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UWorld NCLEX review is one of the top programs for reviewing NCLEX-style test questions and they offer a large bank of questions that are accompanied with in-depth explanations for each answer.

About UWorld NCLEX

UWorld focuses on providing the best questions and explanations to students preparing for the NCLEX. They developed their question bank with the goal of challenging the user and helping them foster critical thinking skills that are necessary to pass the NCLEX. They combine their information on clinical practice and nursing knowledge to give the most up-to-date content possible.

UWorld Pricing Options

Qbank Access

Price: $119 (30 days), $149 (60 days), $179 (90 days), $249 (180 days), $299 (360 days)

Summary: Any subscription gives full access to over 2,000 questions from Uworld’s Qbank. With a 60 day subscription, a user has access to a 100 question assessment to gauge readiness for the NCLEX. For lengths greater than 60 days, you’ll have access to two of the aforementioned self-assessments.

UWorld Curriculum Review

UWorld’s curriculum is based around their test question bank. They offer thousands of questions to test yourself, but most importantly, they offer explanations that detail the reasoning behind the correct answers to the questions. These rationales teach content and strategies that can be used on the NCLEX. Reviewing these explanations is the best way to ready yourself for the NCLEX. UWorld provides questions that are very difficult, so users will both learn critical thinking skills and become overprepared for the NCLEX content.

Depending on the subscription you buy, you may also have access to a 100 question self-assessment. UWorld analyzes your performance and explains the likelihood that you will succeed on the NCLEX. This helps you understand where you stand and how much more you should study. You may realize that you need to dedicate more time for studying or you might be comforted to know that you’re very likely going to pass. The assessment serves as an important tool, since it gives you awareness of your skill level.

Although UWorld does question banks and self-assessments very well, that is the extent of their offerings. UWorld does not provide videos or lectures of any sort nor do they provide study guides to walk you through the core concepts that you need to understand. A UWorld user only has a few resources to study for the exam unless they explore supplemental materials elsewhere.

Platform Review

UWorld stands out from some of their competitors due to their amazing user interface. UWorld’s interface looks almost the same as the interface of the actual NCLEX exam. This is a great touch because UWorld’s users will be much more comfortable when they sit down for their real exam and everything looks familiar. It helps focus once you get to the actual NCLEX because you won’t be as distracted by their formatting.

UWorld has a mobile app that subscribers can use when they are away from their computer. The app runs seamlessly and has overwhelmingly positive reviews on the iOS store. This enhances the accessibility of the content for a subscriber since they are a click away from NCLEX content at any given time.

In their rationales, they often use high-quality graphics that are appealing to the eye. The images help communicate ideas and discuss parts of the body in a visual manner that is much more effective than using text alone.

The platform also tracks your progress as you answer more questions. They will identify weaknesses in your nursing knowledge, so you can target your studying appropriately. Your progress tracker compares you to your peers, so you know where you stand in relation to other people that have prepared for and taken the NCLEX.

Student Feedback for Uworld

I’ve tried other programs but this by far was the best. It mimics the NCLEX, and the questions were actually similar. I passed with 85 questions.


100% worth the money for the amount of questions offered and the explanations provided.


This hands down has the best rationales. The questions on UWorld are tough but they prepare you well for the NCLEX…


Who Needs the Uworld NCLEX Prep Course?

UWorld provides high-quality content, but that doesn’t mean that they are a good choice for all students studying for the NCLEX. To be successful using UWorld, you have to be individually motivated in your studies. They do not teach the content to you, and they don’t steer you in a certain direction. You have to be willing to take charge and motivate yourself to work on the content. If you prefer working with an instructor, then you should consider other services that provide live seminars.

Unlike many other NCLEX services, UWorld does not provide videos that cover core concepts. If you like using videos as a major resource in your studies, you will have to supplement UWorld with another service that provides the type of content. Many people that use UWorld combine it with another course, and it seems to be effective in helping them pass the NCLEX. Keep in mind that supplemental resources from another NCLEX course come with a price tag.

If you’re already comfortable with the content you learned during nursing school, then you’re less likely to need a variety of teaching materials. If you’re in that circumstance, then UWorld is likely a great match for you. UWorld’s question bank teaches NCLEX test taking skills and the ability to reason through that style of question. If you’re already comfortable with most of the material, you may find that the large quantity of questions is more than enough review.

Overall, UWorld is great at the few things it focuses on. Since their product is so narrowly tailored to one style of learning, you should make sure that you fit that specific learning profile before you subscribe to their product.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can consider Nursing.com. Learn more about how it stacks up with our in-depth review Nursing.com vs UWorld NCLEX Review.

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