The 4 Best PSAT Prep Courses 2024

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Studying with the best PSAT prep courses is a win-win when it comes to getting ready to take college admissions tests (like the SAT) as well as a chance to potentially earn a National Merit Scholarship! How We Evaluated the Best PSAT Prep Courses We looked at 4 major categories when evaluating the best online […]

Princeton Review PSAT Prep Course Review

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The Princeton Review PSAT prep course could be your ticket (or, if you’re a parent, your child’s ticket) to a higher score that will set you on the path to entry into your first-choice college.   Let’s explore the essential elements of the TPR programs and how they compare to competing PSAT prep companies’ courses. All […]

PSAT Approved Calculators

PSAT Approved Calculators

Don’t make the mistake of showing up to the PSAT without one of these PSAT approved calculators – check out the best for test day and how to use them!

Why Take the PSAT

Why take the PSAT? Check out these 6 huge reasons why the PSAT is important and what opportunities you could miss out on if you don’t do well on this test.