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Hurst NCLEX Review
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Hurst’s NCLEX Review course has helped hundreds of thousands of nurses prepare for the NCLEX. Future test takers learn the content they need and the test-taking strategies that will help them pass the NCLEX exam. Users can review the material through online events, physical classrooms, or on-demand streaming.


  • Most students did not need supplementary materials outside the course
  • Teaches NCLEX specific test strategies, offers NCLEX style practice
  • Live classroom option sets it apart from some competitors
  • Variety of options to access their course content and lectures


  • Curriculum can feel vague, generally less comprehensive
  • Expensive compared to some competitors
  • Not necessarily a good fit for all types of students

About Hurst NCLEX Review

The Hurst NCLEX Review course gives the option of learning in a classroom, taking an online course, and watching videos on-demand.

Hurst teaches the core concepts that an NCLEX test takers needs to know, then helps students harness their critical thinking skills to apply the fundamentals to test questions. They use their Q Review Simulator to offer NCLEX style questions to prepare and ready test takers.

Pricing Options

Hurst Now

Price: $250 (Special Offer, Normally $325)

Summary: Allows access to Hurst’s streaming videos to learn and review NCLEX content. You’ll have 24/7 access to the lectures over the course of a 90-day period. An online study review guide is also included.

Hurst Live

Price: $399

Summary: Provides a 3-day course live in a classroom. You’ll have the ability to access lectures on the course’s core content for a 14-day period.

Hurst N-Stream

Price: $399

Summary: Like the Hurst Live product, but the course is streamed to your computer as a 3-day event. If you miss any lectures, you’ll have a 7-day period to access the content you missed. There is also 14-day access to the core content lectures.


Price: $99

Summary: Elevate is a supplemental service that provides you with nurse coaches to guide your study in core concepts. It also provides assignments that help long term retention of critical concepts and more difficult, alternate format NCLEX styled questions.  

Hurst Curriculum Review

Hurst’s NCLEX Review follows the same 3-step procedure across all of their offerings. First, they inform users of the core content that will be on the NCLEX. Then they teach the test strategies that help students excel on their board exam; this gets them in the mindset of an actively thinking nurse that applies knowledge to tangible situations, instead of just memorizing sets of facts. Finally, prospective test takers utilize the Q Review Simulator to take NCLEX styled questions to prepare for their exam. The simulator offers analysis and assesses test readiness for users.

If a student opts for the live or online class option, they will watch three days of lectures that will help prepare them for the NCLEX. Afterward, they’ll have access to the classes core content lectures on demand for a limited time. This allows you to find the subjects that you are lacking in and review specific materials that you need to learn the most. Alternatively, watching videos on-demand – more than 27 lectures that are all at least half an hour – allows a student to get more exposure to content that they’ve already learned.

All of Hurst’s educators have at least five years of nursing experience. They have been evaluated through a multi-stage interviewing process that heavily assesses their professional experience, presentation style, and educational philosophy. All Hurst’s teachers go through an orientation and bootcamp process that helps them become experts on the NCLEX. This guarantees that Hurst’s educators are best prepared to help students pass their exam.

hurst nclex review

Hurst Platform Review

Hurst offers a variety of services through their online software. At the click of a button, you can access a range of lectures on the core concepts focused on in their NCLEX prep curriculum. If you’ve chosen to take the 3-day online course, you can access your class through their system.

They also provide Q Review questions that make up practice tests for students to explore. A user can take 4 randomized tests through this system, which totals to 500 NCLEX style questions to practice with.

hurst review online

Student Feedback

Hurst is definitely worth the money you pay for it:

“I heard other people say they learned more with Hurst Review than in nursing school itself, and they were completely right. My school was AMAZING and has a great reputation, but Hurst put things together…Hurst helps you connect the dots.”

– Ramses

I have recommended Hurst to all of my nursing friends!

“This class was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed the review because many topics in nursing school are rushed just to pass this little test next week. Then the information is gone from your brain. Hurst presents the material in an understanding way. So you can retain the information.” 

– Corey

I would highly recommend and do recommend Hurst:

“I passed the NCLEX on the first try and within 75 questions. So far, everyone from my class that took the HURST review has passed the NCLEX! It is well worth the money!!”

– Patricia

Who Is the Hurst NCLEX Review for?

Hurst’s NCLEX Review caters to a specific type of student. Their content is delivered in a straightforward way with the singular goal of helping the user pass the exam. For that reason, you will not get a comprehensive run down of ever single topic you covered in nursing school! Hurst chooses to focus on core competencies that can be applied to every question if the test taker thinks critically. This means that Hurst is less information and memorization intensive than its competitors.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive NCLEX course, we recommend checking out Kaplan. Read our detailed Hurst vs Kaplan NCLEX guide for more insight.

If you’re a person that doesn’t like massive study books, Hurst really takes the fluff out of the typical NCLEX study curriculum. They are focused and drive home specific core content that must be mastered. If this style of learning fits your preferences, then Hurst provides the material that you need to succeed on the NCLEX. Alternatively, if you prefer an information-heavy curriculum, then you will find Hurst to be an underwhelming source of information.

With all that said, it is important to keep in mind that Hurst boasts an impressive 98% pass rate, in comparison to the national 85% pass rate in 2016. This is clearly a testament to their content and educational strategies.

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