The 3 Best MCAT Bootcamps for Summer & Winter

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More than two thirds of students take the MCAT between August and September, utilizing their open summer to study for the MCAT or enroll in an MCAT bootcamp. Well, summer is here and for some of you, that means making serious gains in your MCAT prep! There are three main MCAT prep summer programs that you can take advantage of that will get you in shape for the MCAT faster than you could expect during a busy schedule during the school year.

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Top 3 Summer MCAT Bootcamps:

These MCAT bootcamps come at a much higher price than you’ll expect from other MCAT classes, so we recommend these bootcamps for those who are serious about becoming a high scorer on the MCAT. Read on about perfect scoring on the MCAT. 

Although a summer MCAT bootcamp doesn’t come cheap, it can make a huge difference in how you ultimately do on the MCAT. For those who are looking for more budget-friendly options, you can consider these MCAT prep books.

1. Princeton Review 515 Immersion

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princeton review summer mcat

Princeton Review is an established name in the MCAT prep industry and makes no exception with its quality and effectiveness offered in their MCAT prep summer programs. This summer, they are offering the 515 LiveOnline Immersion MCAT Bootcamp that includes a 515 score guarantee, which puts you in the 92nd Percentile.

These courses are not cheap, coming in at $6,699 (with a discount). What you get in exchange for this, however, can definitely be worth it if you are struggling on studying for the MCAT or really, really need to do well. The course meets for 8 hours every day about a month and a half, which is certainly not a time commitment to scoff at. The total calculated instruction and practice time adds up to about 860 hours.

MCAT Bootcamp Highlights:

  • 195 hours of live online instruction
  • Includes 16 full-length practice tests
  • Immediate access to all AAMC material
  • 11-book MCAT prep book set

Alternatives to the Princeton Review MCAT Bootcamp

If the Princeton Review MCAT bootcamp doesn’t work for your budget or timeframe, they offer plenty of other options for doing well on the MCAT:

Our Top Pick
MCAT Prep LiveOnline Summer Immersion - Score 515+, Guaranteed! | The Princeton Review MCAT Prep LiveOnline Summer Immersion - Score 515+, Guaranteed! | The Princeton Review

Imagine a guarantee to score in the 92nd Percentile... well now you can with The Princeton Review's 515 Guarantee LiveOnline Summer Immersion.

  • Study Advisor keeps you on track
  • Guaranteed 515 score
  • User-friendly Live Online classroom platform
  • Expensive
  • No In Person Options

2. Kaplan MCAT Summer Intensive

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kaplan mcat

Kaplan’s MCAT intensive has a lot of the same hallmarks as The Princeton Review MCAT Bootcamp, but with the key exception that they do not offer a score guarantee. I find this a bit disconcerting, given the high price tag (it’s about $300 more than The Princeton Review’s discounted price).

Many of the features of this course are the same as The Princeton Review, but where Kaplan is able to differentiate itself is in its vetted faculty. Unlike with the Princeton Review’s courses, with Kaplan, you get to select the instructor as well as keep tabs on his/her bio and experience. Let’s take one of their top instructors, Aeri Kim, for their Summer MCAT Bootcamp, for example:

aeri kim kaplan instructor

Aeri has been an instructor and content developer for Kaplan for over 6 years and completed her PhD in Biochemistry. You can read more about Aeri on Kaplan’s blog here.

It’s actually quite refreshing to see an MCAT company boast and share information about their instructors, as most test prep companies tend to hire busy instructors who are recent grads or still in med school.

When you are checking the Kaplan website for enrollment details, be sure to utilize their promos. Oftentimes, they have coupons for discounts on courses that can help make the prices a bit more digestible.

MCAT Bootcamp Highlights:

  • 12 hours of on-on-one tutoring
  • 16 full-length MCAT practice tests
  • All AAMC practice material
  • Total of 700 hours of practice and instruction

Alternatives to the Kaplan MCAT Bootcamp:

See other differences between Kaplan vs Princeton Review MCAT

Most 1-on-1 Support
MCAT Bootcamp | Kaplan Test Prep MCAT Bootcamp | Kaplan Test Prep

A live online MCAT bootcamp that offers the choice among high-quality MCAT instructors as well as private 1-on-1 sessions with tutors.

  • High quality instructors / ability to choose them
  • Private one-on-one tutoring sessions
  • More expensive than Princeton Review
  • No specific score guarantee

3. Altius Summer Full Immersion MCAT Course

altius mcat prep

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Third on our list of the best MCAT prep summer programs is Altius. Altius sets itself apart in this list because they only offer MCAT prep, which can be reassuring that they have taken the time to specialize in just one category. Altius’s Summer Full-Immersion bootcamps take place from various dates and locations (as well as online) between May and August.

If you choose to opt for their Gold Summer Package, you will receive 25 tutoring sessions and 45 tutoring sessions if you opt for their Platinum Summer Package. Compared to the 6 tutoring sessions you will receive from the likes of Kaplan, making Altius’s summer MCAT courses much more personalized than the other MCAT prep summer programs on our list.

altius free mcat
Altius practice test

Classroom sessions are in small groups and are designed for participation and practice versus lecture-styled courses you may find from other MCAT prep programs. Included in this MCAT prep summer program is double-blind, peer-reviewed, MCAT practice resources. The curriculum has been designed to get you inside the mind of an AAMC writer, so that you can be good at taking the MCAT.

If you decide to go with Altius, however, you’re going to pay a heavy price tag. These summer MCAT bootcamps start at $8,499 and go up to $9,999. They offer scholarships, but there is little information regarding how many people are accepted for these scholarships or what Altius is looking for in recipients.

Altius is very careful in tracking the results of students who have taken the MCAT and their graduates have ranked in the top 88th to 95th percentile for over ten years now. This sets them apart from Kaplan and Princeton Review, as they regularly publish independently-verified student scores. In one of those independently-verified studies, they have found that their graduates are eight times more likely to score into the 97th percentile or higher.

MCAT Bootcamp Highlights:

  • 25-45 one-on-one tutoring sessions
  • Students are reportedly 800% more likely to earn 99th percentile
  • 125-175 small group tutoring hours

Alternatives to Altius MCAT Bootcamp:

Best for High Scorers
Altius MCAT Summer Bootcamps Altius MCAT Summer Bootcamps

Altius offers a Summer Long bootcamp as well as a June Immersion for its summer bootcamp programs depending on when you intend on taking the MCAT.

Save $800 OFF mentorship programs with promo: NERDS800

Other MCAT Summer Prep Options

There is a huge price tag associated with these commercial MCAT summer immersion programs. If you find these MCAT bootcamps out of your price range, there are still plenty of other options for you including live-online courses as well as traditional in-person courses. Have a look at these other top MCAT prep course reviews:

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MCAT Bootcamp FAQ

Is Kaplan MCAT Bootcamp worth it?

The Kaplan MCAT Bootcamp is a great investment for students who need more one-on-one instruction from high-quality instructors. If, however, you don’t need as much face-to-face, then The Princeton Review’s 515+ is a better value.

Does Altius have a money back policy?

Altius’s Elite MCAT courses are backed with a 30-day money back free trial period as well as a Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee if you complete 100% of the Elite Program assignments and do not improve your score over a previous MCAT.

Is one summer enough time to study for the MCAT ?

Generally speaking, if you dedicate your summer to studying for the MCAT, then you should have enough time to take the MCAT by August. It may be a bit cramped, but as long as you get in the full-length AAMC practice tests, then you should be good to go!

MCAT Bootcamp Wrap Up

If you are still reading this post and still a bit unsure of the MCAT bootcamp you want to enroll in over the summer or winter, then you can’t go wrong with The Princeton Review course. Simply “try before you buy” by taking a free Biology class and then you can make an informed decision on this investment.

Best Overall
MCAT Prep LiveOnline Summer Immersion - Score 515+, Guaranteed! | The Princeton Review MCAT Prep LiveOnline Summer Immersion - Score 515+, Guaranteed! | The Princeton Review

Imagine a guarantee to score in the 92nd Percentile... well now you can with The Princeton Review's 515 Guarantee LiveOnline Summer Immersion.

  • Study Advisor keeps you on track
  • Guaranteed 515 score
  • User-friendly Live Online classroom platform
  • Expensive
  • No In Person Options