Blueprint MCAT (Next Step) Detailed Review

A course with superior analytics that requires students to analyze on their own in order to see the best results.
Written by: Adaora Ezike, MPH
Reviewed by: Kristine Thorndyke

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Blueprint MCAT is a personalized online MCAT prep course that utilizes diagnostic test results to create a custom study plan. 

This MCAT course includes 160 modules of online instruction that can be accessed over a 12-month period on their brand new mobile-friendly format. Continue reading this Blueprint MCAT Review to learn whether Blueprint is the right online MCAT course for you.

About Blueprint MCAT

blueprint mcat review

Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step Test Prep) is a personalized online MCAT prep course that utilizes diagnostic test results to create a custom study plan based on your chosen MCAT test date. This study schedule can be adjusted for your own routine and study preferences.

The live online Blueprint MCAT course includes 40+ hours of live instruction over a 3-month period. In addition to the course, students can join 2-hour live Office Hour sessions that are dedicated to a specific topic with course instructors at least five times per week.

Test Prep Nerds Tries Out Blueprint MCAT

I got access into the Blueprint on demand MCAT Course and was pretty impressed with the study planner tool, in-depth analytics, and the customization for a course that is mostly on-demand. Check out our video below to see a walk-through of the course’s key features:

Blueprint Curriculum Review

Blueprint’s curriculum integrates on-demand classes, live online instruction, live office hours, as well as practice material to offer a well-rounded MCAT prep. The content provided by this MCAT course are broken out into 160 different, digestible learning lessons. Within each lesson, or module, you can access videos, lectures, tests, and passages.

What I think makes this curriculum pretty cool, is that you can now “test out of” content that you already know or can answer correctly. To do this, all you have to do is pass a pre-module assessment. This helps to make your study more effective and efficient, as you’re only spending time on content that you actually need to improve. 

Content review videos provide a quick summary of each section and have been revamped with illustrations and animations to help you visualize processes and systems that are otherwise difficult to grasp. 

This course includes a set of 6 detailed full-color review books that have been recently updated to reflect AAMC changes. For those who desire further help or assistance, you can book Live Office Hours with an instructor, where you can ask questions and dive into specific subject areas. These Live Office hours are available 6 days a week.

blueprint mcat book set
Here is the book set I received when I signed up for the Blueprint Online Course

Instructors for these courses are all 99th+ percentile scorers and are required to have taken the AAMC MCAT. All office hours are held with the instructors of the live online courses, allowing students to work with their teacher on a more informal basis.

Blueprint Platform

Upon entering the Blueprint, there will be several tabs that will grant you access to the provided study resources, your personalized study plan, and discussion forum. The personalized study plan is a proprietary platform that generates a detailed, day-by-day schedule. This schedule is editable and students can alter their schedule at any time using the drag-and-drop feature.

You can see more of my thoughts on the study plan here:

The course is mobile-friendly, meaning you can access your course content on-the-go without downloading any material. It feels like an app, although they don’t actually have an app that can be used yet.

The analytics of this course have been further enhanced since its Next Step MCAT days, as you can now see patterns in your testing that can help you to pinpoint what you need to work on more. Your analytics can be broken down by subject, reasoning skill, and question type for further practice.

I’ve spent a lot of time playing around with MCAT prep course platforms, and I have to say that Blueprint has one of the easiest, most intuitive platforms on the market. The study schedule is extremely easy to put together and navigate and streamlines the whole mammoth process of reviewing everything for the MCAT in just a few months.

For those who decide to opt in for the live online instruction option, your study schedule will update with your live online classes and you’ll also be able to add unlimited live online class retakes straight from your dashboard.

Blueprint Student Reviews

When it comes to buying an expensive MCAT prep course, you should always be looking at unbiased student reviews.

In response to a query on Reddit contemplating Khan Academy vs Blueprint, a user reported a 19-point score increase by using Blueprint.

blueprint mcat

In another Reddit review on Blueprint, a user purchased it for the study plan (which we agree is amazing) but found the videos to be unnecessary unless you are a visual learner looking to fill content gaps:

blueprint mcat reviews

This last review was from The Student Doctor Network that mentions his/her rationality in springing for this course. As mentioned, there are often sales going on at Blueprint which help to reduce the sticker price.

blueprint mcat review

Blueprint Course Pricing Options

Blueprint MCAT Online Course

blueprint mcat prices

Price: $1,999 for 6 months; $2,399 for 9 months; $2,699 for 12 months

Summary: 160 learning modules, 10,000 total practice questions including 150+ passages, 15-full-length MCAT practice tests (includes all AAMC full-length exams), Qbank of 4,000 discrete questions, 6 updated review books.

See more about the Blueprint on demand course options

Blueprint MCAT Live Online Course

blueprint live online mcat course

Price: $2,599 for 6 months; $3,049 for 9 months; $3,499 for 12 months

Summary: Includes all features from Blueprint MCAT Online Course PLUS 40 hours of live online classes with 2 MCAT teachers and unlimited class retakes.

See more about Blueprint live online course options

Tutoring Pricing Options

Core Packages

Price: $3,599-$6,499

Summary: 16-40 hours of live online tutoring; Diagnostic Pre-Test, 15 full-length Practice Exams, personalized study plan written by tutor completed in minimum 1 month, 4,000 question Qbank, 1,600+ high-yield flashcards, access to 6-month Blueprint MCAT Online course.

Premium Package

Price: $4,599-$10,499

Summary: 16-40 hours of live online tutoring with a 520+ scoring instructor and all other features of the Core Packages, plus 12 month access to Blueprint’s Online MCAT Course

Supplemental Tutoring

Price: $2,649-$7,299

Summary: 10-30 hours of live online tutoring that comes with a customized study plan. Does NOT include access to a Blueprint MCAT course and should be purchased as a supplement.

See more about Blueprint MCAT tutoring options

Admissions Consulting Pricing Options

Mock Med School Interviews

Price: $999

Summary: 3 Mock Interview Sessions 

Primary Medical School Applications

Price: $1,899

Summary: Brainstorming Session, Personal Statement Review Session, 2 Experience Selection Sessions, & The PreMed Playbook: Guide to the Medical School Personal Statement

Secondary Applications & Med School Interviews

Price: $2,099

Summary: Brainstorming Session, 10 Essay Reviews, Interview Prep & Thank You Note Review, Prep & Review Sessions, & The PreMed Playbook: Guide to the Medical School Personal Statement

Comprehensive Admissions Package

Price: $3,999

Summary: Primaries Brainstorming Session, Personal Statement Review Session, 2 Experience Selection Sessions, Secondaries Brainstorming Session, 10 Secondary Essay Reviews, Interview Prep & Thank You Note Review, 2 Dr. Ryan Gray’s Premed Playbooks, Negotiating Waitlist & Financial Aid

Who Needs Blueprint MCAT

The ideal user of this course is self-motivated and willing to take advantage of the huge arsenal of AAMC practice material, live online office hours, and powerful user analytics.

If you want a course that is going to hold your hand the entire way through your prep with live instruction or constant feedback from actual teachers, then this is not the course for you.

If you would prefer a course that offers more robust live-online classes or in-person options, then Princeton Review and Kaplan have options that are more suitable, since Blueprint MCAT’s number of live online hours are paltry in comparison.

Blueprint Prep | MCAT Online Course Blueprint Prep | MCAT Online Course

A top-tier MCAT prep program that allows for custom study plans and analytics for targeting weaknesses.

  • Generous unlimited 2-hour Live-Online Office Hours outside of class
  • New mobile-friendly format
  • Can test out of content you already know
  • Day-by-day study plan tool with simple drag-and-drop feature
  • Superb 6-book series called MCAT Review Book
  • Lack of student reviews who have taken this course
  • It’s expensive for an on demand course
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Alternatives to Blueprint MCAT Course

Blueprint is more-or-less an on-demand MCAT prep course. If you don’t require the bells and whistles, you can find a few MCAT prep courses that are still going to deliver quality content, and some at even a fraction of the cost of Blueprint’s MCAT course.

Blueprint vs Princeton Review MCAT

princeton review logo

The Princeton Review is a heavy-hitter in the MCAT test prep scene and we are fans of their live online course offerings. If you are seeking an in-person or live online MCAT course, then you’re better off investing in The Princeton Review over Blueprint. Princeton Review’s live online course offers about 3-times the amount of hours versus Blueprint.

Read our full analysis in Blueprint vs Princeton Review MCAT – Which is the Best?

The Princeton Review | 515+ Score Guarantee MCAT Test Prep The Princeton Review | 515+ Score Guarantee MCAT Test Prep

One of the highest-rated MCAT prep courses that offers on-demand and live-online MCAT prep as well as high score guarantees. Get 15% off with code: TPN15

  • Subject-specific diagnostic exams pinpoint strengths & weaknesses
  • Personalized homework is assigned after every lecture
  • Up-to-date MCAT Complete 9-book set is included
  • 16 full-length practice tests simulate the format and time restraints of real MCAT
  • Access to all AAMC material
  • No more in-person class options
  • 515+ score guarantee is extra
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Blueprint vs Kaplan MCAT

Blueprint and Kaplan’s on demand MCAT courses are quite similar, and you can’t go wrong with either. That said, Blueprint has seemed to invest more in their super user-friendly platform and entertaining video lesson content. If we had to choose between the two, we’d still go with Blueprint.

The only reason that we may suggest Kaplan is for students who are very keen on receiving the Kaplan 7-book set (which is included in the course) or who may have already used Kaplan in the past for other test prep like the ACT or SAT.

For a more in-depth analysis of the differences between these two MCAT courses, read our Blueprint vs Kaplan MCAT Review.

Online MCAT Prep Course | Kaplan Test Prep Online MCAT Prep Course | Kaplan Test Prep

A commercial MCAT test prep with various course offerings that's best known for its high-quality instructors

  • Adaptive Qbank makes for efficient studying
  • One-on-one coaching add-on available for all courses
  • Course offerings include in-person
  • Course offerings are expensive – even for on-demand
  • Practice tests are notoriously more difficult than actual MCAT
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Blueprint vs UWorld MCAT

uworld logo

Read this student’s strategy utilizing UWorld to get accepted into 10 medical schools.

It’s important to clarify that UWorld is not really intended to serve as a standalone MCAT prep course. UWorld, rather, specializes in realistic practice through its extensive Qbank.

If you are thinking of purchasing a UWorld subscription, you would still serve to benefit from either a home study course (see our favorite MCAT prep books) or an on-demand MCAT course. Both options would save you a decent amount of money if you are willing to piece together study materials.

Blueprint vs MCAT Self Prep

MCAT Self Prep is an excellent alternative to Blueprint if you are a self-motivated student who is looking for a much more affordable (albeit DIY) version of an MCAT prep course.

Their MCAT course starts out free on their Basic Plan and their Pro plans (which include a create-your-own-study-plan course) range from $9.99 to $999.

What you will not get from MCAT Self Prep, however, is a fancy study dashboard and in-house video content like you would from Blueprint. This course is mostly a careful curation of already existing content available online that has been organized for MCAT students.

MCAT Self Prep – Home of the Free MCAT Prep Course MCAT Self Prep – Home of the Free MCAT Prep Course

This course is for budgeting self-motivated MCAT home study students who prefer learning on-demand.

Get 10% OFF with promo: welcome10

  • Extremely affordable options start at $9.99
  • Customized study plan organizes & tracks study goals
  • Tutors are actual 97th-percentile MCAT scorers
  • Founder makes himself available to students
  • Official AAMC material not included
  • Dashboard feels clunky
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Blueprint MCAT FAQ

Is Blueprint MCAT harder than the AAMC?

The Blueprint (Next Step) tests are harder than the AAMC tests, making them slightly deflated. However, you will have access to AAMC questions and tests with the Blueprint course that you can use for a true benchmark.

Is Blueprint or Kaplan better for the MCAT?

While both courses have merits and made our best MCAT courses for this year, we prefer Blueprint for students looking for a live online or on demand course. Kaplan is still #1 for in-person MCAT courses.

What is the best MCAT prep course?

Our two favorite MCAT courses are Blueprint and The Princeton Review. If you need a specific score guarantee (such as 510 or 515) and are looking for an intensive prep experience, then TPR is the course for you.

Are MCAT prep courses worth it?

Yes! These courses help you review content that the AAMC will test you on and now come in various price points like $9.99 for MCAT Self Prep up to $3,000 for The Princeton Review.

Is 3 months enough to study for the MCAT?

3 months is the bare minimum you should be studying and will require an aggressive MCAT study schedule. We recommend devoting at least 4 months on your prep so that you get the appropriate hours in.

The Bottom Line on Blueprint MCAT

Here are the key points you should ideally take away from our Blueprint MCAT review:

  • Blueprint takes all of the legwork out of your prep and assembles all of your resources and AAMC material in one simple study tool (at a cost).
  • Live office hours give you a little face-time with tutors, but do not replace a full in-person or live online course.
  • The study planner is super easy to use and customizes to your schedule.

What’s Next

For a full list of our favorite MCAT prep courses, check out our page 8 Best MCAT Prep Courses. Here you’ll find more MCAT prep course options like on-demand, live online, in-person, or fusions like Blueprint (Next Step Test Prep). Included are reader discounts that you won’t find anywhere else! Good luck choosing the prep course that best fits you!