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53 Free MCAT Prep Resources

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

To begin our list of best MCAT resources, we’re sharing the 45 free MCAT materials that can be accessed with nothing more than an internet connection! If you’re just getting started studying for the MCAT, start here.

As much as we love free stuff, we do acknowledge that free trials and practice tests can have their limitations in terms of comprehensiveness, so we also share a few of our recommended courses and books that are proven for score increases. Let’s get started:

The 53 Free MCAT Prep Resources To Boost Your Score

MCAT Practice Tests

Studying with practice tests is critical in developing endurance, gaining a sense of timing and pace, as well as finding out your baseline score. Not all of the free practice tests are going to be full-length, but they will give you an understanding of how the MCAT tests your knowledge. Remember that, unless specified by the review company, these are not actual AAMC MCAT questions. We recommend utilizing real AAMC Practice Tests in addition to these free practice tests:

1. Princeton Review MCAT Practice Exam

2. Blueprint MCAT (Next Step Test Prep) Diagnostic Exam

3. Varsity Tutors Practice Test

4. Kaplan Practice Test 

5. Altius 2015 Practice Test

6. Magoosh Free Practice Test

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MCAT Study Guides

The role of the study guide in your MCAT prep is to provide a scope of each of the test sections and be able to better pinpoint weak areas that need further attention and practice. Similar to the diagnostic practice test, these are a supplement to a comprehensive prep plan but do not serve as a standalone course or comprehensive review:

7. Khan Academy MCAT Course 

8. Union Test Prep

9. MD Hero

10. AAMC Content Outlines

11. MCATforMe


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MCAT Flashcards

Utilizing expertly curated flashcards makes studying convenient and mobile. Reviewing content flashcard-style is proven to cut memorization time dramatically and it’s also downright convenient to study straight from your smartphone. Some of these flashcard apps, like Magoosh, allow you to download the flashcards, meaning you don’t have to use your data when you’re commuting or don’t have accessible WiFi. Some categories that these flashcards fit into include General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Physics, and Psychology & Sociology. Browse through this list and get studying today!

13. Magoosh Flashcards 

14 Varsity Tutors Flashcards

15. MCATforMe Flashcards

16. Union Test Prep Flashcards

17. Brainscape

18. Anki MCAT Deck

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MCAT Blogs

These blogs aren’t specifically dedicated to the MCAT but serve as a tool for relating to others who may be in similar shoes or who have completed some of the milestones that you are just now embarking on. For specific blog posts dedicated to MCAT strategies and actionable advice, jump ahead on the list to our Blog Posts section.

19. UM Dose of Reality

20. The Brittny Way

21. Story TellER Doc


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MCAT Forums

Turning to forums for tips and advice from fellow students is one of the best ways to gather unbiased information regarding MCAT prep. Check out these top forums from Reddit and The Student Doctor Network to find MCAT practice, questions, discussions, advice, socializing, and latest test news:

23. r/Mcat

24. r/PreMed

25. The Student Doctor Network Forum

MCAT Podcasts

The podcasts listed here range from test prep advice series to personal stories regarding life in med school and the bumps experienced during and after medical school. Feel free to try out a couple of these podcasts and find some relief knowing you’re not alone in the struggle of becoming a physician.

26. The MCAT Podcast

27. The Short Coat Podcast

28. Talking Admissions and Med Student Life

29. Dear Premed

MCAT Webinars:

Nearly all of the big-name commercial MCAT courses offer free webinar events that range from CARS strategy sessions to classes on Metabolism & Glycolysis. These webinars serve as both an opportunity to gain information on test prep, admissions, and relevant pre-med topics, but also as a peek into prep courses and which one ultimately will suit your needs as you select the best course.

30. Princeton Review Medical School Admissions

31. Blueprint MCAT (Next Step) Premed Webinars & Events

32. Kaplan Free Online MCAT Events

33. Examkracker’s Free MCAT Coaching Session

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MCAT Question of the Day:

Going straight to your inbox, for free, bite-sized MCAT questions of the day to work on are an easy way to get acquainted with MCAT questions early and often. Each of these organizations offers the opportunity to sign up to receive a daily MCAT question directly into your inbox. If you have time to check your email once a day, then you have the time to crack one MCAT question of the day consistently:

34. Kaplan Question of the Day

35. Varsity Tutors Question of the Day

36. MCAT Question of the Day 

37. MCAT Self Prep Question of the Day

Free Trial Courses

It wouldn’t be an MCAT resource list without mentioning the free trial courses that you can score with the top MCAT companies. Not all the online courses you enroll in are created equal, and some who may benefit from an Ultimate Live Course from Princeton Review may not enjoy the self-paced course offered by Magoosh. This is the best opportunity to “try out” the prep that you enjoy and will ultimately suit your learning needs.

38. Princeton Review Biology Course Free Trial

39. Magoosh Free Trial

40. Kaplan MCAT Free Starter Pack

41. MCAT-Prep Free Sample Questions

42. MCAT Self Prep Free 10-Model MCAT Ecourse (See our MCAT Self Prep Review)

Blog Posts

Blindly jumping into studying for the MCAT is a recipe for disaster. Have you taken the appropriate undergraduate classes that are recommended before prepping for the MCAT? Have you considered what date you want to take the MCAT and worked out your schedule so that you stay on task for the next 4-8 months? (Hint – ⅔ of high scorers take the test between August and September). Doing your due diligence and reading up on the tried-and-true details regarding the MCAT can help you avoid disaster and be optimized in your studying.

43. Proven 3, 4, 6, and 8-Month MCAT Study Schedules

44. 9 Classes to Take Before the MCAT

45. When Should I Take the MCAT?  

46. Research Opportunities for Pre-Meds

Recommended MCAT Courses & Discounts

47. Princeton Review MCAT Ultimate

48. Kaplan MCAT

49. Blueprint MCAT (Next Step Test Prep): 10% off with code: TestPrepNerds

50. Examkrackers: 10% off with code: TestPrepNerds10

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Recommended MCAT Prep Books

51. MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review

52. Examkrackers MCAT Study Package

53. The Princeton Review

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Getting into medical school is a tall order, but we have given you the best MCAT exam resources (both free and paid) that will provide you with the most effective strategies and advice to get you into the med-school of your dreams. Did your favorite items not make this list? Feel free to email us