packages that fit different kinds of needs that the user may have. They offer services that include a live workshop, online seminar, question bank, video content, and practice tests that are available on all your devices.

The Kaplan NCLEX courses are categorized into 2 groups: instructor-led and self-guided. For Instructor-led courses, you can opt for In-Person, Live-Online, or Self-Paced. For those who opt for the self-guided NCLEX courses, there are options for prep including a self-paced course, a prep pack, or the Qbank. For those who are looking for additional tests, Kaplan also offers courses for the NCLEX-PN, CCRN, and ATI TEAS.


Depending on the product, Kaplan NCLEX sometimes offers live lectures to users, either in person or online. These live experiences feature a specially trained Kaplan Nurse Educator that teaches the skills you need specifically for the NCLEX. Kaplan delivers these lectures in an engaging manner and educates students about their well-known Decision Tree method. This strategy is unique to Kaplan for NCLEX preparation. They give NCLEX students a specific framework to think critically about the kinds of questions asked on the NCLEX.

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Kaplan gives future NCLEX exam takers a large quantity of review material to work with. Kaplan NCLEX offers more than 3,000 questions that come with detailed explanations of each answer. This helps the user understand the rationale behind the right answer and the issues with the other choices. Kaplan recommends working through 75 questions a day to properly prepare for the NCLEX. While working through Kaplan’s practice tests, you can also create your own custom practice tests based on areas of the test plan! 

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Kaplan offers a wide range of video content that covers topics featured on the NCLEX. They cover a broad range of subjects, so you can look to specific videos when you are struggling to remember parts of your nursing school education. These can serve as a refresher for material you’ve been exposed to in the past.

Kaplan NCLEX also provides study plans and an e-book review guide depending on the type of membership purchased. Beginning the first day you enroll, you will have access to the Online Study Center, where you can utilize online video-streamed question and content-review lectures, test-taking workshops, and even a strategy seminar. 

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Kaplan NCLEX offers a flexible platform for accessing their content. You can access their videos and questions on all devices. You can use a mobile device to look at study materials, so you have the option to study on-the-go.

Kaplan NCLEX offers three computer adaptive tests for their users (learn more about CAT here). These tests are in the style of the NCLEX, and they provide extensive feedback after they are completed. The personalized feedback breaks down the way you performed in different subsections. This highlights your strengths and weaknesses, so you can adapt your studying regimen and improve your nursing knowledge before you take the real exam.

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Kaplan NCLEX Course Pricing Options

Live Online

Price: $525

Summary: This service offers live instruction with a Kaplan nurse educator online, instead of a physical classroom. Otherwise, this package is the same as the “In Person” package.


Price: $425

Summary: This package offers access to over 2,100 Qbank test questions, three full length adaptive tests, the content video library, the NCLEX channel, and the Kaplan NCLEX app for a six-month time period.

Computer Adaptive Test + Qbank

Price: $99 (Qbank only), $129 (Computer Adaptive Test only), $199 (Both)

Summary: Users can opt to purchase these practice materials a la carte for self-paced use. You’ll have access to the question bank and/or the computer adaptive tests for a 6-month time period.

Content + Prep Pack

Price: $279

Summary: Kaplan offers the question bank, adaptive tests, and access to live and on-demand video content with this content package.

Kaplan NCLEX Reviews by Students

…that Decision Tree is really a life saver…I only trusted and used the Tree, and that saved me!


I loved all the practice tests it had to offer and all the online teaching sessions. It did give me a lot of information about the NCLEX and strategies to use while taking it.


I ended up passing the NCLEX on the first try with only 75 questions (the minimum) and I think this Kaplan course helped me to achieve this.


Who Needs Kaplan NCLEX

Kaplan NCLEX has a lot of beneficial features for students planning on taking the NCLEX. They have a huge assortment of questions and videos. Their adaptive tests are a strong tool to audit the topics that you need to study further. They even offer live teaching if that’s a service that you’re look for.

With that being said, Kaplan NCLEX is an expensive product compared to other NCLEX courses that are available online. If you’re looking for studying material but you want to work at your own pace, then there are likely more affordable options that will provide similar content to Kaplan NCLEX that we detail in the next section.

Overall, Kaplan NCLEX offers enough material and features to be an amazing study resource if you put the time and energy into reviewing it all. Their curriculum is extensive, and users have all the material they need at their disposal to earn a passing score on the NCLEX.

Kaplan NCLEX Review Kaplan NCLEX Review

High-quality NCLEX-RN review and simulated practice tests that includes the options of live online, on-demand, and practice offerings.

  • Offers live courses in-person and online
  • Extensive practice tests in the style of the NCLEX
  • You can access video content 24/7 on demand or through their NCLEX channel
  • Unique Decision Tree method
  • Expensive compared to other NCLEX prep programs
  • Practice tests are known to be tougher than the NCLEX
  • Many students are discouraged by low scores on Kaplan tests
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Similar NCLEX Prep Course Alternatives

Kaplan vs Hurst NCLEX Review

Both Kaplan and Hurst NCLEX Review offer a wide variety of course options including in-person, on-demand, and live online. The key difference in these courses, however, is how much content review you’re going to want for the NCLEX.

Kaplan offers a more comprehensive review of topics that will be covered in the NCLEX and in nursing school, meaning it is better for students with a knowledge gap preparing for the NCLEX.

If, however, you don’t need as much information and want to worry less about memorization and more about simply passing the NCLEX, then you may prefer to study with Hurst NCLEX Review.

Read our full write-up of our findings at here at Hurst vs Kaplan NCLEX.

Hurst Review NCLEX Hurst Review NCLEX

A fully comprehensive NCLEX-RN course that features responsive customer support and Nurse Coaches to guide your studies through core content.

  • Core Content Review
  • Offers in-person and live online review sessions
  • On-demand video content
  • Hurst’s QBank doesn’t mimic the look and feel of the NCLEX
  • Gated readiness exams - users must unlock access to the 4 readiness exams by completing a live or online review or purchasing a Hurst Now subscription

Kaplan vs UWorld

Both Kaplan and UWorld are respectable players in the NCLEX prep world. That said, their courses are quite dissimilar.

Kaplan’s NCLEX course caters to students looking for a comprehensive review for the NCLEX with a variety of lesson material including video lessons.

UWorld, however, is a practice-based NCLEX review that offers a large Qbank for students to practice on thousands of practice questions.

Learn the full details on our findings at UWorld vs Kaplan NCLEX.

Kaplan vs BoardVitals

Read our review of BoardVitals NCLEX

Similar to UWorld, BoardVitals offers a high-quality NCLEX question bank with high-yield practice. The downside, however, is that there is no instructional content or video lessons.

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Kaplan NCLEX Review FAQs

Is Kaplan or UWorld better for the NCLEX?

Kaplan is a better comprehensive review for the NCLEX and is intended for students with a content gap, while UWorld specifically focuses on practice sets and passing the NCLEX.

Are Kaplan practice tests harder than the NCLEX?

The majority of students who have taken the Kaplan NCLEX have reported the practice tests being much harder and a bit different than the NCLEX. That said, the overall consensus is that they felt prepared for the NCLEX after Kaplan courses.

Does Kaplan NCLEX have a score guarantee?

Yes. If you went to an accredited nursing program and take the NCLEX for the first time within 6 months after graduation and don’t pass the NLCEX, then you can get a 100% tuition refund or a 3-month free repeat!

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