15 Funny Nurse Shirts That Will Put a Smile on Your Face!

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Expressive t-shirts have been around since the ‘60s and have helped to show others what we are thinking, feeling and yes, even where we work. The work life of a nurse is usually quite busy, but after your shift there is no reason why you can’t kick back, relax, and express yourself with a piece of clothing that shows others that not only are you a nurse but that you have a sense of humor to go along with it.

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Let’s look at 15 cute & funny nurse shirts that you can wear to show the world who you really are.

Our Top Picks

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Coffee, Scrubs and Rubber Gloves

coffee scrubs and rubber gloves

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Coffee? Check. Scrubs? Check. Rubber Gloves? Oh my.

Medical Rosie

Rosie Riveter was a huge icon and a morale booster for the World War II era. Now she can help motivate others to save lives. The additional arm tattoo is just a bonus (check out our post on whether or not nurses can have tattoos).

Medical Rosie | Tattoo Doctor Nurse Medicine Cool...
  • MICHIGAN ARTISTS & PRINTERS | this design was...
  • WOMEN'S FIT SIZING | this v-neck shirt is...
  • SOFT FABRICS |This top is a silky smooth,...

I Can’t. I’m on Call

This basic t-shirt is a perfect shirt for a night out and is the appropriate response to any unwanted pickup line.

I Can't I'm On Call for Doctor Nurse Tech Support...
  • This I Can't I'm On Call is perfect for doctors,...
  • On Call is that time when you're not at work but...
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and...

Nurse Saurus

Who doesn’t love a T-Rex? A T-Rex with a nurse hat and a needle in its tiny hand? Yes, please.

Advice for Tacos

will give medical advice for tacos

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Tacos are life, enough said.

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messy bun coffee scrubs shirt

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Messy hair bun, coffee in hand and wearing your scrubs. Sounds about right for just about any nurse.

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I’ll be there for you

funny nurse shirt

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Everyone will hear the Friends TV show theme song in their heads when they see you wearing this one – it definitely qualifies as a cute nurse shirt.

Straight Outta Night Shift

straight outta night shift nurse shirt

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Another shirt with a musical backstory. If you are from the ‘80s then you will hear N.W.A. in your head each time you look at this one.

Hair Up, Scrubs On

funny nurse shirt

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Becoming a nurse is a lot of work and with all that work also comes a lot of studying. This is a cute shirt to help show others what your future profession will be.

Nurses need SHOTS too

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Who doesn’t want to join for drinks at the bar?

Night Nurse

night nurse shirt

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Nursing is a 24-hour job. Night shifts are just a part of #nursinglife

Nurse Squad

nurse squad t shirt

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Very cute shirt that shows what team you play for!

Nurse Life

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Another great pin-up style t-shirt based on the Rosie Riveter World War II style motivational  posters

Nurse Coffee Shirt

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Starnurse? Nursebucks? Either way, it seems coffee and nursing go hand in hand so why not combine them?

Nurses Do it Better

nurses do it better t shirt

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Saved the best for last. Nurses just do it better. Better at taking blood pressure, better at giving needles, better at inserting catheters…

We hope you had a chuckle at some of the shirts on this list and that you choose to express yourself with a great looking t-shirt that says “hey, I am a nurse!”.

The choice to be a nurse can have many reasons and motivations. Financial independence is something we all want to achieve but also a career that is emotionally fulfilling as well. Nursing meets both of these criteria and many others. Here are a few reasons for you to proudly wear your nursing t-shirt.

Why Nurses (and Nurse Shirts) Are Awesome

  • First and foremost nursing is all about helping. You help others to improve their lives and make them as comfortable as possible. Being the voice of reason in an emergency situation is a very important role and is necessary in hospitals as the nurse is usually the first face patients see.
  • Nurses are inspiring people who can show a willingness to fight all odds and working with these people can be very uplifting for anyone. Taking that optimism and then delivering that to patients who might be struggling is essential. Being able to go from one patient to another with completely different outlooks is not an ordinary feat, and nurses have all the reason to be proud they can master this ability.
  • Nursing school is not an easy task for anyone. There is a lot to learn, study guides and excerpts from NCLEX books that need to be memorized. For some, these years of schooling are even harder than the actual job itself and being proud of your goal is encouraged.
  • It is projected that the need for registered nurses will likely increase by at least 15% when looking at 2016 to 2026. This gives a certain level of job security that is not always available in other professions. There will always be people getting sick or injured, and there is always a part of the population that is getting older that will require care/
  • There is also huge flexibility when it comes to nursing as a profession and changing career paths does not mean you need to leave nursing. There are so many branches to the nursing profession that you can switch your path without losing momentum on your career.

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