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You’ve worked your way through nursing school and now just one more hurdle lies between you and your stellar nursing career – the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). The good news about the NCLEX’s testing format is that the questions adapt to your skill level, meaning the questions you go through should never be too difficult for you to apply logic and critical thinking to find the answer! 

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for the NCLEX, the questions and testing format you will experience, is to regularly take practice tests and work through as many NCLEX practice tests and questions as you can prior to the big day. 

We’ve put together a compilation of the 10 free NCLEX practice tests that you can work through from the convenience of your own home. Each of these sets of practice questions offers the ability to look at the correct answer as well as its explanation so that you can learn from your mistakes. 

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1. Kaplan

Kaplan offers 4 free NCLEX quizzes to work through: Physiological Integrity Quiz, Health Promotion & Maintenance Quiz, Psychosocial Integrity Quiz, and Safe & Effective Environment Quiz. As you register to take these quizzes, you can also opt-in for Kaplan to send you their Question of the Day straight to your inbox. 

kaplan nclex


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2. Nurse Plus Academy

With 4 practice tests to work through for each section of the NCLEX, you have the opportunity to work through 400 NCLEX-style questions. These NCLEX practice questions have a logical interface that shows your progress as you work through the questions. They also show you how many mistakes you can make to achieve a passing score. Working through these practice tests are a little different than Kaplan, however, as you are shown the correct answer immediately after answering the question instead of after the test has been graded.

Nurse Plus NCLEX Practice Test

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3. Mometrix

Similar to Kaplan’s practice tests, the Mometrix RN practice test will test you on 15 questions, calculate your result and provide in-depth explanations for each question and answer. 

mometrix practice nclex

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4. Union Test Prep NCLEX-RN Exam

The practice tests offered by Union Test Prep are divided into 8 different categories. What makes practicing on the Union Test Prep interface more unique, however, are the options. They allow you to review the correct answers after a question, or to try answering the question again without seeing the correct answer. Once you finally get to see the correct answer, they provide you with a detailed explanation.

Union test prep NCLEX prep

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5. Khan Academy NCLEX-RN Practice Questions

Khan Academy is known for its free courses for tests ranging from the ACT to the MCAT. It’s no surprise they have an extensive 673 free NCLEX practice questions to work through in their various short quizzes. Once you have worked through these questions, you can take their unit test of 86 problems!

khan academy nclex practice

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6. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors provides 5 diagnostic tests with difficulty ranging from medium to hard as well as hundreds of short practice tests by concept of up to 10 questions each. 

The diagnostic tests provided by Varsity Tutors is set up to be like a real NCLEX exam with a maximum of 75 questions. You can get a feel for the timing with their included timer as well as real-time feedback on your progress. If you create a free account, you can also save your test and continue later, track your scores and even create your own practice tests. 

varsity tutors nclex

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7. Free NCLEX Questions

FreeNCLEXQuestions.com offers three 75-question NCLEX practice tests as well as additional free NCLEX questions by categories. Once you complete each question, they provide the correct answer as well as an explanation. 

free nclex practice questions

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8. Nurse Labs Practice Exam

We like the practice exam offered by Nurse Labs because they offer the options of “Exam Mode” or “Practice Mode,” whereby you can choose to take the full exam and then look at the answers, or complete each practice question and immediately see the solution. 

The only problem with “Exam Mode,” however, is they only provide you with 1 minute to select an answer. There is no real justification as to why you are restricted to 1 minute, as the NCLEX allows you much more time to complete each question, even if you end up answering the maximum of 265 questions in one sitting. 

nurse labs nclex


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9. RNpedia NCLEX Practice Exams

RNpedia provides a near identical interface for taking practice tests, offering the choices of exam mode or practice mode. Their answer explanations, however, leave a bit to be desired. They do not provide much detail regarding the correct answer, so this serves as a better refresher instead of a tool to learn new content. 

RNpedia nclex questions

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10. BoardVitals

We’re big fans of BoardVitals because of their large Qbank that can be customized. Being able to test out one of their practice tests is just icing on the cake. There are only 4 questions on this free NCLEX quiz, but if you like the style, you can consider any one of their affordable subscription-based Qbanks. 

boardvitals questions

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NCLEX Question of the Day

An easy way to build NCLEX prep into your daily routine is to solve the NCLEX question of the day that is delivered to your email inbox every morning. With detailed explanations of the correct answers, you’ll be able to improve upon your test-taking ability in just a few minutes each day. Check out our favorite places to sign up for the free NCLEX Question of the Day email service:

Kaplan NCLEX Question of the Day

To sign up for Kaplan’s NCLEX question of the day, you first need to answer the first question that appears on the screen. From there, it will provide you with a detailed explanation of the answer as well as a form to fill out to register for the question of the day. 

>Get Kaplan’s NCLEX Question of the Day 

Picmonic NCLEX Question of the Day

Picmonic’s NCLEX question of the day provides short, digestible videos that detail the rationale. These videos are fun and easy to watch, making this a great option for visual learners.  

Preparing for the NCLEX does not need to be stressful, and we’re happy to provide you with the best resources to help you pass the NCLEX. Good luck studying, you’re going to be a registered nurse in no time! 

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