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4 Completely Free LSAT Study Guides for Effective Prep

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

Decided to take the LSAT? That’s great! But now the real work begins. If you’re new to studying for the LSAT, we’ve got some free LSAT study guides that can introduce you to the LSAT, overview what you will need to know for the LSAT, and help to create a general study schedule that can range from two weeks to three months. These are not an exhaustive list of study guides for the LSAT, but rather a subset of those that are free for you to use. Read on to find the 4 free LSAT study guides available to you!

We do not advise relying solely on these free LSAT study guides and encourage you to either purchase a reputable LSAT prep book or enroll in an online or classroom LSAT prep course.

Magoosh LSAT Study Guide

I’d say among all the LSAT study guides listed here, the Magoosh free LSAT Study Guide is the most detailed in giving you a layout of what the LSAT is, how it’s scored, how to register for the LSAT, and how to create a timeline for preparing for the LSAT. After giving you this in-depth understanding of the LSAT, they then get into section strategies as well as links to intro lessons on each.

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Union Test Prep

Union Test Prep’s free LSAT Study Guide walks you through all sections of the LSAT including Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and the Writing Sample. Each section-specific study guide starts with a general description on how to prepare for it, followed by the terms to know. You will then learn the specific skills you need to practice for this section as well as some overall tips and tricks. They provide examples of concepts as well as explain the reasoning behind answers. This is a great free LSAT study guide to start with to get a general understanding of the LSAT!

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free lsat study guide

PowerScore’s free LSAT Study Guide is quite different from Union Test Prep’s. Rather than review general ideas about each section on the LSAT, PowerScore strives to lay out the basic steps you need to take as you are getting prepared to take the LSAT. These steps detail how to take a diagnostic test, how to analyze your results afterwards, what study materials you should purchase, and how to set up a study plan based on how much time you have to study. You can also check out our in-depth page on how to set up an LSAT study schedule.

This LSAT study guide by PowerScore is more suited towards guiding you through the steps of taking the LSAT rather than providing, firsthand, what kind of concepts you need to study for the LSAT.

Powerscore is ranked among the best LSAT tutoring services for students who are seeking high-scoring tutors and also a vast array of LSAT resources.

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Alpha Score’s free LSAT Study Guide sets itself apart in this list because it provides actual amounts of time you need to spend studying and practicing specific concepts for the LSAT. The LSAT study guide is separated into 4 sections: Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Extra Practice & Improvement.

I like this study guide because it tells how long to study each concept in each section. Sometimes with studying, we just want someone to outline our plan for us so that we can just focus on the actual studying and practicing part. This is what Alpha Score’s free LSAT Study Guide has been created for.

*If you enjoy their LSAT study guide, they also offer a free LSAT trial course to put your plan into action.

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BONUS – 3 FREE LSAT Practice Tests

We are all about freebies, which is why we have provided you with not only free LSAT study guides, but 4 free LSAT Practice tests that you can find online today. This is not an exhaustive list of LSAT practice tests, but rather the tests you can find online now that will not cost you a dime! We hope you find these helpful on your LSAT prep journey.

Princeton Review LSAT Practice Test

princeton review lsat

Princeton Review offers the opportunity to enroll online for a free LSAT practice test online. Your score will be delivered to you immediately after completing this simulated test.

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Similar to Princeton Review, Kaplan offers “free events” such as free LSAT practice tests that you can sign up for and take online. They currently are offering PrepTest 56 as their free practice test.

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blueprint lsat course

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Blueprint allows you to create a free MyBlueprint page that allows you to take a free official LSAT exam. This test is the June 2007 LSAT.

Still looking for more? Check out our full list of LSAT practice tests, including some free and some not-so-free. We hope you enjoyed these LSAT study guides and wish you all the best on your LSAT prep journey.