5 Free ACT Practice Tests that are Guaranteed to Improve Your Score!

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Practicing on real questions is one of the best ways to actually improve on your ACT test-taking skills. Taking timed section tests helps you to identify which questions you are missing and allow you to develop a plan to work on improving these mistakes. You don’t need to scour the internet for free ACT practice tests because we have already done that for you!

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Official ACT Practice Tests

*Answer keys are provided at the end of each official ACT test. Notice that there are other official ACT practice tests our there, but they are simply duplicates of other years. For example, 2015-2016’s test is the same as the 2016-2017 test.

Free Official ACT Practice Questions

Free Unofficial ACT Practice Tests

Princeton Review:

Free ACT Practice Test


Free ACT Practice Test


Free ACT Practice Test

Varsity Tutors

Free ACT Practice Test

Ivy Global

Free ACT Practice Test 


Free ACT Practice Test 

Official ACT Practice Tests You Can Buy:

The Official ACT Prep Pack

The Official ACT Prep Pack for 2018-2019 can be purchased and includes 6 full-length official ACT practice tests (4 are in the book and 2 are online). In addition, this prep pack also includes optional writing tests for those looking to improve their writing score.

How to Use Free ACT Practice Tests

The tests we recommend starting off with when prepping for the ACT are the free official ACT practice tests released by ACT, Inc. and contain real questions that were asked on previous tests. This is the best way to get used to what kinds of questions the ACT will ask as well as understand the level of difficulty. Because we are limited to the amount of official ACT practice tests that are released by ACT, Inc., it is important to use these practice tests wisely and take them seriously.

Consider taking the following approach when taking your tests:

Tip # 1: Take the entire test in one sitting

Building endurance to take a four-hour long test is not easy, but it needs to be done before jumping into ACT test day. This means scheduling four hours on a given morning to take the test in entirety, only breaking at designated break times allotted on test day. This will help you build the endurance as well as an overall understanding of how it feels to concentrate for this long morning of testing (a solid ACT prep course should help with this as well!).

Tip # 2: Time yourself like it’s test day

It’s important to recreate the timing of test day. This means only taking two breaks – a 10-minute after the Math section and 5 minutes after Science if you are taking the optional essay.  You will need to time yourself with the following requirements: English: 45 minutes Math: 60 minutes Science: 35 minutes Reading: 35 minutes

Tip # 3: Review your answers after completing the full test

After you are done taking your test, it is important to go through your answers and review the questions you answered incorrectly. This is going to be the only time you are able to learn from your mistakes before taking the actual test. You will likely need to spend at least 2 hours reviewing these questions and understanding why you got specific questions incorrect. This feels like forever, especially after you have just taken a 4-hour long test, but this is critical in getting benefit out of practice tests besides just endurance. Try to review the questions within the next day, so that the questions are fresh in your mind.

Tip # 4: If you see no improvements, get professional support

We’re all down for prepping and studying on your own, but if you are not seeing improvements with study and practice tests, then you may want to consider seeking a professional tutor or prep service. We review all the best ACT prep books and you can have a look at some top prep courses such as ACT Ultimate Course by The Princeton Review.

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