CrushNCLEX Review: A Great Self-Study Option for Aspiring Nurses

An on-demand NCLEX review course boasting a large question bank.
Written by: Kristine Thorndyke
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CrushNCLEX is a rapidly growing online platform that helps students prepare for their NCLEX examination. They provide over 2000 practice questions and videos and participants enjoy a 99% NCLEX pass rate.


  • Large quantity of test questions and video content
  • Accessible on all devices through your web browser
  • Performance review function allows you to track your progress
  • 99% NCLEX pass rate


  • Do not provide online or in-person workshops/lectures
  • No app for mobile devices
  • Not the most affordable course

About CrushNCLEX

CrushNCLEX offers two different packages of self-paced content. They specialize in practice questions and video lectures that discuss NCLEX content. The course is accessible on all devices through a user’s online browser.

Note: CrushNCLEX offers both an RN and PN course but his review will focus on the RN version (though there is a lot of overlap between the two).

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Course Pricing Options


Price: $79.99 (1 month)

Summary: This product provides access to the NCLEX test question bank of over 2000 questions, a free NCLEX test prep guide, e-mail support, and performance analysis (but no video review material).


Price: $159.99 (3 months access), $199.99 (6 months access), $249.99 (lifetime access)

Summary: All three of these tiers offer the same content. They give access to the NCLEX test question bank, an NCLEX test prep guide, performance analysis, e-mail supports, and over 100 hours of video content.  The only difference between these 3 options is the duration for which you have access to the program.

Curriculum Review

The main perk of CrushNCLEX’s curriculum is their extensive question bank. They offer more than 2000 questions that are like the questions that a nurse sees on the NCLEX. The professionals that developed their test question bank specialize in creating questions that match up closely with the real exam. Furthermore, they provide detailed explanations to answer each of the questions, so a user can fully understand the logic and thinking behind every answer. This is a large amount of content that should over prepare any user for the real NCLEX exam.

CrushNCLEX also provides a hundred hours of video contents to users above the basic study package. This content is well produced and helps students refresh the main concepts that they learned during nursing school. It’s helpful to have dozens of lectures and videos at your disposal when you find that you have forgotten a few things about a specific topic.

CrushNCLEX does not offer live workshops or events, so all of your work on their curriculum must be self-paced. Other courses provide guided workshops that teach strategies and content that students should specifically know for the NCLEX. This type of teaching is not in CrushNCLEX’s curriculum, but they do offer a study guide that discusses these topics.

Platform Review

The best feature of CrushNCLEX’s online platform is their performance review graph. The graph helps you understand which topics you have improved on, and more importantly, which topics you need to focus your studies on further. This stops you from studying topics you already have mastered, so you can spend time on your weaker aspects.

CrushNCLEX provides practice questions in an interface that simulates the real NCLEX. The simulated interface provides the opportunity to become familiar with the way that the NCLEX will actually look come exam day. This design makes their software match up precisely with the exam that you are prepping for! That’ll make the NCLEX look a lot less intimidating come test day!

Their software is accessible online through any device. CrushNCLEX does not currently have an app available. When using mobile devices consumers prefer using apps over their browsers, so it’s likely less convenient to access CrushNCLEX on your phone – unlike some of their competitors that have functional apps. For that reason, CrushNCLEX is best used on a laptop or desktop computer.

Student Feedback on the CrushNCLEX

You have to KNOW the material

hanks to [CrushNCLEX], your videos and your encouragement, I knew the material and successfully passed the NCLEX in 75 questions!


I will definitely recommend this program

I failed the NCLEX once but I passed my NCLEX exam in 78 questions, thanks to CrushNCLEX. I did 100 questions daily and I passed on my second attempt.


Your videos are AMAZING!

I want to commend you on the videos; they are great and make concepts simple to understand! I really enjoy your energetic and passionate teaching style. Thank you for these videos, they have been EXTREMELY helpful!


Who Needs This Course?

CrushNCLEX is a great option for some students but it will not fit the needs of all prospective NCLEX exam takers. When it comes to content, CrushNCLEX provides a large bank of questions and lots of video content. For self-paced learners, this is likely more than enough to prepare for the NCLEX.

CrushNCLEX is not a heavy-handed guide to NCLEX preparation and their courses don’t offer webinars and you will not have an instructor telling you strategies and going over core content. Instead, you will have all the information available, but you will have to parse it yourself. If you’d rather have hands-on interactions with an instructor, then CrushNCLEX isn’t a good fit for you.

If you intend on studying on-the-go regularly, you may have some issues with CrushNCLEX as their content is available on all devices, but they don’t have an app. If you’re trying to cram studying into every free moment you have, it won’t be as convenient as pulling up an app on your phone.

Overall, if you’re a self-driven student that isn’t looking for a workshop course, then CrushNCLEX offers a great curriculum. If you study hard, CrushNCLEX provides you with the resources required to pass the NCLEX.

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