4 Free ACT Study Guides to Use in Your ACT Prep

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The best things in life are free. Especially when it comes to getting quality ACT study guides without breaking the bank. We’ve put together the list of all the free ACT study guides that are available to students at this moment.

The problem with ACT test prep today is that it can be way too time-consuming and overwhelming piecing together all the free resources to put together a solid ACT study plan (not to mention how demanding ACT prep courses can be!). We still recommend purchasing and going through with either a home study plan provided by a top ACT prep book or course, but these free study guides can be used to supplement your studies and give you a competitive advantage on test-day… without the cost!

We are going to provide you with our favorite free study guides and hope that you find at least one of these resources to be extremely helpful in your studies! What are we waiting for? Let’s have a look at the best free ACT study guides available today!

1. PrepScholar’s Ultimate ACT Study Guide

We love PrepScholar’s ultimate ACT study guide because it lays out everything you’re going to get from going through this free resource and encourages you to pick and choose areas you need help on and skip sections that you are already confident in. This study guide provides you with strategies for each ACT section as well as prep guides for each. All of the resources provided in this study guide are aggregated from PrepScholar’s blog, which means you can trust that they are being written by experts in the ACT prep field.

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2. Union Test Prep’s ACT Study Guide

Union Test Prep’s ACT study guide is a little bit different from PrepScholar’s. They don’t spend the time going through the logistics of the ACT or study techniques but rather give you a no-frills two-page study guide for each section of the ACT. Our favorite study guide is for the Math section, where they list out all the functions that you need to know. We’d suggest printing these pages out and using this as a last-minute refresher or rules before taking the ACT. This can also be especially helpful if the ACT prep book you are using does not give you a quick summary of what you learned that you can use as a quick study before the test.

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3. Mometrix ACT Study Guide

Mometrix’s ACT study guide is interesting because they break out each concept for sections of the ACT with explanatory videos. This makes a great resource for those who prefer a bit more interactive study and prefer a break from reading! Mometrix provides plenty of practice questions complete with in-depth explanations to questions that are close to what you may see on the actual ACT test.

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4. ACT.org Study Guide

ACT, Inc. actually has a free study guide, but it feels more like an official practice test than a study guide. Before the practice test, there are tips on how to to strategize taking each section as well as a breakdown of what kinds of problems to expect on the ACT, Reading, Math, and English sections. This is helpful as a practice test but is not enough as a standalone study guide.

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You may find, through either looking at this list or doing your own research, that there just aren’t a lot of free ACT study guides out there. The majority of students who use these free study guides are also going to be practicing with ACT practice tests as well as working their way through a designated ACT prep book.