Our 5 Favorite Scrub Skirts & Nursing Skirts [New Buying Guide 2019]

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In the nursing field, some might assume that style and comfort do not always go hand in hand. Most nurses generally choose comfort over style when deciding on what to wear in their professions. However, recently a few different brands have wowed us with their available nursing skirts and scrub skirts especially in terms of style, quality, comfort, and affordability.

To help combat the monotony of wearing the same thing every day, we’ve put together a list of our 5 favorite scrub skits in a variety of styles and colors, so whether you’re a trendsetting momma or a rather laidback go-getter, you will find something that fits both your budget and your personality.

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Our Favorite Scrub Skirts

Cherokee Women's Drawstring Skirt
Cherokee Women's Drawstring Skirt
Drawstring with elastic; Two side cargo pockets; Back vent; Instrument divider in pocket
Fundamentals 14231 Women's Elastic Waist Scrub...
Fundamentals 14231 Women's Elastic Waist Scrub...
30" Length; 1" Elastic Waist; Back Kick Pleat; Sizes: XS-5X
WonderWink Women's Wonderwork Pull-on Cargo Scrub...
WonderWink Women's Wonderwork Pull-on Cargo Scrub...
Wonderwork active twill fabric; 1 1/2 inch full elastic waistband; 9 inch back slit length

Cherokee Women’s Drawstring Skirt

Cherokee Women's Drawstring Skirt

This is the only Cherokee brand skirt on this list but it is an all-around winner. In terms of style, comfort, functionality, and price, this skirt has it all.

This skirt is comfortable, form-fitting, and has 4 pockets which makes it incredibly functional for your day to day tasks on the job. The skirt is a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton which gives it the best of both worlds such as the breathability of cotton and the strength and long-lasting nature of polyester. The skirt includes a back vent for extra flexibility and ventilation while walking, and it also features a drawstring tie at the front so that it hugs your hips in the way that you need.

The side pockets make storage no problem, and according to Cherokee, the bigger of the pockets also features an instrument divider for ease of use.

The length of the back is 30 inches top to bottom so make sure that this length is suitable for your body type as it is one of the longer scrub skirts out there.

The skirt comes in six different colors though they run on the neutral end of the color spectrum. The color choice does give you some variety, but it’s not the biggest range of colors you will find. This classic nursing skirt is a steal for any working lady out there!


  • Comfortable
  • Functional
  • High quality fibers
  • Style – if you’re into the cargo thing


  • Runs a bit long for some women

This particular skirt has both a classic yet sporty feel to it, emphasized by its cargo pockets. This Cherokee Women’s Drawstring Skirt combines all the elements a working woman needs with ease and affordability. It is best suited for women who want function and style, and don’t want to compromise on either.

Cherokee Women's Drawstring Skirt
  • Drawstring with elastic
  • Two side cargo pockets
  • Back vent

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Adar Universal Tabbed Pleat Panel Scrub Skirt

This particular skirt is best suited for all of the trendsetting nurses out there who want to add a little more elegance to their usual scrub uniforms. This is definitely one of the most stylish pieces on our list, so if you feel you need a little extra pizazz, then pay close attention!

The Adar brand do an excellent job especially with nursing skirts, so we actually have two of their skirts featured on this list. This skirt is your traditional A-line with a little extra pleating at the hem. So if pleated skirts are your thing, you have six colors to choose from with this piece. It is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and is a durable poplin fabric, which essentially means that it won’t easily wrinkle despite its stylish form.

Now, this skirt has two side pockets and a tabbed waistband with a zipper closure in the back. Unlike the previous Cherokee skirt, this particular skirt is not on a drawstring so make sure that you check the size chart before selecting the size that is best for you. Since the waistband is tabbed and not elastic, it might be tricky to find the right size as there isn’t as much stretch available to suit any body type. The length of the back is 30 inches long.

This is another affordable piece that will wow your coworkers and have you turning heads for sure!


  • Comfortable
  • Stylish – if you’re into pleats and want to stand out
  • Durable fabric


  • Sizing runs a bit large, so double check the size chart
  • Might be a bit over-the-top for your taste

If you’ve been bored with your scrubs recently and need to add a pop of color or a touch of detail to your everyday nursing wardrobe, then this is the skirt for you. This does provide function, but it focuses a little more on style while not compromising on comfort. Don’t forget to double check your measurements before you buy!

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Adar Universal Knee-Length A-Line Side Pocket Scrub Skirt

Yet another Adar favorite in this list of nursing skirts and scrub skirts! Unlike the last Adar piece, which featured a traditional A-line skirt with added pleating, this skirt has a more modest design that isn’t quite as trendy but won’t clash with any other piece in your nursing uniform.

This piece is best for ladies who want to be elegant and feminine, but perhaps don’t want to stand out too much from the crowd. This skirt is chic, simple, and modest in style, but runs a bit shorter than the previous two skirts. The length of the back here is 26 inches long.

As with the Cherokee skirt, this Adar favorite features a back vent for ease of movement, making it a perfect knee-length skirt for women of all walks of life. It also has a stretchy elastic waistband, making it easy to get ready and run out the door quickly before your shift.

While this is a lovely skirt with an excellent design that fits all sorts of body types, it only comes in white so if you’re the kind of nurse that is drawn to the previous pleated option, you might find this one a tad boring. As with the previous skirts, this one is also made of the same poplin blend of polyester and cotton, making it durable, flexible, and perfect for your hectic schedule.

It also features two side pockets.


  • Durable, comfortable
  • Stylish yet simple
  • Matches everything


  • Only comes in white
  • Might run a bit shorter

Overall, this skirt is a great addition to your nursing wardrobe precisely because of its simplicity. While it is an underrated skirt, it will go well with any top you’d want to pair it with as it only comes in white. In some cases, the lack of color can be seen as a positive if you want an all-encompassing skirt that will do the trick with just about any combination of patterns and colors. Double check your size and enjoy this classic piece!

Fundamentals 14231 Women’s Elastic Waist Scrub Skirt

Fundamentals 14231 Women's Elastic Waist Scrub...

If the previous skirt was a bit shorter than you’d like and doesn’t have quite the color choice you’re looking for, don’t fret! We have the answer to all of those concerns, and it’s the Fundamentals Elastic Waist Scrub Skirt!

This is your basic, modest scrub skirt but it has 6 colors to choose from. Of course, again, it is made from the traditional blend of cotton and polyester so often used in scrubs, so it’ll be durable and will stay relatively wrinkle-free. It features two side pockets, and has a length of 30 inches in the back just like our first two skirts.  

This skirt also features an elastic waistband, so you can change in and out of it quickly and continue on with your daily activities.

While the quality of the skirt is great, like with a few others, be sure to double check the size chart in order to find the skirt with the best fit. Some reviewers have stated that it might run a bit long and large while others have found it a bit tight. Make sure it suits all of your measurements before committing to buy!


  • Color choice
  • Elastic waistband
  • Comfort and ease of movement


  • Double check sizing
  • Reviews on this skirt were not as positive as with the other skirts

This skirt is best for any nurse who wants color, comfort, and a great price! This skirt doesn’t stand out too much, but it does add that little bit of style while maintaining modesty. If you want a chic looking skirt that runs below the knee, then this is the one for you!

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WonderWink Women’s Wonderwork Pull-On Cargo Scrub Skirt

WonderWink Women's Wonderwork Pull-on Cargo Scrub...

This next skirt truly lives up to its name as a “wonder” skirt for women who want it all! If you want comfort, stye, functionality, and an incredible range of colors, then you have to check out this nursing skirt!

The biggest difference between this “wonderwork” skirt and the Cherokee skirt is the 19 different colors that you can choose from! From bright turquoise to deep purple, this skirt has a color for every working woman! Whether you’re looking to spruce up your nursing wardrobe with a bright color or two, or you just want a functional skirt in neutral hues, then this is the skirt for you.

Perhaps you could even get this skirt in several colors! In addition to the choice in color, this skirt features a side utility pocket and two deep front pockets, making this skirt unique for both its variety in color and its enhanced functionality.

As with the other skirts, it’s again made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton so it will last you a long time with its durability. In addition, there is a 9 inch back vent for ease of movement and flexibility, and the front runs 29.5 inches long.

The skirt has great reviews, some of the best from this list, and features an elastic waistband which makes this skirt all the more wearable. With all this color and functionality, this skirt actually runs a bit cheaper than some of the others. It’s a real wonder with this piece especially since it wins in all categories.  

This skirt is best for women who want to add color to their wardrobe while not sacrificing the functionality of some of their other pieces. As with the first Cherokee skirt, this one does have a cargo style, which some women may or may not prefer due to its sporty look.


  • Style – if you like cargo
  • Functionality of pockets
  • A whopping 19 available colors to choose from!


  • The sporty look may not be suitable for your taste

WonderWink Women's Wonderwork Pull-on Cargo Scrub...
  • Wonderwork active twill fabric
  • 1 1/2 inch full elastic waistband
  • 9 inch back slit length

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More Caring Tips For Your Scrub Skirts

Marian University recommends that you send your scrubs through the laundry twice with the scrubs inside-out for each wash. If you see any stains leftover from the first wash, you should treat them with stain remover before cycling then through the wash again.

On the second wash, it is recommended to use color-safe bleach to disinfect the scrubs once more.

Final Thoughts on Our Scrub Skirt List

While we found all of these skirts to be exceptional, the first and last tend to be the more functional while the middle three tend to focus a bit more on the side of style. We hope this list reminded you that no matter how hectic a schedule you may have or how limiting nursing scrubs may be, there is always a way to showcase your unique style without having to settle for less comfort or durability.

Of course, enjoy the previous items at your discretion. If you find that a particular style or size doesn’t fit the standards within your profession, it is best that you consult with your employer and the guidelines that have been set in terms of dress code.

Happy shopping, ladies!