Top Summer MCAT Bootcamps for High MCAT Scorers

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More than two thirds of students take the MCAT between August and September, utilizing their open summer to study for the MCAT. Well, summer is here and for some of you, that means enrolling in a summer MCAT Bootcamp! There are three main MCAT prep summer programs that you can take advantage of that will get you in shape for the MCAT faster than you could expect during a busy schedule during the school year.

These MCAT prep summer programs come at a much higher price than you’ll expect from other live MCAT classes, so we recommend these bootcamps for those who are serious about becoming a high scorer on the MCAT. Read on about perfect scoring on the MCAT. 

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Top 3 Summer MCAT Bootcamps:

Disclaimer about these courses – they are going to be in-person. These MCAT prep summer programs often offer room and board options for those who may not be able to make the commute to classes every day. This can be great for those who really want to enroll in one of these programs, but they can rack up there in cost. Summer MCAT bootcamps do not come cheap, especially if you plan on rooming and boarding there, but they can make a huge difference in how you ultimately do on the MCAT. For those looking for more budget-friendly options, consider these home study prep books.

1. Princeton Review MCAT Bootcamp

princeton review mcat bootcmap

Princeton Review is an established name in the MCAT prep industry and makes no exception with its quality and effectiveness offered in their MCAT prep summer programs. They generally hold a summer MCAT bootcamp in the West Coast, Central, and East Coast of the US every summer sometime between May through July.

In the Princeton Review MCAT Bootcamp, you will spend 6 weeks taking MCAT prep courses at a top university. This amounts to 370 hours of instruction and coaching from an engaging MCAT prep team. You will receive plenty of practice tools, including 15 full-length MCAT tests and all available AAMC practice resources. You will also receive 11 Princeton Review MCAT books, 4 of which are exclusive titles specifically for those who enroll in this course.

As you all know, the majority of learning happens outside of the classroom. This is why Princeton Review has put together its MedFlix instructional videos to drill you outside of the classroom. There are over 500 content lessons from MedFlix to keep you busy when you aren’t attending classes.

If the Princeton Review MCAT bootcamp doesn’t work for your budget or timeframe, they offer plenty of other options for doing well on the MCAT:

2. Kaplan MCAT Summer Intensive – In Person

kaplan MCAT

We’re going to be completely honest here, Kaplan offers pretty much the exact same package that you’re going to find with Princeton Review’s MCAT bootcamp, just in different locations. The main difference you are going to find between the two is that Princeton Review offers a higher amount of classroom instruction than you will get with Kaplan’s MCAT Summer Intensive Program. Kaplan offers 320 hours of live classroom hours, which is 50 hours less than you’ll receive with Princeton Review’s MCAT prep summer program.

Kaplan’s summer intensive programs take place in different geographic locations in the States, but without an East Coast option. They fall in Southeast, Central, and West Coast of the US and take place in prestigious universities within that area. Again, for those who do not live near or do not have the option to commute for classes, you can tack on room and board for a pretty penny. These courses take place between May and August and last for 6 weeks. During those 6 weeks, you’ll attend MCAT strategy classes led by subject matter experts, participate in small group reviews and enjoy weekly tutoring sessions, as well as run through 5 full-length proctored MCAT exams in class in an effort to mock test-day conditions.

When you enroll in Kaplan’s MCAT Intensive program, you’ll receive 7 Kaplan MCAT prep books, be able to access 15 full-length MCAT practice tests, enjoy the MCAT Qbank with additional MCAT practice questions, as well as the MCAT channel which gives you exclusive access to live, online instruction for outside of class.

When you are checking the Kaplan website for enrollment details, be sure to utilize their promos. Oftentimes, they have coupons for discounts on courses that can help make the prices a bit more digestible.

3. Altius Summer Full-Immersion MCAT Course

altius mcat prep

Third on our list of the best MCAT prep summer programs is Altius. Altius sets itself apart in this list because they only offer MCAT prep, which can be reassuring that they have taken the time to specialize in just one category. Altius’s Summer Full-Immersion bootcamps take place from various dates and locations between May and August.

If you choose to opt for their Gold Summer Package, you will receive 22 tutoring sessions and 42 tutoring sessions if you opt for their Platinum Summer Package. Compared to the 6 tutoring sessions you will receive from the likes of Kaplan, making Altius’s summer MCAT courses much more personalized than the other MCAT prep summer programs on our list.

Classroom sessions are in small groups and are designed for participation and practice versus lecture-styled courses you may find from other MCAT prep programs. Included in this MCAT prep summer program is double-blind, peer-reviewed, MCAT practice resources. The curriculum has been designed to get you inside the mind of an AAMC writer, so that you can be good at taking the MCAT.

Altius is very careful in tracking the results of students who have taken the MCAT and their graduates have ranked in the top 88th to 95th percentile for over ten years now. This sets them apart from Kaplan and Princeton Review, as they regularly publish independently-verified student scores. In one of those independently-verified studies, they have found that their graduates are eight times more likely to score into the 97th percentile or higher.

There are various packages you can choose from with Altius’s summer programs, allowing you to choose an MCAT bootcamp that fits your budget. They can help you with lodging options if you choose a location that is not easily commutable, and you’re less likely to receive a one-size-fits-all approach to room-and-board at universities partnering with Kaplan and Princeton Review.

Other MCAT Summer Prep Options

There is a huge price tag associated with these commercial MCAT summer immersion programs. Many colleges and universities offer MCAT prep courses that tend to be cheaper than commercial prep courses that you will see listed here. Some examples of schools that offer summer MCAT prep (with optional housing) include UVM and University of Utah. Check in with the nearest college or university medical program to see if they offer any MCAT prep over the summer.

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