UWorld NCLEX Review: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at this Popular NCLEX Course

An NCLEX review course that is not heavy in content and would be best as a supplemental study tool.
Reviewed by: Kristine Thorndyke
uworld review

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UWorld NCLEX Review is one of the top programs for reviewing NCLEX-style test questions. It centers around a large bank of questions that are accompanied with in-depth explanations for each answer. The program is designed to be self-paced and more efficient than traditional courses.

About UWorld NCLEX

image of UWorld’s home page for NCLEX-RN Review

UWorld focuses on providing the best practice questions to students preparing for the NCLEX. They developed their question bank with the goal of helping nursing students build the critical thinking skills that are necessary to answer any question on the NCLEX. They combine their background in clinical practice and nursing education to provide the most up-to-date content possible including Next Gen NCEX questions.

UWorld Pricing Options

uworld nclex pricing options

Review Access

Price: $139 (30 days), $169 (60 days), $249 (90 days), $329 (180 days), $389 (360 days), $449 (730 days)

Summary: Every NCLEX-RN subscription gives you access to over 3,000 practice questions, including over 500 NGN questions, short lecture videos on important concepts, adaptive (CAT) practice tests, and at least one self-assessment*.

With a 60-day subscription, a user gains access to UWorld’s dynamic study planner and an additional self-assessment to gauge readiness for the NCLEX. A 90-day subscription unlocks a third self-assessment, a 180-day subscription comes with a fourth self-assessment, and both 360-day and 730-day subscriptions feature six self-assessments. Subscription lengths of 180 days and up come with a 1-time QBank reset option.

*Self-assessments are also available for individual purchase at $20 per test.

Learn More About the Prices Here.

Image of practice question from UWorld’s NCLEX Review on laptop

UWorld Content Review

Qbank and Rationales

UWorld’s content is based around their question bank. They offer thousands of practice questions to test yourself, but most importantly, they offer explanations that detail the reasoning behind each answer option.

These rationales teach content and strategies that can be used on the NCLEX. I thought that their rationales included high-quality graphics that helped to break up the text and was helpful for us visual learners. I feel like these images were able to communicate ideas and discuss parts of the body in a visual manner that was way more effective for me to comprehend.

Reviewing these explanations is, hands-down, the best way to ready yourself for the NCLEX – and thankfully UWorld isn’t wasting our time on low-level content. 

Short Lecture Videos *NEW*

Image of UWorld’s High-Yield NCLEX vidoes on two mobile devices

In my past reviews of UWorld, the general criticism was that they did not include much lecture or video content – but they’ve since added hundreds of short lecture videos to their NCLEX Review course. The videos cover the most important and frequently tested topics on the exam.

These videos tap into expertise from presenters from a variety of clinical and educational backgrounds. That said, these videos are not meant to replace a full college lecture, but rather give you a quick deep dive into the most important topics. You can watch the videos from the app, which makes it easy to get a few extra minutes of studying in throughout your day.

Uworld Platform Review

UWorld’s interface looks almost the same as the interface of the actual NCLEX exam – which makes it stand out among NCLEX prep. Practicing to feel comfortable with the look and feel of the real NCLEX test day experience is the best way to relieve any test day anxiety.

There are three ways to practice in UWorld’s NCLEX Review – tutor, timed, and adaptive (CAT) modes.

  • Tutor mode is where you’ll spend most of your time because you can review the rationale for correct and incorrect answers after each question. Tutor mode is allows you to use built-in features like flashcards and notes to help you learn the content.
  • Timed mode – you guessed it – your practice test is timed –  and you won’t see the rationales until the end of the test. 

The newest feature in UWorld’s Review course is the adaptive (CAT) practice mode. Each CAT includes 150 unused or omitted questions from your QBank. Just like on the NCLEX, you have 5 hours to complete the test. 

Image of results from UWorld’s Computer Adaptive Test Analysis

UWorld’s platform tracks your progress as you answer questions in practice and adaptive mode. The practice tests will help you identify weaknesses in your nursing knowledge so you can target your studying appropriately, making your time studying more efficient.

Your percentile rank compares you to your peers, so you know where you stand in relation to other students who have answered the same practice questions. Your CAT results will indicate your preparedness level so you’ll know if you are “on track” or “need improvement.”

Two images of UWorld’s NCLEX Review on a mobile device

UWorld Mobile App Review

The UWorld app runs seamlessly with your account and has a 4.8/5 in the App store. For those who want to be able to access their course on-the-go, this is a really nice touch to the UWorld subscription.

UWorld Self-Assessment Tests

uworld self assessment test

Based on feedback from users, UWorld added additional self-assessment tests to their NCLEX Review. Now, every subscription comes with at least one Self-Assessment test and users can purchase additional self-assessments for $20 each. 

Unlike the adaptive practice tests, UWorld’s Self-Assessments include 100 unique questions. This is important because it means that the results of those assessment tests can be compared to other users’ results, giving you a more accurate look at how you are doing compared to your peers.     

In my opinion, UWorld’s self-assessments are a good choice for students wanting a product that provides a probability of passing score. The results of your self-assessment tests will tell you if you have a low, borderline, or high chance of passing. 

Uworld Reviews from Real Students

“UWorld is the only right answer. I was in the same boat years ago having failed twice. I did Uworld for a month like it was a full-time job and I when I took the NCLEX is suddenly became the easiest test in the world.”


“The Q Bank has more than enough questions. The questions cover everything I learned in school and more. I like the rationales and the lectures. UWorld helped me pass my PN Nclex exams, so I am a believer.”

 Joyce, NCLEX-PN

“Having a large number of questions to work through with rationales that are effective and understandable makes UWorld superior to other programs.”

Rebecca, NCLEX-RN

“Excellent questions and review. As an adult learner with a busy schedule, UWorld makes prep  less challenging, with all the information at hand. Bonus, short lectures, loving it!!!!”

Sandra, NCLEX-RN

Who Needs the Uworld NCLEX Prep Course?

To be successful using UWorld, you have to be individually motivated in your studies. You have to be willing to create practice tests, determine your strengths, and work on your weaknesses – all with the help of the prep course but without any sort of tutor or instructor. If you prefer working with an instructor or a tutor, then you should consider other services that provide live seminars.

Unlike some NCLEX prep companies, UWorld does not provide a comprehensive curriculum review. If you would feel more confident with a resource that provides a combination of books, study guides, and full-length lecture videos, you will have to supplement UWorld with another service that provides that type of content. Keep in mind that supplemental resources from another NCLEX course come with a higher price tag.

But if you recently graduated nursing school or are on track to graduate this year, then you’re less likely to need a full curriculum review or a program that includes another instructor or tutor. If that’s the case, then UWorld’s “study smarter, not harder” philosophy should be perfect for you. 

UWorld NCLEX Course Alternatives

In the quest for NCLEX success, UWorld’s prep product has become a popular choice for its high-quality question bank and detailed rationales. However, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to learning styles, budget constraints, or specific educational needs. Whether you’re looking for a guided learning experience, comprehensive lectures, or a pass guarantee, there are alternative NCLEX prep products that may better align with your goals.

In this section, we will explore a range of options that stand as viable alternatives to UWorld, each offering unique features and advantages designed to help you succeed in your NCLEX exam.


nursing.com review

Nursing.com provides a comprehensive NCLEX review that covers a wide range of topics. It’s designed to ensure that students understand and retain core concepts, which is especially important if you have gaps in your nursing knowledge or if you struggle with specific topics.

Some students have commented that nursing.com’s user interface can be harder to navigate compared to UWorld and that not all of the content feels directly relevant to the NCLEX.

Learn more about how it stacks up with our in-depth review Nursing.com vs UWorld NCLEX Review.


A comprehensive and budget-friendly NCLEX-RN course that's great for visual learners.

  • Well-developed mobile application
  • High-quality, exclusive NCLEX simulator (SIMCLEX) that uses test-like algorithm
  • Lots of practice questions (6,000+)
  • Gold standard 200% pass guarantee (double-money back guarantee)
  • No live instruction option
  • User interface can feel clunky and harder to navigate
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Kaplan NCLEX

kaplan nclex review

Kaplan is a more robust, comprehensive NCLEX prep course that offers in-person and live online courses on top of the on-demand NCLEX course options.

For those who are seeking more face-time with instructors or who thrive in a more classroom-style environment, Kaplan may be a viable alternative for you.

While many students appreciate Kaplan’s “Decision Tree” method and other test-taking strategies, others feel that there’s an overemphasis on strategy at the expense of quality content review. Kaplan does offer rationales for questions, but UWorld has has better explanations.

Kaplan NCLEX Review Kaplan NCLEX Review

High-quality NCLEX-RN review and simulated practice tests that includes the options of live online, on-demand, and practice offerings.

  • Offers live courses in-person and online
  • Extensive practice tests in the style of the NCLEX
  • You can access video content 24/7 on demand or through their NCLEX channel
  • Unique Decision Tree method
  • Expensive compared to other NCLEX prep programs
  • Practice tests are known to be tougher than the NCLEX
  • Many students are discouraged by low scores on Kaplan tests
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Hurst Review

hurst review nclex

If you’re seeking even more types of class options (such as a 3-day in-person NCLEX course), then you may opt for Hurst Review’s NCLEX prep over Uworld.

Hurst Review NCLEX Hurst Review NCLEX

A fully comprehensive NCLEX-RN course that features responsive customer support and Nurse Coaches to guide your studies through core content.

  • Core Content Review
  • Offers in-person and live online review sessions
  • On-demand video content
  • Hurst’s QBank doesn’t mimic the look and feel of the NCLEX
  • Gated readiness exams - users must unlock access to the 4 readiness exams by completing a live or online review or purchasing a Hurst Now subscription

Final Takeaway

When it comes to the NCLEX, it’s not just about studying for long hours, but making those hours count. UWorld has created a user-friendly platform that helps you dive deep into the most important topics, helping you truly understand what you need to know for the NCLEX. Instead of just memorizing, you’ll be learning in a way that sticks. While UWorld might not cover everything from nursing school, it’s designed to get you through the NCLEX on your first try.