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7 Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Nurses [Get Ready in 5 Minutes]

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

We get it. Nurses are busy! We need quick and easy hairstyles that look cute during our shift but also are able to withstand the long day on our feet. We’ve got some nurse-inspired updos, braids, hairstyles for curly-haired women, as well as some quick ideas for those with short, medium, and even long hair! You’re sure to find a hairstyle that fits your hair and mood here. 

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7 Easy Hairstyles for Nurses

1. Easy Chignon

Despite its fancy name, the chignon is one of the easiest ways to have a classic updo for work that takes less than 5 minutes but looks far more elegant than a typical messy bun.  We’re a fan of these easy updos for nurses, as they’re a polished way to keep your hair out of the way while you’re working but also don’t require a fresh wash or any teasing to look great. 

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2. Side Braid

This is the best hairstyle for women with short hair that looks polished and also helps to keep your hair out of your face during the day. Braids are a super easy hairstyle for nurses that takes less time than it looks.  

3. Dutch Braid

This hairstyle definitely caters to women with longer hair who are looking to break from the typical ponytail. If you’re familiar with the french braid, this version is not much more difficult. You may need to practice this braid before trying it on a busy morning before your shift.  

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4. Messy Bun

This messy bun works well for all hair lengths, short to long. Simply change where the bun lies to make sure you are able to get the majority of your hair to fit. This is another super easy updo for nurses that break away from the typical ponytail. 

5. High Ponytail

It’s time to update your ponytail. Go for a slicked back, high ponytail if your hair has the length. 

6. Braided Bun

Having curly hair doesn’t mean you need to add an extra hour styling your hair in the morning. Braiding your hair into a bun helps to add a more polished look to your natural waves. 

7. Half Up

For those looking to break from having all of their hair up, here’s a happy medium!

Now that you’ve got your hairstyle locked down, you can worry about the more important aspects of your job.