7 Proven & Free MCAT Practice Tests for 2020 (Includes 2 Full-Length)

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MCAT practice tests are a part of any successful MCAT study plan, as they give you a sense of pace and timing, the endurance you need, as well as a chance to assess your preparedness.

When you’re on a student budget, the last thing you want to do is pay for expensive additional MCAT practice tests, so we have listed some of the resources that offer the best MCAT practice tests for free. You can get accustomed to the MCAT exam without having to spend a cent by using these free MCAT practice exams.

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Company Full Length? Link
*1. Princeton Review Yes Click Here >
*2. Next Step Test Prep Yes Click Here >
3. Varsity Tutors No Click Here >
4. Kaplan No Click Here >
5. Altius No Click Here >
6. Gold Standard No Click Here >
7. Test Prep Preview No Click Here >

* Indicates full-length practice test

1. Princeton Review Free MCAT Practice Exam*

* indicates full-length MCAT practice test

Princeton Review offers a free full-length MCAT practice exam, so it is ideal for simulating the actual test day. With Princeton Review, you can choose a free, full-length practice test that is given under the same testing conditions as the actual exams (which is how practice exams should always be taken). Princeton Review also offers free MCAT prep trials that you can access with your free full-length MCAT practice test.

>Get Free MCAT Practice Test

2. Blueprint (Next Step) Free MCAT Practice Test Bundle*

* indicates full-length MCAT practice test

The Blueprint free bundle includes a full-length exam, a half-length diagnostic exam, and some additional free content from their MCAT course. They also offer access to a free MCAT question of the day newsletter as well as a free 90-minute MCAT Verbal Strategy course. We don’t recommend relying solely on this free prep course as your MCAT study plan, but you will find their free MCAT practice exam extremely helpful, in fact they are some of the best MCAT practice tests you will find anywhere.

>Get Free MCAT Practice Test

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3. Varsity Tutors Free Online MCAT Practice Test

Varsity Tutors has several free diagnostic practice tests as well as practice tests for all 4 sections of the MCAT, One of the shortcomings of Varsity Tutors it that the length of these tests is abbreviated. Their intention is to be used as a run-through of commonly asked questions and a tool to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

>Get Free Practice Test

4. Kaplan Free Practice Test

Sign up for their free 3.5 hour online MCAT practice exams and receive a detailed score report, strategies for improvement, and complete explanations for every question. Kaplan also offers a free question of the day, free online MCAT practice test pop quiz questions, and a free 20-minute workout for the MCAT.

>Get Free Practice Test

5. Altius Free 2015 Practice Exam

Altius charges for their practice exams, but they are currently offering a free trial of half of their 2015 practice MCAT exam. While this is a good resource, only offering half a test will not offer the same endurance and test-feel benefits as a full-length test.

>Get Free Practice Test

6. Gold Standard

Gold Standard is another abbreviated practice test that is worth taking advantage of to build your endurance and stamina. This practice test is roughly ⅓ the length of a full-length practice test and is 100% online. Instant scoring on each of the 4 sections as well as helpful explanations make this free practice test a helpful resource. Once you have received your scores, you are able to compare your results with thousands of other students to see how you measure up.

>Get Free MCAT Practice Test

7. Test Prep Review

Test Prep Preview offers free MCAT practice questions, although the format of the practice tests can be a bit confusing. These are good questions to use for building your concentration and test-taking stamina, but you should not rely on this as the main practice test.

>Get Free MCAT Practice Test

How to Use Practice Tests

Before you commence your MCAT study plan you should complete one full-length practice test under simulated testing conditions. The results can be used as a diagnostic tool, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a way to understand your baseline for testing endurance.

A second full-length practice test should be used towards the end of your studies (approximately 1-2 weeks before your MCAT testing date). This final full-length practice test is the final indicator as to whether or not you’re ready to take the official MCAT in just a couple weeks. Feel free to use both of our full-length and free MCAT practice tests.

The only full-length free MCAT practice tests in our list that could be used to simulate test day conditions are from Princeton Review and Next Step Prep. If you need other full-length practice tests, they can be purchased from AAMC for $35 each. Be sure to use the full-length practice tests wisely, as there are a finite amount of these available. The other MCAT practice tests on our list are shortened versions of a full MCAT practice test. They can be very useful for timed practice, but will not give you a comprehensive indication of how you will perform on test day.

At Test Prep Nerds, we believe that test prep does not need to break the bank. We hope you enjoyed our free MCAT practice tests resource page. Feel free to let us know your thoughts about these practice tests by commenting below.

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