Mometrix NCLEX RN Review

This course is a great value for those looking for a comprehensive NCLEX review that goes beyond a simple Qbank with answers. Subscription-based membership means you can cancel anytime.
Written by: Kristine Thorndyke
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With 340 lessons, over 1,100+ practice questions, and 60+ instructional videos, this course is a great value for those looking for a comprehensive NCLEX Review that goes beyond a simple Qbank with answers.


  • This course is among the cheaper NCLEX review courses
  • Subscription-based allows you to cancel anytime
  • Comprehensive lessons cover all topics on the NCLEX
  • Includes 607 e-flashcards for study on-the-go


  • This course is new and there are few student testimonials
  • The majority of the content/lessons are reading text
  • They don’t match the CAT platform for board-style questions

About Mometrix Test Prep 

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Mometrix is most known for its vast array of test prep products that cover over 1,500 different standardized tests. These products include free online resources, study guides, flashcards, courses, and prep apps. 

Their most recent expansion to their test prep products has been in their Mometrix University course offerings. They now offer online on-demand courses in categories including NCLEX RN & PN, ATI TEAS, HESI A2, GED, and many more. 

All of these courses are based on the same simple subscription model. You can cancel anytime and the first 7 days are trial, meaning you can get your money back for whatever reason. 

We’ll be reviewing the Mometrix NCLEX Review Course, which includes 340 lessons (a mix of text, graphics, and instructional videos), over 1,100+ practice questions, 607 e-flashcards for study-on-the-go, and 60+ instructional videos.

If you are interested in the Mometrix NCLEX course, then keep reading and we’re going to break down our opinion on their curriculum, platform, student feedback, and finally give you the answer to the question “is this the right NCLEX course for me?”

Mometrix NCLEX Course Pricing Options

NCLEX-RN Review Course

Price: $59.99

Summary: 340 lessons, 607 e-flashcards, 1,100+ practice questions, and 60+ instructional videos. Includes a 7-day money-back guarantee. 

Curriculum Review

The curriculum of the Mometrix NCLEX course covers all the main categories that will be tested on in the NCLEX. Within each module, there are topics followed by a quiz that will help you to review the main ideas of that module.

Where the course lacks, however, is in how the curriculum is delivered. The majority of the course is text that you will need to scroll through, sort of like working through a prep book. There are instructional videos, but these are not included in every topic or module. In total, there are 50 instructional videos out of its 340 lessons. The video content that does exist, however, is easy to digest and pretty enjoyable to watch.

mometrix nclex course

For some, this may not be a make-or-break detail. As I mentioned, working through a prep book would be a very similar experience. That said, if you were hoping for a more video-based on-demand course, this is not it. I would suggest BoardVitals or Kaplan NCLEX if video content is a priority of yours. 


The platform that Mometrix uses for its NCLEX course is extremely clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. When you enter the course, there is little to question in terms of what you need to start on. The course can be followed in a linear fashion or you can jump around from topic to topic.

The topics are organized into the following modules: Coordinated Care, Safety and Infection Control, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Psychosocial Integrity, Basic Care and Comfort, Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies, Reduction of Risk Potential, and Physiological Adaptation. Within each of these modules, you will work through anywhere between 2-10 topics and then take a review quiz. 

Keep in mind that the quizzes featured in the Mometrix NCLEX course are not on a Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) platform, so they will not have the same look and feel of taking the real NCLEX. If you are prone to test day anxiety, we recommend supplementing this course with a CAT NCLEX Qbank or practice test to help ease test-day jitters.

Student Feedback 

As we mentioned previously, this course is still pretty new from Mometrix University. They do not have student reviews on Trustpilot or Yelp. Usually NCLEX prep courses will showcase their student testimonials on their website. This is not the case with Mometrix’s NCLEX review course. 

We usually recommend for potential students to look at student reviews before making their decisions on the best NCLEX prep for them. That said, with a 7-day risk-free trial, there isn’t too much harm in trying it out for yourself. 

Who Needs This Course

This course is optimal for students who may feel the need to refresh on a lot of NCLEX review topics. This course walks you through the information and topics that will be tested on in the NCLEX. This is not a great course for practice, however. If you purchase this course, we do still recommend that you work through a Qbank, such as Uworld or BoardVitals


Mometrix NCLEX Review


Comprehensive NCLEX review course with 340 content lessons. You can cancel anytime with the simple subscription-based pricing!

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