10 Cute Stethoscope Covers to Add Flair to Your Wardrobe



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Stethoscope covers are a fun, easy way to add personality to your daily wear. Playful covers can also help to set patients at ease, which is especially important in pediatrics. If you have a loved one in the nursing profession, a unique stethoscope cover or stethoscope accessory makes a perfect graduation or holiday gift. 

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*Disclaimer about these Stethoscope Covers:  Due to bacterial contamination, be sure to check that stethoscope covers are allowed in your hospital policy before purchasing any of these stethoscope covers.

1. Cat Selfie Stethoscope Cover 

cat stethoscope cover

This adorable stethoscope cover is perfect for any cat loving nurse! It features art of cats taking “selfies” with a number of fun accessories. The aesthetic is great for nurses in all areas of medical practice, but it’s particularly helpful in pediatrics. You can have your young patients name your cats, open up a conversation about animals, and help them feel more at-ease in your doctor’s office.

The cover is handmade and made to order. Each cover can be easily slid onto and off of a stethoscope. Velcro fastening mounted on top helps keep the cover in place. Most of the covers are made out of scrub fabric, so they’re easy to clean.

2. Day of the Dead Dog Stethoscope Cover

dog of the dead stethoscope covers

The Day of the Dead is a huge holiday in Mexico, and the celebration has been inspiring artists for centuries. These stethoscope covers have a cute Day of the Dead theme, but they feature dogs instead of humans. Bright swirling colors and patterns give your outfit a relaxed and inviting air. At the same time, the skeleton drawings are a great conversation starter with pediatric patients. You can explain the skeleton inside them, too.

This is another cover that’s handmade and made to order. The Velcro fastening allows for easy sliding and securing of the scrub fabric.

3. Halloween Stethoscope Cover


What a perfect celebratory piece for Halloween! For any nurse wanting to get into the spooky spirit, this jack-o-lantern print is perfect for you. It’s not too scary for young or vulnerable patients, but it gets across a cheerful Halloween air. Whether you work in pediatrics or another medical field, this stethoscope cover helps add levity to your workplace.

This handmade accessory measures 3 inches by 35 inches, allowing it to fit a multitude of different stethoscope sizes. The strapping is made of elastic and buttons for easy fastening. Each cover is made from 100% pure cotton.

4. Comfy Sweater Stethoscope Cover

cozy sweater stethoscope cover

This stethoscope cover is perfect for nurses who prioritize comfort and accessibility. What could be better than a sweater for your stethoscope? It’s especially great for fall weather, when you’re likely to be wearing a matching sweater. The striped pattern catches the eye without detracting from a professional outfit.

Each item is hand-knit. You can order the cover in a dozen different colors, from cream to pink to teal to black. No matter what your taste, you can find a color combination that suits you. The soft acrylic yarn won’t itch. Instead, the cover is meant to function as a dual stethoscope cover and scarf.

5. Lilly Pulitzer-inspired Stethoscope Cover

lilly pulitzer stethoscope cover

For nurses who want to add a pop of color to their day-to-day outfits, this rose-printed stethoscope cover is perfect for you. The watercolor style keeps the bright colors from being too overwhelming for the workplace, and the art is simply gorgeous. You can use this cover in the winter, especially if you live in a snowy area. Keep the joy of spring alive!

Each cover is made out of cotton fabric, stitched together with thread, and fastened with elastic. It’s sized to fit any stethoscope make or model. If you’re getting a stethoscope cover for a loved one, you also have the option to include a gift message.

6. Cute Puppy Stethoscope Cover

animal stethoscope

This puppy stethoscope cover is perfect for dog lovers. Unlike dog prints, this cover comes with a constructed “Puppy Critter” friend. Each cover comes with a Velcro closure. The cotton and polyester blends of fabric are all machine washable.

Not only is this cover great for nurses, but it can also be used by veterinarians. Regardless of whether your patient is a human or animal, you can use this cover to help them become more comfortable.

7. Scrunchie Stethoscope Cover 

scrunchie cover

Scrunchies are more than just fun hair accessories! This scrunchie stethoscope cover should cover standard stethoscope sizes. If the pinks in some of the earlier stethoscopes were too overpowering for you, you might prefer this alternative. Muted tropical prints are set against a pale blue sky background. The scrunchie fabric is perfect for kids to touch and play with.

The scrunchie is held in place through a snap close. When unscrunched, the single tube cover measures about 31 inches. You can scrunch it to fit shorter stethoscope lengths, though. There’s also a double tube style available, with an unscrunched length of about 28 inches.

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8. Colorful Tie Dye Stethoscope Cover

tie die

This is a fun and funky stethoscope cover. Each item is tie-dyed by hand, which means that it will be totally unique. The scrub fabric can be easily washed, and the Velcro fastening helps secure the cover on a wide variety of stethoscope sizes.

9. Frosty the Snowman Stethoscope Cover

christmas stethoscope

Usher in the winter season with this beloved snowman print! For pediatric nurses, this is a great way to help kids become comfortable by seeing their favorite cartoon character. Bonding over Frosty the Snowman is always agreat way to establish a camaraderie with your young patients.

The cover is made from cotton fabric with metal snaps to secure it. It’s machine washable for easy cleaning and overall maintenance. This cover adds a festive touch to your daily wear, and it’s perfect for either yourself or a loved one.

10. Summer Sandals Stethoscope Cover

summer sandals

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this stethoscope cover celebrates summer fun! If you invest in a cover for each season, you can change them every three months or so. Patients and staff alike will look forward to your new styles.

This lovely print measures 3 inches by 35 inches. It can slide easily onto a stethoscope, and it fastens with elastic and button strapping. The cover is made from 100% cotton material, so it’s machine washable.

Caring for Your Stethoscope Cover:

To make sure your stethoscope cover lasts as long as possible, follow these instructions:

  • If it’s machine washable, make sure you only wash the fabric on a cool and low pressure setting.
  • If it’s hand-wash only, make sure that you use soap made for delicate fabrics.
  • Purchase a cover that’s sized to fit your specific stethoscope.
  • Make sure that the cover is cleaned regularly.

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No matter your personal aesthetic or style, stethoscope covers are a great way to add personality to your look. You can find a cover to fit any workplace. For children, bright prints of animals and cartoon characters are your best bet. For more neutral workplaces, you might want a pretty art print or a muted color palette. Make sure you choose the cover that will make both you and your patients happy.