The 16 Best All White Leather Nursing Shoes

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White leather nursing shoes are a favorite of healthcare professionals due to their comfort, reliability, and professional appearance.  But the right white leather shoes for nursing can be hard to choose.  A lot depends on your workplace, foot needs, and personal preference.

We’ve put together a list of the top white leather nursing shoes on the market.  Our top pick is the Skechers D’Lites, an affordable and comfortable option for all-day use.

Our Top Pick
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10/01/2022 12:19 am GMT

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The 16 Best White Leather Nursing Shoes

Skechers D’Lites

5 of 5 stars

These all white leather tennis shoes for nurses are constructed using both synthetic and leather fibers.  They have a rubber sole and a cushioned one-inch platform with a built-in heel.  The sneakers are known for being a casual footwear option that’s good for everyday use.

The Skechers D’Lites are so great, they also made our ‘Top 8’ list of the Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses.

The memory foam midsole conforms to the feet with a more customized feel than a traditional EVA midsole. (More on EVA soles here).  That said, it is also a little firmer under the feet.  The outsole provides excellent traction on wet and slippery surfaces, while still being flexible enough to allow comfortable movement.

The leather material is very easy to clean, which is a must for nurses.  In addition, the price tag is much more affordable than that of genuine leather.  There’s adequate protection for both the toe and heel, so the shoes are great if you’re working with heavy equipment.  The lightweight construction also prevents fatigue when you wear them during long shifts.

  • Comfortable and lightweight sneakers for nurses
  • Affordable option for those on a budget
  • Added toe and heel protection when working with heavy equipment
  • Easy to clean between shifts or between patients
  • Firm memory foam midsole conforms to the feet in a customized way

Love Skechers? Here are the 15 Best Skechers for Nurses in 2022

Skechers Women's D'Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker Skechers Women's D'Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker
These are among the highest rated all white leather tennis shoes among nurses and healthcare professionals.
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10/01/2022 12:19 am GMT

Dansko Women’s LT Pro Clogs

5 of 5 stars

Dansko is well-known for making beautiful leather nursing shoes, and the same is true of this option.  These white leather shoes for nursing are made from genuine leather with a rubber sole.  Unlike synthetic leather, they won’t degrade over time, as the leather material will become more comfortable with age.

The platform measures about 0.75 inches, while the heel is raised to about 1.5 inches.  The extra cushioning in the heel can be a big help during long shifts.  In addition, the instep has been padded for additional comfort as you walk.  The lightweight construction helps to reduce fatigue.

Another anti-fatigue measure is the rocker bottom.  This design helps you “roll” through every step, saving energy while absorbing the shock of your stride.  A roomy toe box gives added comfort to those with wider feet.  The extra space can help prevent the development of foot issues like bunions.

Dansko’s shoes also made our ‘Top 13’ list for the Best White Nursing Shoes.

  • Genuine leather nursing shoes with a rubber sole
  • Clog style with a raised heel for extra padding
  • Roomy toe box gives your toes space to spread out
  • Lightweight, anti-fatigue design guides your steps without tiring you
  • Padded instep allows greater comfort throughout long shifts

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Skechers for Work Eldred Shoe

5 of 5 stars

Another excellent choice from Skechers is this pair of all white leather shoes for nursing school.  The shoes are made completely from leather and have a synthetic sole.  If you can afford genuine leather, these are an ideal option, as the materials won’t break down the same way synthetic leather will.

The lace-up white leather nursing shoes have a relaxed fit design, which means they’re made to be roomy and comfortable.  In fact, they’re designed with nursing students, healthcare professionals, retail workers, and other on-the-go individuals in mind.  The memory foam cushioning supports your feet throughout a long shift.

These are also a lightweight design, with each shoe weighing less than half a pound.  The flexible midsole absorbs shock with every stride to cushion your joints.  Meanwhile, a soft fabric lining prevents chafing as you walk.  The design has also been tested and proven safe around electrical hazards, and the sole has been certified as high-traction on slippery floors. They have consistently ranked top in our list of the best waterproof nursing shoes.

  • Lace-up white leather sneaker for nursing students
  • Multiple comfort features including cooling technology and extra padding
  • Flexible, lightweight midsole absorbs shock
  • Rated safe for use around electrical hazards
  • Rated as a high-traction option in slippery work environments

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Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Oxford

4.5 of 5 stars

These women’s white leather nursing shoes are a good choice for nurses in the field who want comfortable, long-lasting support.  Nurse Mates designs products specifically for nurses, so these shoes take into account many of the specific considerations and needs of those in the nursing field.

The upper is crafted from white leather with a rubber sole.  On the bottom is an EVA unit that absorbs shock when you walk or run, reducing fatigue on the joints.  The heel also has a shock-absorbing core in the shell for additional protection.  There’s also a sockliner included, which means you can easily wear the shoes without socks.

The leather material is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.  It’s also soft and becomes even softer with prolonged use.  To care for the shoes, all you need to do is buff them with a polish or leather cleaner.  They can then be wiped dry using a cloth.

  • Genuine leather shoes with a slip-resistant rubber sole
  • Shock-absorbing technology in the sole and heel
  • Durable, soft, stain-resistant upper
  • Includes EVA cushioning throughout and a sockliner for sockless wear
  • Easily cared for by buffing with a leather polish

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Alegria Women’s Keli Professional

4 of 5 stars

These made our list of the 15 Best Orthopedic Nursing Shoes for 2022!

This is a pair of comfortable white leather nursing shoes built for professionals.  They feature a synthetic sole, patented upper, and leather shoe lining and insole.  The slip-resistant soles are good for nurses who work in slippery environments.  In addition, the padded collar and stretchy elastic allow for a comfortable, customized fit.

These shoes have received a certification from the American Podiatric Medical Association for being recommended footwear.  They come with a removable footbed that provides podiatrist-certified support for high arches.  The construction combines memory foam, latex, and cork to allow lightweight cushioning.

The polyurethane sole has been designed to reduce pressure against the heel and the middle of the foot.  It absorbs the shock of each stride, helping to prevent conditions like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis from developing.  For those who already have these conditions, the shoes can alleviate pain.

  • Premium leather lining with a non-slip synthetic sole
  • Removable footbed with a combination of memory foam, latex, and cork cushioning
  • Shock-absorbing sole reduces pressure against the heel and arches
  • Designed specifically for use by professionals
  • Elastic components and padded collar create a comfortable fit

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Timberland Pro Renova Professional Slip-On Clog

4.5 of 5 stars

This option is among the best white leather nursing clogs on the market.  The upper is made completely from leather, while the sole is crafted from synthetic material.  These slip-on clogs make it easy to get ready for work, with a streamlined appearance that’s easy to maintain.

Timberland Pro shoes are designed for working professionals.  As such, they’re lightweight enough to wear for long periods of time without fatigue.  At the same time, they have the necessary protection for those working with heavy equipment.  The toe box is reinforced and roomy enough for you to spread your feet.

The rocking sole carries you heel-to-toe through your stride, helping to reduce fatigue.  Despite the white coloring, these don’t look like typical nursing shoes.  They’re stylish and comfortable for individuals working 12-hour shifts.  They also have enough stability for individuals with prior foot conditions.

  • Genuine leather with a synthetic sole
  • Scotchgard protection helps increase stain-resistance
  • Anatomical toe box gives you room to spread your toes
  • Rocker sole reduces fatigue with every stride
  • Slip-on design makes it easy to get ready for work

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Nike Women’s Tennis Shoes

4 of 5 stars

These white leather sneakers for nurses come in a variety of different colors and styles.  If you want a white design with colorful accents, that’s available as well.  The manmade leather upper is combined with a synthetic sole.  Overall, the design borrows from the silhouette of classic tennis shoes from decades ago.

One unique feature of these shoes is the autoclave construction.  Rather than being stitched together, the outsole and midsole have been fused.  This makes the materials much more durable and long-lasting when compared to other synthetic leather shoes.

The rubber outsole provides increased traction, while the soft fabric lining cradles the foot for all-day comfort.  There’s also a traditional lacing system that lets you adhere the shoe to your foot, regardless of your unique foot shape.

  • Traditional tennis shoe design for nurses
  • Autoclave construction fuses the upper and sole for extra durability
  • Standard lacing system provides a snug fit
  • No raised heel, so they’re good for nurses who don’t want heel padding
  • Soft lining above a comfortable footbed

For more Nike shoes, check out our list of the best Nike shoes for nurses.

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PUMA Women’s Cali Sneaker

3.5 of 5 stars

When looking for white leather nursing tennis shoes, this design from PUMA is a great choice.  It’s also available in a variety of other colors, including white with colorful accents.  The shoes are constructed from genuine leather with a rubber sole, and they have a flat heel-to-toe platform.  This makes them ideal for nurses who don’t want extra heel padding.

For those who want a pair of genuine leather shoes, these are one of the most affordable options.  The design upgrades the classic Puma California, bringing the 80s aesthetic to the modern era.

The workmanship is solid enough for the shoes to last a lifetime.  They also have a comfortable midsole that provides support during long shifts.  In addition, the upper has been perforated with enough holes to cool your feet with every step.  If you often find your feet getting sweaty throughout the day, this cooling technology can be very helpful.

  • Modern update on a classic 80s tennis shoe
  • Flat platform without any raised heel
  • Stylish and comfortable design that pairs well with scrubs
  • Very budget-friendly choice for long-lasting genuine leather shoes
  • Breathable perforations in the upper deliver fresh air with each step

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10/01/2022 12:15 am GMT

Reebok Women’s Princess Sneaker

4 of 5 stars

These white leather nursing sneakers have a stylish, comfortable design.  They’ve been crafted from a lightweight synthetic leather material that reduces fatigue throughout the day.  The leather softly conforms to your foot and provides a relaxed fit.

The die-cut EVA midsole cushions your feet with every step, helping to protect you during long shifts.  It’s designed to last through many hours of use without wearing down.  Meanwhile, the terry fabric lining absorbs moisture, so your feet stay dry and cool for hours.  A padded sock liner provides additional support and allows for barefoot wear.

First and foremost, these nursing shoes are designed for athletes and runners.  As such, they have high-performance engineering that can withstand miles of walking.  They’re also designed to conserve your energy, allowing you to do more during a shift without getting tired.

  • High-performance shoes great for nurses on the go
  • Soft lining absorbs moisture and keeps feet dry
  • Padded sockliner and EVA foam midsole for extra cushioning
  • Synthetic leather is significantly lighter than genuine leather
  • High-traction rubber sole designed for runners and hikers

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Adidas Advantage Sneaker

4.5 of 5 stars

Adidas is well-known for making athletic shoes that can withstand professional use.  These white leather nursing sneakers are available in multiple neutral color combinations, including combinations of black, white, and grey.  You can also choose a solid white sneaker if that’s what you’re looking for.

The genuine leather upper is smooth enough for easy cleaning between shifts.  Meanwhile, the three stripes of the Adidas logo contain perforations.  Every step causes fresh air to flow through the shoes and cool your feet.

The low-profile design is ideal for those looking for a classic athletic silhouette.  These white leather nursing sneakers are inspired by tennis shoes.  Like most tennis shoes, they have a flat platform rather than a raised heel.  The platform measures about 0.3 inches.  A padded sockliner provides additional cushioning with every step.

  • Genuine leather sneaker with a rubber sole
  • Perforated 3-stripe logo provides fresh air with each step
  • Multiple neutral color combinations available
  • Tennis-inspired shoe design with a low profile
  • Sockliner provides extra cushioning

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New Balance 411 V1 Walking Shoe

4.5 of 5 stars

New Balance is another company well-known for designing high-quality athletic shoes.  These walking shoes for nurses are made specifically to withstand hours of use and miles of wear-and-tear.  They are constructed from lightweight leather fabric with a rubber sole.

The midsole cushioning uses DynaSoft technology to create a responsive stride.  This means that the shoes conform to your exact needs based on your speed, gait, and the shape of your foot.  In addition, the plush padding protects your foot from the ground, making each step feel like walking on a cloud.

The platform includes an EVA foam insert that absorbs shock.  There are also mesh materials woven through the upper, which increase overall breathability.  Your feet stay cool as you work.  The outsole also has strong enough traction to perform in a number of different conditions.  Whether you’re walking on just-waxed floors or gravel, you’ll have enough grip for balance.

  • Lightweight synthetic leather walking shoes
  • Super responsive midsole with additional EVA foam cushioning
  • Mesh materials in the upper help keep feet cool with each step
  • Stylish and modern design catches the eye
  • Durable outsole with high traction on slippery surfaces

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Keds Women’s Center Leather Sneaker

3.5 of 5 stars

Keds is a company that creates shoes made by women, for women.  That’s true of these nursing sneakers.  The upper is made from canvas material that functions like leather, with the same durability and easy-to-clean surface.  The tennis-like design has a flat platform without heel padding.

Padding around the collar helps keep the shoes from chafing during the “break-in” period.  Meanwhile, the Dream Foam insoles provide memory foam cushioning from your very first steps.  The shoe is shaped with enough room to spread your toes, while the outside has a foot-slimming visual effect.

Overall, these shoes are an affordable white leather nursing shoes option for those who don’t want to break the bank.  The stylish silhouette is an update on the Keds Center shoe.  Thanks to the comfortable footbed, it’s possible to walk in the shoes for hours without suffering any fatigue.

  • Comfortable nursing shoes designed by women, for women
  • Dream Foam cushioning absorbs shock with every step
  • Padded collar eliminates chafing and increases overall comfort
  • Affordable leather option for those on a budget
  • Roomy toe box with an exterior slimming effect

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Fila Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

4 of 5 stars

This nurse shoe is crafted from synthetic leather with a rubber sole.  Unlike the running and tennis shoes on the list, these shoes are built specifically for heavy-duty professionals.  They have reinforced overlays to protect your feet against spills and heavy objects.  In addition to being ideal for nurses, they’re also favored by those in industrial professions.

The rubber outsole has been designed with serious traction.  Tests indicate that it keeps you from slipping even on slick surfaces.  The upper is perforated to increase breathability, keeping your feet cool and dry.  Meanwhile, the lace-up closure allows for a relaxed fit.

In addition to the heavy-duty protection, there are also comfort-focused features.  A memory foam sockliner allows for padded support even without socks.  The memory foam midsole cushions the foot and absorbs impacts with every stride, preventing constant wear-and-tear on your joints.

  • Heavy-duty protective shoes for nurses who handle heavy equipment
  • Durable and lightweight synthetic leather that withstands wear-and-tear
  • Layering in the upper helps reinforce the shoes and protect against heavy objects
  • Memory foam midsole and sockliner cushion every step
  • Great for nurses who want a more industrial-focused footwear option

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K-Swiss Court Pro II CMF Shoe

4.5 of 5 stars

This pair of tennis shoes for nurses is great for those seeking an affordable, supportive pair of leather shoes.  The upper is constructed entirely from leather with a rubber sole.  Meanwhile, the collar has been lined with soft textile material to prevent potential chafing.  The sleek design is built for both professional use and recreational wear, making it a versatile option.

The 3-piece stitching on the toe helps to reinforce the shoe, providing an extra layer of protection.  The midsole is made from a die-cut EVA foam insert that cushions each step.  There’s also a sockliner that provides extra heel padding, combining memory foam and EVA foam for a customized fit.

Nurses will appreciate that the material is very easy to clean.  The design does tend to fit wide, which makes it perfect for those with wider feet.  Those with narrower feet may want to seek a different shoe.  The shoes are so affordable that you can get multiple pairs to switch between shifts if you want as well.

  • Stylish, versatile leather shoe at an affordable price point
  • Reinforced toe stitching provides extra durability and protection
  • Die-cut EVA foam midsole and padded sockliner with extra cushioning
  • Great for those who need a wider fit
  • High-quality materials that can last for years of use

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Lacoste Carnaby Sneaker 0120 Evo Shoes

4 of 5 stars

These white leather nursing shoes are available in a variety of different white-based color combinations.  They combine a genuine leather upper with a rubber outsole.  The lining of the shoe is textile material, allowing for a soft feel against the skin.  Even though the sole is thick, it’s also flexible enough to allow normal movement.

The design is similar to that of a tennis shoe, but the gold accents on the heel draw the eye.  The platform is flat rather than having heel padding, so it’s good for nurses who need to keep their feet flat.  Mesh materials enhance the lining, providing ongoing fresh air and breathability throughout the day.

All of the exterior details are sewn into the shoe, so they’re durable enough to withstand wear-and-tear.  The insole is also more cushioned than that of most tennis shoes.  It has a very similar feel to memory foam. No break-in period is required, either, so they’re a good fit for nurses who need a well-fitting shoe right away.

  • Genuine leather shoes with a thick, flexible rubber sole
  • Flat platform with comfortable insole that feels like memory foam
  • Interior mesh materials deliver consistent fresh air
  • Stylish, with sewn-in accents and a bit of gold on the heel
  • No break-in period required before using

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07/23/2022 04:37 pm GMT

Sperry Women’s Crest Vibe Leather Sneaker

4.5 of 5 stars

These white leather sneakers have a flat platform and a stylish design.  They combine many of the elements of traditional nursing shoes with traditional tennis shoes.  Nurses, hikers, and runners have all benefited from the design.  The leather uppers come with genuine rawhide laces that have barrel ties.  This allows for a quicker and more secure fit.

The memory foam insole cushions each step, providing comfort that lasts for hours.  The material helps to reduce joint fatigue during long shifts.  After a short break-in period, these white leather nursing shoes are comfortable enough to perform for years.

The washable shoes are an affordable option for those on a budget.  They work as a casual, everyday footwear option.  You can also choose between different widths, so it’s a great choice for those with wide feet.  Since the laces and tongue are attached, you can treat the sneakers like a slip-on shoe.

  • Trendy sneakers that slip easily on and off
  • Genuine leather construction with rawhide laces included
  • Versatile and casual shoe that’s great for the workplace and the outdoors
  • Memory foam insole provides hours of lasting comfort
  • Washable design can be placed in the machine for quick cleaning

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Benefits of White Leather Nursing Shoes

Real Leather Benefits

Leather has a variety of proven benefits in the healthcare field, especially when compared to materials like canvas.  Oftentimes, leather is the top choice for nursing shoes because it lacks many of the drawbacks of other materials.

When you’re shopping for white leather shoes for nursing, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to buy synthetic or genuine leather.  Both have all the benefits of leather, but each has distinct advantages and disadvantages as well.

Genuine leather is an animal product, so it isn’t a vegan option.  It also tends to be rather heavy when compared to textile and canvas options.  However, genuine leather also increases with quality as it ages.  A pair of genuine leather shoes may last through your entire nursing career.  In fact, many leather items are passed down through multiple generations.

Synthetic Leather Benefits

Synthetic leather is crafted from a variety of different plastics.  Since it’s relatively easy to manufacture, synthetic materials are significantly less expensive than genuine leather.  If you’re shopping on a budget, it’s likely that synthetic leather will be the closest to your price range.

Synthetics are also vegan.  However, they do break down more quickly than genuine leather.  Many synthetic leathers can last for several years, but they don’t tend to have the multi-decade lifespan of regular leather.  With that said, synthetics are significantly more lightweight than genuine options, which makes them good for people who need light shoes.

Both choices have merit.  The right one for you really just depends on your priorities.

If you want to spend a little extra on a pair of shoes that will last for multiple decades, it’s best to look for genuine leather options.  Classic shoes like the Dansko use genuine leather.

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If you want more affordable and lightweight shoes that still have all the beneficial properties of leather, synthetics are your friend.  Modern designs like the New Balance 411 V1 use synthetics.

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10/01/2022 01:18 am GMT

Now let’s take a look at some of the most important qualities of leather shoes for nursing.


Leather is a waterproof material, which is very important for nursing shoes.  Waterproof shoes help protect your feet against liquid spills and damp conditions.  They outperform water-resistant shoes as well.  Designs like the Alegria Keli protect your feet while being easy to slip on.

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It is important to note that different types of leather have different levels of waterproofing.  You may need to condition certain types of leather for a completely waterproof design.  Genuine leather can be conditioned to improve the water resistance and prevent it from drying out.  Waxing genuine leather also helps to waterproof it.

Oftentimes, genuine leather will be treated with a water-repellent coating.  Synthetics don’t need this, since they are already made from plastic.  As long as the synthetic leather doesn’t have any perforations or flaws in the stitching, any shoes you get should be waterproof.

Always double-check that your leather nursing shoes are waterproof before you buy them!

Ease of Cleaning

Many leather shoes are extremely easy to clean, which is especially important when you’re shopping for white leather nursing shoes.  Shoes like the Dove Oxford are branded as being a cinch to clean, which is why they are marketed specifically for nurses.  Since the shoes are built for the healthcare field, the manufacturers have taken the ease of cleaning into consideration.

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Synthetic leather shoes will often come with their own instructions for cleaning.  Meanwhile, genuine leather shoes can often be cleaned using just a rag and a polish.

Nursing shoes require frequent cleaning – between shifts, between patients, and sometimes between rooms.  If your shoes stain, they could become hazardous to wear.  And if they’re hard to sanitize, your job will end up a lot harder than it needs to be.

Some leather shoes can be placed in the washing machine.  This does have the potential to cause scuffing, though.

One good way to sanitize leather shoes is to wipe them down with a simple cleaning wipe at the end of your shift.  If you’re not able to do a full washing, disinfectants kill bacteria and prevent hazardous conditions.  Keep in mind, though, that some disinfectants might be too harsh for leather.

If you’re using disinfectants with your leather shoes, it’s important to condition them every few weeks.  Otherwise, they may become dry and cracked.

If you’re concerned about the longevity of your white leather nursing shoes, you can also use an equal mix of water and white vinegar to clean them.  This homemade solution has the same disinfecting properties as industrial cleaners, but it’s much gentler on the material.


Leather tends to have a high level of durability.  The exact level of durability varies depending on the type of leather.  As mentioned, synthetic materials tend to break down faster than genuine leather, but they can still last for multiple years.  Shoes like the Eldred easily outlast competing sneakers.

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Aniline leather is a type of leather that has not been given any surface coatings.  This makes it the most natural-looking option, but also the most fragile.  Semi-aniline leather has been treated with a surface coating to increase durability, while pigmented leather is treated with a pigmented polymer coating.

Even untreated leather can last for years.  Many manufacturers create shoes with durable surface treatments.  You can look for leather nursing shoes with a lifetime warranty to find designs that won’t break down for decades.

Leather was originally used to create shelter and protective clothing in tough weather conditions.  These days, leather accessories can be flexible or stiff.  Regardless of how thick your shoe is, genuine leather materials will provide unmatched durability.

Better Fit

Leather shoes have a better, more comfortable fit than many unyielding textiles.  That’s because leather molds to the shape of your foot.  In fact, one of the most significant properties of leather is that it becomes more comfortable over time.  Aged leather is easier to wear than new leather.

Plastic and canvas shoes are often hard and inflexible.  They don’t conform well to the shape of your foot.  Even if there’s comfortable padding, you might feel like the fit is insecure.  Everyone’s feet are different.  Sneakers like the Crest Vibe come with multiple width options for easier sizing.

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Some people might have trouble finding a well-fitting shoe because of their foot shape.  They might have a wider or taller foot than average.  If this is the case for you, leather is likely to solve most of the problem.

Leather nursing shoes provide extra support and comfort by reducing pressure on your feet.  When combined with good arch support, a roomy toe box, and proper cushioning, you can work for hours on end without your feet growing tired.

White Nursing Shoes FAQ

How do I keep my white nursing shoes white?

You can easily clean leather shoes by mixing a tbsp of baking soda, 2 tbsp of white vinegar, and 1 cup of water and using this solution to scrub shoes with a cloth or toothbrush.

How can you clean Dansko clogs?

Dansko recommends using a cloth with warm soapy water to to remove any surface dirt. Just be careful not to oversaturate the leather.

Do nurses need to wear white shoes?

Depending on where you work, white shoes may or may not be required. The reason behind the tradition of nurses wearing white shoes was to convey cleanliness and professionalism

All White Leather Nursing Shoes – Wrap Up

The number of white leather nursing shoes on the market can seem overwhelming, but it’s not hard to shop once you narrow down your options.

For those seeking an affordable option, we recommend the Skechers D’Lites.  These sneakers have a variety of professional colors in addition to white.  They also have an easy lacing system, a comfortable memory foam cushion, and a flexible sole for easy maneuvering.

Our Top Pick
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10/01/2022 12:19 am GMT

All genuine and synthetic leather nursing shoes come with a variety of benefits, like waterproofing and easy cleaning.  This makes them the perfect choice for a nurse on the go.  Synthetic leather tends to be more affordable, but genuine leather has the potential to last for decades.