what to bring nclex

What to Bring to the NCLEX?

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

Knowing what to bring to the NCLEX is an important step in taking the test and passing. We’re going to share with you what to bring to the NCLEX as well as other NCLEX test-day tips that you should be savvy to. Read on to understand what you need and how to pass the NCLEX so that you can get to becoming the nurse you’ve dreamt of!

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What You Must Bring to the NCLEX-RN Exam:

That’s it! You no longer need to bring a paper copy of the Authorization to Test. Please, however, be sure that your form of ID is acceptable by checking these rules. Confirm the location of your NCLEX testing center and get there early.

What You Cannot Access During Testing

All your personal items will be placed in a provided locker for storage. You may not access any of the following items during the examination:

  • Any study or prep materials
  • Any electronics such as phone, smart watch, cameras, etc.
  • Weapons

When you check in for the test, Pearson Vue will provide you with a plastic resealable bag for storing all of your electrical devices. After the test, you must provide this bag back to the Administration Desk to be opened and checked that nothing was tampered with.

What Cannot Go Into The Testing Center With You

The following items can be accessed during breaks but you cannot bring them into the testing center:

  • Purse/bag
  • Non-smart watches
  • Medical aids or devices
  • Food/Gum/Candy
  • Drinks
  • Chapstick

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How to Take a Break During the NCLEX

There is an official break after 2 consecutive hours of testing. The second break takes place after about 3.5 hours of consecutive testing time. You will see instructions on the break at that time on the computer screens.

If you need to take a break for any other reason, you can raise your hand and someone will escort you out of the testing center. When you need to leave the room, you will need to scan your palm to leave as well as to come back into the testing center. Keep in mind that the timer continues running while you are gone.

After the NCLEX: Confidentiality

  • You are not permitted to discuss any questions or answers on the test to anyone, including instructors
  • You cannot attempt to replicate the exam by memory of questions asked
  • You are not allowed to ask help from anyone during the test
  • Nothing can be removed from the test, including notes
  • If you see anyone attempting the above restricted activities, you should email the NCLEX Test Security Group at examssecurity@ncsbn.org

What Will Get You Dismissed From the Grounds

If you break the testing center rules, display disruptive behavior, or fail to listen to the TA, you can be dismissed from the NCLEX. If you are dismissed from the testing center, you will not be refunded for the test. Your results may be suspended or canceled and the nursing board may take further disciplinary action. Any of the following behaviors are grounds for dismissal from the test:

  • Giving or taking answers from another
  • Using or accessing prohibited items at any time
  • Taking the test for another person
  • Bringing study aids to the testing center
  • Causing testing disturbance for others
  • Attempting to alter the computer that you are taking the test on