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NCLEX Testing Centers International & Domestic + Scheduling Tips

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

When you are considering taking the NCLEX, registering and finding the locations of the NCLEX testing centers is a bit different than most tests you’ve probably taken. Whether you plan on taking the NCLEX domestically or internationally, these details about the NCLEX testing centers will apply to you.

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Obtain Authorization to Test

If you have completed nursing school, there is an additional step that must come before registering for the NCLEX. First, you will need to obtain authorization to test in your state through the Board of Nursing. Each state has different requirements regarding prerequisites, so you should review your state’s requirements and costs so that you can be prepared to register.

How to Schedule an Appointment for the NCLEX

There are 2 ways in which to schedule your appointment to take the NCLEX. You can do this online at Pearson VUE or over the phone with Pearson VUE’s NCLEX Candidate Services. Please see the following numbers based on your country:

NCLEX Candidate Services at Pearson VUE

  • United States and Canada-Call (toll-free) 1.866.49NCLEX (1.866.496.2539), Monday-Friday, 7 am to 7 pm, Central Standard Time. For French support call 1.866.288.8454
  • Asia Pacific Region: +852.3077.4923 (not toll-free)
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa: +44.161.855.7445 (not toll-free)
  • India: 91.120.439.7837 (not toll-free)
  • All other countries not listed above: 1.952.905.7403 (not toll-free)
  • Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) (24 hours/day, seven days/week): U.S. 1.800.627.3529 (toll-free) or Canada & International: 605.224.1837 (not toll free)

Domestic NCLEX Testing Centers

If you plan on being licensed in the US, the domestic NCLEX testing centers are defined as those within the United States and American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you plan on being licensed in Canada, the domestic NCLEX testing centers are defined as those within Canadian provinces/territories and the mainland United States (not including territories).

International NCLEX Testing Centers

  • For candidates who are seeking US licensure, an international NCLEX testing center is defined as any site outside of the US and territories that are listed previously.
  • For candidates who are seeking Canadian licensure, an international NCLEX testing center is defined as any site outside Canadian Provinces/Territories and the mainland USA.

Finding an NCLEX Testing Center Near You

You can use the Test Center Search by Pearson VUE to locate a center near you by simply typing in your zip code or your current city.

How Much Does the NCLEX Cost?

Registering for the NCLEX is not cheap, and will cost about $200 USD for candidates seeking US licensure and $360 CAD for those seeking Canadian licensure. There will be an additional International Scheduling Fee if you are seeking licensure for the US or Canada outside of the designated country and territories. This will cost an additional $150 USD or $150 CAD for this International Scheduling Fee.

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Scheduling Your NCLEX Appointment

You are not eligible to schedule your NCLEX appointment until you are declared eligible by the board of nursing/regulatory body (BON/RB). You will receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) email that you must have before scheduling an appointment. Please see Acceptable IDs that must match your first and last name in your ATT email.

NCLEX Refund Policy

There is basically no refund policy for the NCLEX. If you don’t show up, don’t cancel or reschedule within 24 business hours of your exam, or have a duplicate exam scheduled, you will not get a refund for the NCLEX. You will also not receive any refund for your international scheduling fee. Read on about NCLEX test day

Good luck finding the best NCLEX testing center for you and scheduling your appointment! Please comment below or email us if you have any questions.

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