Examkrackers MCAT On Demand Review

This online course is not the most user friendly and lacks the bells and whistles found in other course platforms.
Written by: Kristine Thorndyke
Exam Krackers

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Examkrackers MCAT On-Demand combines 12 weeks of recorded lectures, full-length simulated MCAT tests and mini tests, as well as in-depth review of each question. Included in the course fee is EK’s highly-regarded Comprehensive Book Set.

EK combines this lecture-test-review curriculum with a study schedule created individually by the National Program Director. 


  • Realistic full-length MCAT simulated practice tests
  • Access to MCAT instructor through the forum
  • 3 National Program Director sessions for planning
  • Pre-recorded lessons ensure uniform instruction


  • On-Demand platform is not streamlined
  • There are only 5 simulated MCAT practice exams
  • No published results of MCAT scores
  • Course is non-refundable

About Examkrackers MCAT On Demand

Examkrackers is best known for their home study MCAT books, making it to the top of our list of the best MCAT prep books. Unlike other top commercial MCAT courses, Examkrackers focuses solely on the MCAT and does not span across other test prep options.

Their MCAT prep course options include on-demand, live online, as well as local classes. That said, this review is going to be focusing solely on their on-demand course, which we think provides the most value among their test prep options (it’s the cheapest, too)! The EK On-Demand MCAT Course is set up around 34 recorded MCAT lessons, 5 full-length simulated MCAT exams + in-depth test review answers, and also includes the 10th Edition MCAT Complete Study Package. Continue reading to see the curriculum and platform of this course. 

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Course Pricing Options

On-Demand MCAT Course

Price: $1,745

Summary: 10th Edition MCAT Complete Study Package, 5 EK Full-Length Online Simulated MCAT Exams + in-depth text answers, 34 recorded MCAT lessons, 32 In-Class test reviews, schedule & syllabus, 6-month forum access to MCAT instructor, 3 National Program Director sessions.

Local Live Class

Price: $1,945

Summary: twice-weekly 4-hour classroom sessions for 9 weeks (totaling 72 hours), 10th Edition MCAT Complete Study Package, 5 EK Full-Length Online Simulated MCAT Exams + in-depth text answers, weekly online recap reviews of mini exams covered in class, and Examkrackers forum membership for 1 year with access to MCAT instructor.

Live Online Class

Price: $1,945

Summary: 4x/week 2-hour online classroom sessions for 9 weeks (totaling 115 hours), 3-hour recorded online review sessions on Saturdays and 5 full-length exam reviews on Sundays, 10th Edition MCAT Complete Study Package, 5 EK Full-Length Online Simulated MCAT Exams + in-depth text answers, weekly online recap reviews of mini exams covered in class, and Examkrackers forum membership for 1 year with access to MCAT instructor.

MCAT Extra Class

Price: $3,900

Summary: Extended course for students with noticeable weak areas. This course option includes 27 hours of extra live online instruction taken before transitioning into a Comprehensive Review course, which is included in the price.

MCAT CARS Verbal Reasoning Class

Price: $650

Summary: 4 weeks with 2 live online sessions (2 hours each) per week, 10th Edition MCAT Reasoning Skills Manual (CARS Study Guide), 101 Passages – CARS – Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills, Examkrackers forum membership for 3 months with access to MCAT instructor

Tutoring Pricing Options

MCAT Tutoring Sessions

Price: $300 – $3,900

Summary: 2-hour tutoring one-on-one sessions with top percentile MCAT Specialists. Price discount when booking more than one session.

Medical School Personal Statement Coach

Price: $1,000

Summary: 5 online or phone meetings with your coach and  4 rounds of written feedback/editing of personal statement

Curriculum Review

When you enroll in EK’s on-demand MCAT course, you’ll get started with their National Program Director in developing your personalized MCAT study plan as well as set up monitoring to track your overall score increase over time.

The EK on-demand MCAT course is broken out into 12-weeks of pre-recorded lectures (34 in total) that have been recorded by EK’s top percentile MCAT instructors. The reason we recommend the on-demand MCAT course over EK’s other courses is that you the quality of the instructor is insured and you know you are getting some of the best classes the company can offer, leaving little to chance that you are assigned a bad MCAT instructor.

EK uses a proven Lecture-Test-Review method where, after each lecture, students are directed to take a mini MCAT exam based on the material that was just learned, helping to concrete the new concept and critical analysis.

Throughout the on-demand course, you take 5 of EK’s full-length MCAT practice tests as well as review the correct answers as well as work through the content review with EK’s Complete Study Guide. Progress is tracked and managed by your National Program Director and you can make two more appointments to check-in on progress.


The EK platform is not as streamlined as we’d like, but you will be able to access your on-demand courses online as well as be able to log into your dashboard where you will be able to access your practice tests to take as well as review your answers.

examkrackers mcat portal

The platform provided by the on-demand course does not offer the same amount of analytics or performance metrics that you can expect from leaders like Magoosh, TPR, or Kaplan.

Student Feedback

examkrackers review

Feedback from students who have taken the on-demand EK course is sparse. What we do know is that most students find the EK exams to be hard but helpful. In addition, the MCAT Complete bookset that is included consistently ranks top among MCAT prep books. Here is one student’s review of the books provided by EK:

I am taking the MCAT in May 2017 and have been using these books for a few months as supplemental resources during my Orgo/Bio year and they have been extremely helpful. The colorful drawings and helpful hints in the margins make memorizing key facts easy. I have yet to try the practice exams that go along- will update once I do.

Note: I also have the 2015 Kaplan books. I think that the Examkrackers books are easier to read and cover more!


Who Needs This Course

Examkrackers’ MCAT On Demand is suited for a student who is already planning on purchasing the EK 10th Edition MCAT Complete home study book set and prefers to have a standalone course to follow along with as well as an outline of an MCAT study schedule. This is a step above home studying with just a book set, as you have guidance from EK’s National Program Director as well as access to MCAT instructors on the forum.

However, 3 progress appointments with a director and online assistance does not go that far, so students should have enough motivation and drive to work on their own throughout the majority of this course.

Similar On-Demand MCAT Prep Courses

Princeton Review MCAT

The Princeton Review offers comprehensive MCAT courses through live online, on demand, or in person classroom instruction. What sets TPR apart from Examkrackers is their high score guarantee courses. If you enroll in their 513+ or 515+ course, you are guaranteed to score at least that high or your money back.

Best Score Guarantee
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  • Personalized homework is assigned after every lecture
  • Up-to-date MCAT Complete 9-book set is included
  • 16 full-length practice tests simulate the format and time restraints of real MCAT
  • Access to all AAMC material
  • No more in-person class options
  • 515+ score guarantee is extra
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Kaplan MCAT Prep

Kaplan MCAT prep is known for its high quality instructors and various course offerings depending on your learning type. It’s our favorite MCAT course for students seeking in person instruction, if you’re lucky enough to be near a classroom course.

Best In Person Instruction
Online MCAT Prep Course | Kaplan Test Prep Online MCAT Prep Course | Kaplan Test Prep

A commercial MCAT test prep with various course offerings that's best known for its high-quality instructors

  • Adaptive Qbank makes for efficient studying
  • One-on-one coaching add-on available for all courses
  • Course offerings include in-person
  • Course offerings are expensive – even for on-demand
  • Practice tests are notoriously more difficult than actual MCAT
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Prep 101 MCAT

Prep 101 offers much more live online instruction than any other course on the market today. The cost for some, however, may be prohibitively expensive, especially without any sort of structured payment plans.

Most Classroom Instruction
Prep101 MCAT Prep101 MCAT

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  • 138 hours live online instruction
  • Free unlimited course repeats
  • All AAMC official material & practice tests
  • Expensive
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Examkrackers MCAT Review: Wrap-Up

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