12 Proven & Free PSAT Practice Tests

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

When it comes to practicing for the PSAT, you really have all you need for practicing with free PSAT practice tests that can be downloaded online. We’ve put together all the free PSAT practice tests as well as practice questions you’ll need to supplement your PSAT prep. We are going to share ten official PSAT practice tests that you can download right from this page as well as an additional 10 free official SAT practice tests that you can also use to supplement your practicing.

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How to Take a PSAT Practice Test

When you take a practice PSAT test, your main goal should be simulating test day. This means timing yourself as well as practicing the answering model of making your best guess when you do not know the answer (as there is no penalty for wrong answers). Before taking the PSAT practice test, you should brush up on the formatting as well as instructions. You would not show up on test day unsure of what to expect on the test, relying on instructions, and taking a practice PSAT test at home should be no exception.

Because there are only a couple of the “new” PSAT practice tests out there for you to simulate a test day on, it’s best to use them wisely. Brush up on the skills and concepts you need to know for the PSAT before jumping into a practice test. After you feel comfortable with what you will be tested on in the PSAT from some initial studying, then we recommend taking a “diagnostic” PSAT test, simulating test-day conditions, to see what kind of baseline score you reach.

Not only should you be timing yourself under test-like conditions, but you should also be using the calculator you plan on taking into the test. Still need a PSAT calculator? Start with this list of the best PSAT-approved calculators.

This diagnostic test not only shows you how you can perform without much studying, but it also shows you where your strengths and weaknesses lie so that you can form a more personalized PSAT study plan to fit your needs. 

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Free “New” PSAT Practice Tests

There are only 2 PSAT practice tests released by the College Board that represent the changes made in the fall of 2015. As we previously mentioned, these two practice tests should be used carefully as part of your PSAT prep schedule. In addition, you can find a free online PSAT practice test event hosted by Princeton Review, which will provide you with a free full-length PSAT practice test as well as detailed score report!

Princeton Review

Students say the Princeton Review’s PSAT practice tests are harder than the real test. See our thoughts on the the Princeton Review’s PSAT prep course.

College Board

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Using “Old” (before Fall 2015) PSAT Practice Tests

There are 4 official PSAT practice tests released by the College Board that you can use for practice, but there are going to be some differences in these tests that you should keep in mind. The older PSAT practice tests are 35 minutes shorter than the new PSAT. The older PSAT’s answer choices had 5 options meanwhile the newer only has 4. You will also need to keep in mind that, when tallying the scores of these tests, there are deductions for incorrect answers of ¼ point each.

How to Use “Old” PSAT Practice Tests

You should be using the older PSAT practice tests for general practice as you are preparing for the PSAT and familiarizing yourself with questions and what the College Board looks for in terms of correct answers. Keep in mind there are some differences in these “old” PSAT practice tests:

What’s Changed in Content:

-They’ve eliminated sentence completion questions

-They added passage-based vocab questions

Using New Official SATs as Practice Tests

As you know, the PSAT is pretty much testing the same things you’ll find on the SAT. Learn more about the differences in the PSAT vs SAT.

Princeton Review

SAT Practice Test 1

SAT Practice Test 2

SAT Practice Test 3

SAT Practice Test 4

SAT Practice Test 5

SAT Practice Test 6

SAT Practice Test 7

SAT Practice Test 8

How to Use the new SAT Practice Tests for PSAT Prep

Because the SAT is essentially the same as the PSAT with slightly more advanced algebra and math functions, as well as with the addition of the essay. You can enjoy using the new SATs as you would with a practice PSAT, timing yourself under test-like conditions. For more help in how to practice for the PSAT, check out these top PSAT tips. Upon completing the new SAT practice test, it is essential to learn from your mistakes by going through test answers and understanding why you missed certain questions. This is going to be the only way you can improve your test scores.

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