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5 Med Student Blogs & YouTube Channels We’re Loving

Written by: Adaora Ezike, MPH
Reviewed by: Kristine Thorndyke

Looking for fun and informative med student blogs or youtube channels to keep you going? Look no further than our list of 5 medical school bloggers (and schools) that are both motivational as well as informative for current or prospective med students.

Our 5 Favorite Medical Students Blogs & Youtube Channels

Kelly Takes Medicine

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Kelly is now in her first year of residency, but her blog takes us through her experiences as pre-med, medical school, and more recently, her residency.

Her background is unique, as she attended college as a first generation student and a child of immigrant parents. She goes into detail about feeling imposter syndrome as well as her experience as being an “average” student in college and having to work harder than everyone else in medical school.

She graduated college with a 3.51 GPA and a 507 on her MCAT (see more here). She takes us through her experience being told she had a 10% chance getting into med school, and how she proved she was more than just a test score. You can also read more on the lowest MCAT score accepted into medical school.

If you’re looking for some reassurance as well as inspiration on how you can get your way through medical school with sheer grit and perseverance, then Kelly’s blog is 100% a must-read.

Kelly also has a Youtube channel that she keeps pretty up to date with updates on her residency journey.

Dose of Reality; University of Michigan Medical School Blog

Unlike other blogs that follow one student, this blog is a collection of posts from students in the University of Michigan community. As a result, you don’t see posts detailing the weird happenings of that week. This blog consists of emotional pieces that show how much an experience moved a student during their medical school tenures. These highly personal entries show an insight into how important the medical profession truly is.

Overall, this blog is an amazing hodgepodge of thoughts from a wide range of people that any med student can relate to. I’d recommend scrolling through old entries and reading any piece with a title that catches your eye.

A great post to start with is “Learning From My First Patient” by Alyssa Warburton. It details her experience talking with the family of a person that donated their body to science and research. It’s short, sweet, and moving.

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Sebastian Pirie – Youtube Channel

Sebastian is a medical student at the University of Sydney, Australia. He shares a lot of his daily life as a medical student through his vlog and has a wealth of resources for students preparing for medical school interviews and study techniques like this video on the Pomodoro study technique.

Even if you do not plan on applying to a medical school in Australia, I think Sebastian offers a lot of helpful and relatable content for any med school student.

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Reuben Davis – Future Doc Youtube Channel

Reuben is a first year medical student who has shared a lot of his journey going from undergrad at the University of Richmond to getting accepted into the VCU School of Medicine.

For those who feel overwhelmed or are still figuring out their timeline for the medical school application, hearing Reuben’s story is a nice reminder that it’s normal to have some ups and downs on your journey towards getting into medical school. He shares a lot of this story in his video: Overcoming Low GPA and MCAT – My Journey and how he ended up raising his MCAT score significantly after deciding to invest in an MCAT course.

Life with Adabekee – Youtube Channel

Adaora is currently pursuing her third year medical school clerkship rotations. She shares her insight on applying to med schools as an international student from Nigeria and even on how to work legally in the US as an international student such as working on campus during the school year and over the summer.

Her experience applying to medical schools and finding work legally as an international student is extremely relevant to international students who plan on pursuing a career in healthcare in the US or abroad.

We hope you found some new med students blogs or channels that add either new perspective to the med school experience or who share some relevant experiences to your own. Make sure to follow them on Youtube or to subscribe to their blog so that you can get the latest updates.