13 Proven & Free MCAT Practice Tests for 2022 [+3 FULL LENGTH]

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Free MCAT practice tests are an integral component of any successful (and affordable) MCAT study plan. When the time for the real test comes, prospective medical students who have prepared with legitimate practice tests and MCAT prep books are equipped with a better sense of the test’s pace and timing as well as greater confidence in their readiness to ace the exam.  

The internet is full of free MCAT prep, but not all of it is worth your time or energy. Here we share only the best, free MCAT practice tests as well as highlight which ones are full-length.

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 CompanyFull Length? Link
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varsity tutors logoVarsity TutorsNoClick Here>
magooshMagooshYesClick Here>
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* Indicates full-length practice test

The Best Free Online MCAT Practice Tests

*indicates free full-length MCAT practice test

1. Princeton Review Free MCAT Practice Exam*

Princeton Review offers a free MCAT full length practice test, so it is ideal for simulating the actual test day. With Princeton Review, you can choose a free full-length practice test that is administered under the same testing conditions as the actual exams (which is how practice exams should always be taken).

Princeton Review also offers free MCAT prep trials that you can access with your free full-length MCAT practice test.

2. Blueprint (Next Step) Free MCAT Practice Test Bundle*

The Blueprint free bundle includes a free full-length MCAT test, a half-length diagnostic exam, and some additional free content from their MCAT course!

They also offer access to a free “MCAT question of the day” newsletter as well as a free 90-minute MCAT Verbal Strategy course. We don’t recommend relying solely on this free prep course as your MCAT study plan, but you will find their free MCAT practice exam extremely helpful.

To further augment your MCAT preparation, Blueprint also hosts regular webinars and other online events covering topics related to MCAT preparation. 

Considering Next Step’s MCAT Course? Read our Blueprint (Next Step) MCAT Prep Course Review

3. Kaplan Free Practice Test*

kaplan free mcat practice test

Kaplan is arguably the best-known prep test group in the US. When MCAT test-takers sign up for Kaplan’s free 3.5-hour online free MCAT practice test, they will receive a detailed score report, strategies for improvement, and in-depth explanations of every question and its corresponding correct answer.

Kaplan also offers a free “question of the day,” free online MCAT practice test pop quiz questions, and a free 20-minute mental “workout” for the MCAT.

The site also hosts live online MCAT prep events for free.

4. Magoosh*

free magoosh practice test

Magoosh now offers a free MCAT practice test that is full-length! You’ll need to sign up for a free Magoosh account, but then you’ll have access to this free MCAT practice test as well as 60 of their content review videos.

5. Altius Free Practice Exam

altius free mcat

Altius charges for their practice exams, but they are currently offering a free trial of half of their practice MCAT test. The company will try to sell you on additional prep services following your exam, but you don’t need to accept them.

While Altius is a good resource, only offering half a test will not confer the same endurance and test-feel benefits as a full-length test.

6. Gold Standard

mcat prep gold standard

Gold Standard is another abbreviated practice test that is worth taking advantage of to build your endurance and stamina.

Instant scoring on each of the 4 sections as well as helpful explanations make this free practice test a helpful resource. Once you have received your scores, you are able to compare your results with thousands of other students to see how you measure up.

Gold Standard’s free MCAT prep is confirmed to be updated to account for the 2020 changes to the test.

7. Test Prep Review

free mcat practice test

Test Prep Review offers free MCAT practice questions, although the format of the practice tests can be a bit confusing.

This short practice tool is useful for building your concentration and test-taking stamina, but you should not rely primarily on Test Prep Review’s material as your go-to resource for MCAT preparation.

8. Union Test Prep

free mcat

Union Test Prep offers 10-question practice tests that cover each section of the MCAT. Each question comes with a “Hint” that you can choose to show or not, depending on what you’re looking for with your practice. I find it helpful in figuring out the answer and helping you to remember details.

Free practice test formats that break up the MCAT into specific sections, like this one at Union Test Prep, allow the test-taker to focus on individual areas of improvement. The site also hosts its own free MCAT flashcards and study guide as additional resources to prepare for the test.

9. Varsity Tutors

varsity tutors

Varsity Tutors is a respected brand in the test prep industry and features free MCAT practice tests on its site. Even better, it also offers free “diagnostic” tests to help MCAT preparers identify the specific areas of improvement that they need to focus on.

Varsity Tutors users on the move can check out its own app available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

10. Khan Academy

free mcat

Khan Academy’s academic training resources have been featured positively in numerous media reports. Among its numerous services, Khan Academy hosts free MCAT practice exams on its site.

The clock is ticking to take advantage of the free offer – Khan Academy’s free MCAT tests will reportedly disappear from the site on September 30, 2021.

11. Chegg

In its free MCAT test prep package, Chegg emphasizes the strategic importance of preparing for the timing of the test as thoroughly as most would-be medical students prepare to confront the actual MCAT content.

Chegg’s practice exams, in this pursuit, are timed to deliver a more accurate representation of MCAT readiness.

12. Doctor MCAT

doctor donnelly

Doctor MCAT is the sole proprietorship of Oxford-educated Dr. Stuart Donnelly. His primary services are 1-on-1 tutoring, but visitors to his site can request a free MCAT practice test via email.

Although Dr. Donnelly’s other services are paid, Doctor MCAT users can also take advantage of a free consultation that includes the short free MCAT practice test.

13. Sterling Test Prep

Sterling Test Prep offers users 10 sample MCAT questions covering the core concepts presented in the test that test-takers must demonstrate a solid grasp of to succeed.

Free Sterling Test Prep participants will receive a “detailed Diagnostics Report” via email that will “break down the questions by subject, topic and the difficulty level” to provide further insight into your relative MCAT strengths and weaknesses, your overall preparedness, and areas to focus on moving forward.

Free MCAT Practice Test FAQ

When do I use an MCAT practice test?

You should first find your baseline score. Before instituting your MCAT study plan, you should complete at least one full-length practice test under simulated testing conditions as a baseline measurement of your MCAT preparedness.

How do I take an MCAT practice test?

For maximum effectiveness in mimicking test conditions, consider taking your MCAT practice test at the same time of day, in the same type of sterile classroom environment, and with the same minimal amount of distractions or support. When you practice “in the field,” you become better psychologically equipped to tackle the test once the actual exam day comes.

Remember that time management is an indispensable component of a successful MCAT strategy, so learning how to navigate the test’s time constraints is essential.

The test-run results can be used as a diagnostic tool, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a way to understand endurance capacity for the lengthy exam.

When do I take my 2nd MCAT practice test?

Approximately 1-2 weeks before your real-life MCAT testing date, a second full-length practice test should be taken again to assess your readiness. This second full-length practice test will serve as the final indicator as to whether or not you’re ready to take the official MCAT in just a couple weeks. Feel free to use both full-length and free MCAT practice tests for this purpose.

What’s the best MCAT practice test?

The only MCAT practice test that is going to exactly match the style and way questions are asked is the Official AAMC practice tests. You can purchase them on the AAMC website for $35 each.

That said, if you are looking for the best FREE MCAT practice tests to supplement your MCAT study plan, then you should consider either Princeton Review, or Blueprint, all of which are known for their high-quality practice questions.

A Note on the Updated 2020 MCAT

In 2020, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) instituted important adjustments to the structure of the MCAT exam. Among the many changes are:

  •  The allotted maximum time to finish the test is now 5 hours and 45 minutes.
  •  All 4 sections will have fewer questions.
  •  The allotted maximum time for each section is reduced.

The best MCAT prep services are diligent about staying up to date on the current version of the test and modifying their preparation strategies accordingly. When selecting the right MCAT test prep, look for whether the 2020 changes are accounted for, even in your free MCAT practice tests.

The following list includes the most highly regarded free MCAT practice tests that provide the most accurate insights into your preparedness as a test-taker.  

At Test Prep Nerds, we believe that test prep does not need to break the bank. We hope you found our free MCAT practice tests resource page informative and useful. Feel free to let us know your thoughts about these MCAT practice tests in the comments section below.

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