vs uworld nclex vs UWorld: Which is the Best NCLEX Course?

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

If you’re a future nurse prepping to ace the NCLEX, you’ll want to consider the relative pros and cons of vs UWorld.

Both have helped nursing students across the country through their respective NCLEX review courses.

Beat the pre-test anxieties with a high-quality test prep program. Read on to learn which one better suits your needs and budget. 

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Over 300,000 people have passed the NCLEX exam with the help of, which was formerly known as NRSNG. Their largely positive prep course reviews and widespread web presence have helped them grow in popularity over the years. backs up its reputation with stats, claiming a 99.86% pass rate. Nursing students love stats. The company also offers a refund guarantee that rivals others in the industry.

A comprehensive and budget-friendly NCLEX-RN course that's great for visual learners.

  • Well-developed mobile application
  • High-quality, exclusive NCLEX simulator (SIMCLEX) that uses test-like algorithm
  • Lots of practice questions (6,000+)
  • Gold standard 200% pass guarantee (double-money back guarantee)
  • No live instruction option
  • User interface can feel clunky and harder to navigate
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. User Reviews

The Apple App store rates at 4.6/5 stars with over 700 reviews. Most users enjoy their crafted plans, their user-friendly interface, and the plethora of practice questions. Learn more about and other NCLEX prep apps. vs uworld reviews

UWorld NCLEX vs uworld

Students who use the UWorld NCLEX tend to put a premium on elaborate explanations and helpful questions. UWorld’s question bank was developed with challenging the user in mind. They focus primarily on one main skill: fostering critical thinking. 

Nursing knowledge and clinical practice information combine to provide the best content possible with Uworld. 

UWorld User Reviews

The Apple App store rates the UWorld NCLEX at 4.8/5 stars with over 2,000 reviews. Reviewers mostly enjoy the ease of use, the variety of questions, and the improvement tracker. 

uworld nclex reviews
uworld student testimonials

Features Face to Face

Let’s dip into a head-to-head matchup, feature by feature.


Both offer extensive services, but based on what you get, we prefer in this category. For only $39 a month, you can get the most basic package that includes video lessons. It’s pay as you go, so you can end it any time you need. 

For $82 a month, you get one year of access to’s entire library plus a study plan and three SIMCLEX exams. If you pay that for three months, you get the rest of the year for free. 

At UWorld, it costs $139 for their simple package. It includes their entire bank of questions. Unfortunately, video lessons aren’t included. This makes it tough for visual learners to retain the information. 

uworld pricing

For $429, you get UWorld’s bank of questions, plus two self-assessments and one reset option. This gives you access for 730 days (2 years).
uworld review

Most Affordable NCLEX Course

$39 (per month)

$139 (30 day access)

Most Expensive NCLEX Course

$246 ($82/mo for 3 months) for 1 year access

$429 (730 day access)

Practice Questions has over 6,000 practice questions, while UWorld only offers around 2,000. But, the quality of UWorld NCLEX questions are higher because they are extensively researched and reviewed. Students who want a more in-depth experience choose UWorld. has something called SIMCLEX, which is their real-life simulation of the NCLEX. This tests your time management, preparation, and ability to perform under pressure. Many users feel the SIMCLEX prepared them in a way other prep sites couldn’t. 


Both and UWorld offer questions that are similar to real NCLEX questions, but the added bonus of SIMCLEX makes hard to pass up. 

Question Explanation is by far the best choice for visual learners. They provide interactive lessons and interesting, colorful content. It’s an overall better experience for the eyes. The video lessons explain aspects of the NCLEX in a simple and understandable way. 

Regardless, we have to choose UWorld for the winner. Their questions are comprehensive and detailed. The explanations are descriptive to help the student better understand the content. Though they offer fewer practice questions, they make up for it in quality. 

Rote memorization has its own merits – but, to truly excel on the NCLEX, you ideally want to optimize your problem-solving skills. That way, even if you don’t necessarily have the answer memorized, you can approximate the best educated guess.

UWorld outclasses in the critical thinking prep domain.

Content Review & Video Lessons

Since UWorld doesn’t include any appreciable content review, is the clear winner here. In addition to the 6,000 practice questions available on-demand, they offer over 300+ quality video lessons. lessons

They also offer a content review for these lessons. The videos are around 10-minutes each. If you purchase the whole package, it includes: 

  • Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Podcasts

User Experience/Platform

UWorld stands out to some students in part because of its incredible, intuitive user interface. It nearly flawlessly mirrors the interface of the actual exam. This is a good way to prepare because when you sit down to take the test, you’ll see something familiar – well-trodden neural pathways, etc.

UWorld also has a mobile app that most students can use when they’re away from their computers. This can be helpful for students who feel like they’re always on the go! (Who isn’t these days?) The graphics on the app are high-quality and detailed. Lastly, it comes with a progress tracker so you can keep an eye on your headway. 

uworld nclex app
UWorld App offers an app too, but it’s not as aesthetically pleasing. It’s a little less glossy and intricately designed than UWorld. We’ve also heard about some technical issues with accessing the course material and signing up. app iOS App

Regardless, it still gets the job done. Students can use it when away from their computers as a way to prep for their NCLEX exam. 

Pass Guarantees is the only prep provider of the two that offers a pass guarantee, so they are once again the winner in this category. It’s called the “Gold Standard 200% pass guarantee.” It comes with a double money-back promise for users who don’t pass the test. 

They call it their “Famous (and Semi-Crazy)” guarantee. To qualify, you only need to follow three steps: 

  • Pass at least one SIMCLEX test
  • Take your NCLEX exam
  • Receive double the money back if you don’t pass
nclex money back guarantee is the only NCLEX prep provider that offers this opportunity. In fact, we don’t think there’s anyone else in the entire prep industry that offers anything like this. If you choose them, you can rest easy knowing you didn’t waste any money no matter the results of the exam. 

Obviously, you’d rather pass the NCLEX than get a double refund, but it’s a win-win of sorts – and a hearty incentive for to get their course right to avoid losing money.

Content Access Period gives three days access to their content as a free trial period. If you like it, then after the 3 days you will set off into your subscription of $82 a month for six months. If you choose the latter option, you receive 18 months free once you’ve paid for your last month!

All-in-all this is a pretty great deal; you can use the service as much or as little as you want. Another huge bonus is no matter what package you buy, you receive all the same materials. free trial
The best deal offered by

With UWorld, their content access ranges from 30 days to 730 days. You can also choose a package for 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, 180 days, and 360 days. Since most packages come with the same question bank and self-assessments, it just depends on how long you’ll need to use the service. 

The only downside is that you have to upgrade to at least 60 days if you want the self-assessment. Even then, you only get one chance. If you want two self-assessments, you’ll need to purchase the 120-day package. 

Standout Features

You’re clamoring to hear about these courses’ standout features and how they compare. We aim to please.

Free Trials – yes or no?

  • Yes! You get three days of free access to their entire content library. 
  • UWorld: No, a free trial is not included. In order to access any of their content, you need to purchase their 30-day package. 

Student Support – yes or no?

  • Yes! has plenty of support options. They also offer an exclusive Facebook page where other nursing students share their successes and struggles. 
  • UWorld: Yes! UWorld has a FAQ page, but also offers a contact number with business hours. You can call for student support during their business hours. 

Refunds – yes or no? 

  • Yes! offers a “200% money-back guarantee” if you qualify. All you need to do is contact them within 60 days of your failed NCLEX. 
  • UWorld: No, UWorld does not offer refunds or a money-back guarantee. vs UWorld – FAQ

Here we survey a few of the most common questions preppers have about and UWorld.

Is worth it for the NCLEX? 

Yes, we think is worth it. Compared to other test prep providers, they are extremely generous in their prices and money-back guarantee. Their app might not be the best in the world, but they make up for it with other content. We also like that you can use month-to-month without penalty. 

How similar is SIMCLEX to the NCLEX? 

The SIMCLEX is about as similar to the NCLEX as you can get. The questions range from 75 to 145 depending on how you score. Most simulators offer 75 questions max. It also gives you a time limit, which helps you prepare for the swiftness of the NCLEX. 

Can I pass the NCLEX with just UWorld? 

Yes, you can pass the NCLEX if you just use UWorld. Their platform is similar to the way the NCLEX looks, which helps you gain familiarity. Also, their questions are detailed and they give good feedback. 

The Bottom Line: UWorld vs

Our overall verdict is that provides the best bang for your buck. They also provide more materials and lesson plans than UWorld. If we were going by value in this vs Uworld review, then would come out on top.

On the other hand, UWorld provides more intricate questions and feedback. Their question bank might be smaller, but it’s a powerful prep package nonetheless. 

All-in-all, we choose as the overall winner. Their money-back guarantee, free trial, and self-professed 99.86% pass rate are too enticing to ignore. 

If you’re a nursing student, consider using to study for the NCLEX if you: 

  • are a visual learner
  • aren’t sure how long you’ll need to study (or want to go month-to-month)
  • want guaranteed money back if you don’t pass
  • like the idea of a real-world NCLEX simulator (SIMCLEX)
Best Overall

A comprehensive and budget-friendly NCLEX-RN course that's great for visual learners.

  • Well-developed mobile application
  • High-quality, exclusive NCLEX simulator (SIMCLEX) that uses test-like algorithm
  • Lots of practice questions (6,000+)
  • Gold standard 200% pass guarantee (double-money back guarantee)
  • No live instruction option
  • User interface can feel clunky and harder to navigate
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

You might want to pick UWorld if you: 

  • prefer honing your prep strategy over content review
  • want a progress tracker
  • use your phone a lot to study (the app is top-notch)