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A detailed and comprehensive MCAT course that can be taken live online or in-person.



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Student Feedback


Practice Materials

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The Princeton Review MCAT Ultimate Course is the most comprehensive, intensive MCAT course offered both LiveOnline or In-Person.

123 hours of live instruction by a team of 4-6 subject-matter experts means you’ll be ready for the MCAT in as little as 12 weeks. 


  • Subject-specific diagnostic exams pinpoint strengths & weaknesses
  • Personalized homework is assigned after every lecture
  • Up-to-date MCAT Complete 7-book set is included
  • 15 full-length practice tests simulate the format and time restraints of real MCAT
  • Access to all AAMC material


  • Slow load time on website
  • In-person classes are subject to change after enrollment
  • 510 guarantee is optional (you are not guaranteed a 510 unless you pay extra)

About The Princeton Review MCAT Ultimate Classroom

Princeton Review’s most popular, intensive MCAT prep course is the MCAT Ultimate Classroom. Offered both In-Person and LiveOnline, the MCAT Ultimate offers 123 hours in the classroom with a subject-matter team of 4-6 experts.

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Course Pricing Options

Princeton Review MCAT Ultimate Classroom LiveOnline

Price: $2,799

Summary: 123 hours of live content and strategy instruction; access to MedFlix 500+ on-demand videos; thousands of passage-based questions; 15 practice tests; MCAT Complete 7-Book Set + 4 exclusive titles

Princeton Review MCAT Ultimate Classroom In-Person

Price: $2,799

Summary: 123 hours of live classroom and strategy instruction, locations vary; access to MedFlix 500+ on-demand videos; thousands of passage-based questions; 15 practice tests; MCAT Complete 7-Book Set + 4 exclusive titles

Princeton Review MCAT Self-Paced

Price: $1,699

Summary: On-demand videos, digital tools, and drills; access to MedFlix 500+ on-demand videos; thousands of passage-based questions; 15 practice tests, MCAT Complete 7-Book Set + 3 exclusive titles

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Princeton Review MCAT Summer Immersion

Price: $9,499

Summary: Six-week course totaling 370 hours of instruction with experienced MCAT teachers and trainers as well as access to practice tests, MedFlix, and 11 MCAT prep books. Room & Board add-on available for an additional $2,500.

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Princeton Review MCAT Tutoring

Price: starting at $2,000

Summary: LiveOnline or In-person tutoring options, custom tutoring plans available

Curriculum Review

The 123 hours of instruction for the MCAT Ultimate course breaks down into the following subjects to meet the MCAT testing outline:

  • 33 hours of biology
  • 12 hours of organic chemistry
  • 18 hours of general chemistry
  • 18 hours of physics
  • 21 hours of psychology/sociology
  • 21 hours of focused CARS instruction

Classes are held between twice or three times a week, depending on whether you are taking the course online or in a classroom. The curriculum spreads across 3 months and is taught by a team of 4-6 subject matter experts.

Within 5-7 business days, you will receive your full set of The Princeton Review Complete 7-book set, which has made our top MCAT prep books list year over year. 

Students gain lots of practice for test-day and every 2 weeks, the curriculum is set up for students to take a practice MCAT test. Section-specific Diagnostic Exams are used throughout the course to help identify weak areas.

After lectures, regular course homework is assigned in addition to subject-specific homework that covers areas identified in Diagnostic Exams as weaker for individual students.

For those who wonder how TPR picks their teachers, you can rest assured that they go through several rounds of interviewing, testing, and training before they are able to instruct a course. First, they partake in a non-academic interview/presentation. Next, interviewees must take a subject-specific content test. Upon satisfactory completion, teachers will follow a 20-hour training (presenting live classroom material).

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The live online course option provides all your tools & resources (besides the review book set) online. You still benefit from the interaction with instructors and have access to all the materials offered in the in-person course.

From your student portal, you have access to all the exclusive drills and standalone digital content like the MedFlix. Included online are 15 full-length online practice tests simulated to the format and time limits of real MCAT exams as well as analysis afterward to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Included is a noteboard so you can practice using laminated sheets as scratch paper.  

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Student Feedback

I was given above and beyond the amount of preparation materials I could have ever expected – there was tons of practice


The lectures were very detailed. The MedFlix videos were also super helpful.


The professors/teachers that taught the class were very effective at conveying the important content in a timely manner as well as honing in on what was most important for the MCAT.


Who Needs This Course

The ideal user for the Princeton Review Ultimate MCAT course, whether this is LiveOnline or in-person is a student who benefits from experiencing a physical classroom or at least a classroom that takes place digitally.

Not all students are able to study for the MCAT on their own or using a homestudy/on-demand program, and that’s okay! The Princeton Review is comprehensive and will cover everything you need to know for the MCAT (and maybe even a little extra). If you feel more confident utilizing a program with a good name that has helped many others like you do well on the MCAT, then this is the right course for you.

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