17 Nurses Gift Baskets [Includes Helpful Buying Guide]

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Giving gifts to nurses is particularly challenging, which is why we are huge fans of giving gift baskets for nurses! If you’re a patient, you may have gotten to know your nurse a little during your treatment, but certainly not enough to know his or her preferences! Similarly, if you’re a nurse and you’d like to give your colleagues a treat, it might be equally as tough to find a satisfactory gift.

Because of the challenges that may come with finding gifts for nurses, gift baskets have long been a solid go-to for those who want to make a great impression without needing to know all of the information about the gift recipient’s preferences. Gift baskets are great at offering just enough of a variety that the person receiving it can find at least something they love in the basket.

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Our 17 Favorite Gift Baskets for Nurses

Best Overall
Golden State Fruit Chocolate Caramel & Crunch Grand Gift Basket Golden State Fruit Chocolate Caramel & Crunch Grand Gift Basket

A holiday gift basket that’s great for Christmas, Hanukkah, and birthdays!

11/29/2021 12:07 am GMT

Chocolate, Caramel, and Crunch Grand Gift Basket

This gift basket our list of the best gifts for nursing students in 2021!

We have to start our list of the best gift baskets for nurses with this one by Golden State Fruit because this is the epitome of gift baskets. It includes two packages of artisanal-style caramel popcorn, two different kinds of chocolate-covered pretzels – one with white chocolate and the other with milk chocolate, peanut brittle, chocolate-covered nuts, and chocolate bark.

The entire package is topped off with several pieces of individually-wrapped Ghirardelli chocolates, and it’s held together inside a shallow seagrass gift basket. The final touch is the red ribbon that pulls the entire basket together.

Whether you prefer milk or white chocolate, whether you like crunchy textures or prefer smooth, there are at least several items in this basket that will either be enjoyed or regifted by nurses!


  • High quality
  • Range of textures to suit even the pickiest eaters


  • Only for those with a sweet tooth

The only downside to this basket is that is can only really be enjoyed by those who eat sugary treats. If the gift recipient is a diabetic or prefers a special sugar-free diet, this might not be the best basket.

Best Overall
Golden State Fruit Chocolate Caramel & Crunch Grand Gift Basket Golden State Fruit Chocolate Caramel & Crunch Grand Gift Basket

A holiday gift basket that’s great for Christmas, Hanukkah, and birthdays!

11/29/2021 12:07 am GMT

Nurse Cookie Bouquet 

This cookie bouquet by Cookies By Design is a great Nurse’s Week gift for your favorite nurses. If you’re not specifically looking for a nurse’s week gift, they have plenty of other ‘thank you’ cookie bouquets and baskets like this cookie basket, this Nurses Rock Boutray, and this Diagnosis You’re Great Bouquet!


  • Specific to the nursing profession
  • No assembly required


  • Limited to cookie designs

Deciding on which cookie bouquet can be difficult, but it’s guaranteed that whatever option you choose will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Best Nurse's Week Gift
Nurse's Week Cookie Bouquet Nurse's Week Cookie Bouquet

Deliver these freshly-baked, hand-painted cookies to your favorite nurse or nursing student! Makes a fantastic Nurse's Week Gift!

Vegan Snacks health Gift Box Premium Care Package

If you agree that the drawback to the previous basket was the lack of healthy options, then this gift is your answer! This package doesn’t come in a basket but rather an elegant brown box, and it’s tied together by a festive red ribbon.

Inside there are 20 different healthy snack options to choose from. The delectable selection includes dairy free popcorn, bean chips, as well as protein cookies! Not bad if you’re a bit of a health nut and still want to get your fix. If your nurse is a parent, this is a great option to give to his or her children as well.


  • Affordable
  • Numerous healthy options


  • All of the items in this basket are highly processed

Choosing between baskets can be tough. This package is the opposite of the first and is the best gift basket for nurses who are being intentional about their diet.

Best for Health Conscious
Healthy Vegan Snacks Nurse Care Package Healthy Vegan Snacks Nurse Care Package

This gift basket is perfect for the vegan or health-conscious individual - a mix of vegan cookies, protein bars, chips, vegan jerky, fruit & nut snacks.

11/29/2021 12:20 am GMT

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Oh! Nuts Holiday Gift Basket

This is yet another affordable and healthy alternative to the first basket we mentioned. This one, however, is for the nurse in your life who loves nuts. While the last one was a selection of healthy snacks, this one is a fairly typical assortment of nuts. There’s nothing wrong with nuts, but it does lose a little bit of the magic of choice that we saw in the first two baskets.

The gift includes pistachios, cashews, almonds, walnuts, and pecans. It is an excellent gift choice.


  • Affordable gift basket
  • Healthy and unprocessed


  • Lacks variety or flavoring of nuts

If you see your nurse snacking on some walnuts, perhaps she or he is the right person to receive this gift. It is tied together with an orange ribbon.

Best for Low Carb Lifestyle
Oh! Nuts Holiday Gift Basket - 7 Nut Variety Oh! Nuts Holiday Gift Basket - 7 Nut Variety

1.8 pounds of a fresh assortment of nuts - makes a great gift basket for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

11/29/2021 02:41 am GMT

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Starbucks Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

What nurse doesn’t like caffeine? Coffee and tea lovers can rejoice with this Starbucks-themed gift basket. As with our first basket, this one comes in a beautiful woven basket tied together by a green ribbon, the same green that you see in Starbucks’ logos and signage.

This gift basket actually does a good job of providing some variety of choice in the contents of the basket. There is, of course, Starbucks coffee but there is also Teavana tea, a coffee mug, biscotti, and shortbread cookies. It even features three different flavors of coffee to brew at home – House blend, Sumatra, and Verona. This makes a lovely gift for nurses who work long hours or late nights.. Which is nearly every nurse!


  • Several different choices in beverages and snacks
  • Elegant feeling


  • Limited to just the Starbucks brand

While this basket does attempt to have some variety of drink flavors and snack options, it still does feel a bit limited to a very specific kind of audience.

Best for Coffee Lovers
California Delicious Starbucks Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket California Delicious Starbucks Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

5 pounds of coffee and tea? Yes, please! This is an ideal gift basket for coffee lovers.

Godiva Assorted Gift Basket

This next one is specifically for chocolate lovers and those who love to go the extra mile when gift giving their nurses. This gift features a beautifully-designed, richly-colored basket full of an assortment of Godiva chocolates. 

The treats displayed in the basket includes features milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate with Belgian fillings of Godiva gourmet chocolates

If that made your mouth water, perhaps put this on your next holiday wish list. The entire packaging of this gift is well-designed and very stylish, with rich, warm ribbons setting off the basket. It feels like an expensive, premium gift, so if this is the feeling that you want your gift to evoke then this basket is for you or that special nurse in your life.


  • Stylish, well-designed
  • Lots of variety in luxurious-feeling treats
  • Comes with a decorative bowl that can be used again


  • More expensive
  • Limited to one brand – Godiva

There is a huge selection of Godiva chocolate goodies, but it only targets chocolate lovers. Regardless, it is one of the more beautiful baskets on this list.

Best for Chocolate Lovers
Godiva Godiva Chocolate Experience Gift Basket Godiva Godiva Chocolate Experience Gift Basket

A Godiva chocolate lover's dream! Includes chocolate-covered cashews, chocolate almonds, a milk chocolate caramel bar, a dark cacao chocolate bar, milk chocolate truffles, assorted dessert truffles, and a package of Godiva signature chocolate biscuits.

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Dan the Sausageman Sausage Gift Basket

Dan the Sausageman’s Favorite Gourmet Gift Basket is a little bit different from the others that we have featured on this list of best gift baskets for nurses thus far. This one is suitable for both men and women, but it does have a more rustic, masculine feel to it which makes it a great gift for male nurses as well!

This isn’t a gift basket filled with chocolates or snacks. Instead, this one is for the meat lovers. Unlike the other gift baskets, this package comes in a handmade wooden box, which gives it that rustic edge we mentioned earlier. Like the Ghirardelli gift, this one is also one of the more expensive ones that we’re mentioning.

As far as the goodies inside, Dan the Sausageman included some of the brand’s best sausages. The sausage flavors are Original Summer sausage, Roasted Garlic Red Pepper sausage, and Seabear Salmon. The package also includes cheddar cheese, chocolate-covered cherries, crackers, peanuts, and hot mustard.

This makes a lovely gift during the holidays, when recipients are hosting friends and family for dinners and special occasions. The nurse in your life will be sure to appreciate this gift basket from Dan the Sausageman!


  • Great variety of hardy food items
  • Beautifully packaged
  • Comes with a handmade, durable box


  • More expensive than the other gift baskets on this list

This basket is great for nurses of all genders and features a great variety of flavors.

Best for Meat Lovers
Dan the Sausageman's Favorite Gourmet Gift Basket Dan the Sausageman's Favorite Gourmet Gift Basket

Featuring Dan's Original Sausage, Seabear Salmon, 100% Wisconsin Cheeses, and Dan's Sweet Hot Mustard

11/29/2021 12:08 am GMT

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Burt’s Bees Classics Gift Set

If there was a bit too much testosterone in the last gift, this one might soften you up a bit. Quite literally, this gift set will help make your skin softer and smoother with its hand cream, foot cream, and assortment of salves and ointments.

While it might seem like more of a ladies gift, this is actually an excellent gift for nurses of all genders, because dry skin is not a gender-based issue. Nurses work long and hard, tiring out their feet after a long shift and drying out their hands after endless applications of hand soap and hand sanitizer. It goes without saying that both male and female nurses can benefit from skin nourishing treatments found in this Burt’s Bees gift set.

With that said, it is also one of the more affordable gift sets here though there are less items overall than in some of the other gift baskets on our list. This gift might be more practical over time, however, as the nurse in question will certain get use out of these moisture-rich skin aids.


  • Definitely a functional gift for nurses
  • High quality items and brand name most people know and trust
  • Affordable


  • Less items than in other sets

This set is probably one of the better ones on this list. While you don’t know the specific flavors that your nurse likes, you do know that your nurse is on his or her feet all day long.

Best Budget
Burt's Bees Classics Gift Set Burt's Bees Classics Gift Set

6 products in cute giftable tin – Cuticle Cream, Hand Salve, Lip Balm, Res-Q Ointment, Hand Repair Cream and Foot Cream

11/29/2021 12:09 am GMT

Spa Gift Basket – Vanilla Coconut 9 Piece Set

Nurses deserve a spa day, too! While the nurse in question might not have the time and energy to go out and treat herself at an actual spa, why not bring the spa to her?

This is a wonderfully-packaged gift set and all of the products included are held together in a cute weave gift basket. The gift box includes coconut-vanilla-scented shower gel, bath salts, bubble bath, body spray, and body lotion, and more!


  • Practical gift that even the pickiest can enjoy
  • Elegant feel and presentation
  • Affordable


  • The vanilla coconut scent might not suit every taste

Overall, this set is a winner. Worst case scenario, this is a great item to regift.

Best Spa Gift
Bath and Body Gift Basket - Vanilla Coconut Bath and Body Gift Basket - Vanilla Coconut

9 Piece Set of Vanilla Coconut Home Spa Set, Includes Fragrant Lotions, Extra Large Bath Bombs, Coconut Oil, Luxurious Bath Towel & More

11/29/2021 07:43 am GMT

Bath Bomb Gift Set

This one is ideal for those who want to give a gift as a nice gesture, but don’t want to break the bank in doing so. It’s a smaller gift, much smaller than the ones we’ve featured previously and there isn’t a ton of variety here, but it’s a lovely statement gift that your nurse will either enjoy and indulge in or… regift. Either way, she will figure out some good way to use it!

This is a lovely set of six individually-wrapped bath bombs. Better yet, they are all made in the USA and come in a tin that can be used again in the future. Each bath bomb features a specific scent and is infused with essential oils. The oils include lavender, vanilla, grapefruit, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, and others. Each bath bomb is also made from shea and cocoa butter so that it nourishes the skin while you bathe.


  • Practical
  • Affordable


  • Lacks variety
  • Geared specifically for women

Again, you never know if your nurse even has a bathtub to relax in, but it’s a nice gesture to give her a gift that evokes feelings of relaxation. It is limiting because it’s essentially an item that is made for women and not all women like to take baths. However, if you can only afford a small gift, then this one works.

For Bath Lovers
Bath Bomb Gift Set - Vegan Bath Bombs Bath Bomb Gift Set - Vegan Bath Bombs

6 Vegan Essential Oil Natural Fun Fizzies Spa Kit. Organic Shea/Cocoa Soothe Dry Skin. Luxury Gift for Valentine, Women, Mom, Teen Girl, Birthdays.

Victoria’s Lavender Gift Basket

This is another gift from the women’s gift section, and it’s similar to some of the previous gifts in the relaxation category. The difference here is that there are several different items aimed to help relax you, but they are tied together with one theme – the lavender scent.

Lavender essential oils have a ton of supposed benefits, especially when it comes to relaxation. Massage therapists will often use lavender essential oils to relax their clients and many people buy sleeping masks infused with dried lavender or lavender essential oil to help them get to sleep. It can do the trick, for sure.

However, lavender also tends to have a strong smell and a little can go a long way. If somebody is sensitive to certain smells, this one might be a bit much for them to handle. This set features lavender essential oil, hand and body cream, lavender-scented dead sea salts, and a lavender sachet.


  • Great presentation of products
  • Feels healthy and rejuvenating


  • Lacks variety
  • Geared specifically for women
  • Expensive compared to other gift baskets in our list

Of our featured skin-care baskets, this one is one of the pricier ones we’ve seen so far. However, it is high quality and this gift basket will show your nurse that you care about her well-being.

Best for Relaxation
Victoria’s Lavender Gift Basket for Women Victoria’s Lavender Gift Basket for Women

Natural Lavender Spa Products for Stress Relief | Pure Lavender Essential Oil | Bath Salts for Relaxation | Luxurious Lavender Lotion | Made in USA

11/29/2021 02:21 am GMT

Tea Forte Tea Tasting Assortment Gift Box

Tea lovers will adore this particular tea assortment! While this gift is very limited to just one type of product, it does offer a big selection of different teas to choose from. If you’re not a big tea drinker, perhaps this set will inspire you to try out some different flavors before rejecting the beloved drink altogether.

Of course the classic flavors Earl Grey and English Breakfast are included in this assortment, but the set also includes more interesting flavors such as Bombay Chai, Black Currant, Estate Darjeeling, Hazelnut Truffle, Orchid Vanilla, Formosa Oolong, Green Mango Peach, and Jasmine Green.

There are enough flavors to satisfy anybody’s palate and if your nurses aren’t big fans of tea, perhaps they should try the drink for its relaxing properties.


  • Comes in infuser bags, not loose leaf
  • Nice selection of tea flavors


  • Only features tea
  • Pricey

While this set is lovely, it is on the more expensive end of things. Of course, with the high ticket price, you do get some premium quality teas. Ultimately, the choice to buy is yours!

Best for Tea Lovers
Tea Forte Organic Assorted Variety Tea Sampler Tea Forte Organic Assorted Variety Tea Sampler

Tea Tasting Tea Chest Gift Box with 40 Handcrafted Pyramid Tea Infuser Bags, Black Tea, Herbal Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, White Tea

11/29/2021 12:16 am GMT

California Delicious Starbuck’s Sampler Coffee Gift Basket

In the same vein, here’s a lovely coffee sampler gift set. If your nurse doesn’t love tea, perhaps she needs coffee to keep her going! This gift set is a smaller version of the previous Starbucks-themed basket that we featured, though this one is smaller and features only coffee with a side of biscotti.

This set includes the same three coffee flavors as the precious Starbucks set – House Blend, Cafe Verona, and Sumatra. It comes in a lovely brown paper box and tied together with thin green and yellow ribbons. It’s cute and understated, and makes a great gift for those who work early mornings and late nights.


  • Simple gift product that nearly everyone drinks


  • Lacks variety outside of coffee

Considering the amount of items included, this set is a bit pricey for its size, but it does also pack a lot of quality into a small package.

Best for the Sweet Tooth
Remarkable Gift Co. Sweet and Savory Collection Basket Remarkable Gift Co. Sweet and Savory Collection Basket

Chocolates, crackers, and sweets from some of the finest brands

11/29/2021 03:01 am GMT

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Handmade Spa Bath Gift Set – USA Made

This package is quite similar to one of our other bath-related gift sets, but this one is a little more upscale and features a little more elegance. Yes, this is a bath bomb gift set but it also comes with a few other goodies that set this gift apart from the rest!

The packaging is rather understated and simple, just a brown paper box. Inside, you have three smaller boxes that each feature a different scent. You have an orange box, a turquoise box, and a purple box. The orange box features a grapefruit-scented bath bomb with 3 candles and a facial sponge. The turquoise box features a geranium, lavender, and lime bath bomb with 3 scented candles and a facial sponge. The purple box is put together in the same order, with a lavender, ylang-ylang, and marjoram bath bomb, three scented candles, and a facial sponge.

Overall, this is an elegant gift and is also a moderately-priced gift basket for nurses.


  • Simple, understated
  • 3 different relaxation-related products


  • Can feel a bit personal if you do not know the nurses well

This is a lovely little boutique-style gift that offers some variety but not too much. If your nurse is interested in self-care, this is a unique gift to give her.

Best for Dry Skin
Handmade Spa Bath Gift Set - USA Made Handmade Spa Bath Gift Set - USA Made

3 Relaxing All-in-One Kit, Bath Bomb, Soy Candle, Facial Sponge. Natural Shea & Cocoa Butter Dry Skin

11/29/2021 12:18 am GMT

Festive Favorites from the Swiss Colony

If Dan the Sausageman’s gift set wasn’t enough for the meat loving nurses in your life, here’s another one for you! This set is all about those Midwestern meats and cheeses, which again, make this an excellent gift for nurses of any gender.

This set is all Swiss delicacies – meat, cheese, petit fours, and and chocolate tortes.

This is a moderately-priced gift basket in a more traditional style that makes a great Christmas gift for nurses. It’s well put together and won’t disappoint.


  • Variety in meats and cheeses
  • Reasonably priced


  • May not fit all dietary needs including vegetarian or low-fat

This gift is obviously not for the health conscious nor the animal-friendly, but it is an example of a well-made classic Midwestern-style gift!

Best for Christmas
Festive Favorites from The Swiss Colony Festive Favorites from The Swiss Colony

Selection includes cheese bars and sausages chocolate- and mint-flavored tortes, Petits Fours and more!

11/29/2021 03:06 am GMT

Classic Gourmet Fruit Basket

The name says it all here. This is just an all-around excellent, classic gift basket for nurses that won’t disappoint anybody – unless they hate fruit. The packaging is traditional and quaint, all held together in a beautiful woven basket with a dainty green ribbon.

The basket itself includes oranges, apples, mandarins, seasonal fruits, cheddar cheese (or artichoke dip, depending on the season), olive oil crackers, and roasted and salted almonds.

This is your go-to basket for just about any gift recipient. You have a great variety of flavors – sweet from the fruits, salty from the almonds and crackers, and savory from the choice in cheese. There’s no way you can go wrong when choosing this gift and considering the amount of items that you get with this basket.


  • Big variety of flavor
  • Reasonably priced


  • If they don’t like fruit….but who doesn’t like fruit?

If all else fails and you’re unsure of what basket to get, this one is a fail-safe! No need to figure out whether he or she likes chocolate, meat, or is a vegan. Fruits are universal, and so is this basket.

Overall Crowd Pleaser
Classic Fresh Fruit Basket Gift with Crackers, Cheese and Nuts Classic Fresh Fruit Basket Gift with Crackers, Cheese and Nuts

A classic gift basket pick that is an overall crowd pleaser.

11/29/2021 12:05 am GMT

Wine Lovers Perfect Gift Basket Box

This basket is perfect for those who love to unwind with a glass of vino. While the box doesn’t come with any wine itself, it comes with a variety of treats that would pair well with the wine of your choice. The gift also has a sense of humor as it includes a pair of socks.

The box is fairly simple, brown with colorful shreds inside to cushion the items. The socks included say “If you can read this, bring me a glass of wine.” The set also comes with a scented soy candle, a wine stopper, a box of wine crackers, a package of almonds, and a package of Britex wine chocolates.


  • Cute, funny


  • On the expensive side
  • It doesn’t actually come with a bottle of wine

This box is on the slightly higher end of the price spectrum, but if you know your nurse is a wine lover then perhaps consider buying this basket to make his or her day.

For Wine Lovers
Wine Lovers Perfect Gift Basket Box Wine Lovers Perfect Gift Basket Box

A fun wine gift box with Bring Me Some Wine Socks and more (wine not included).

11/29/2021 12:06 am GMT

Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils

This one is a rather affordable gift for your lady nurse. It’s a wonderful set of nine essential oils that she can use for relaxation, aromatherapy, and other soothing self-care treatments.

The box is rather simple, but will definitely expand his or her essential oil collection. The oils included are eucalyptus, peppermint, frankincense, lemongrass, rosemary, sweet orange, lavender, lemon, and tea tree.

Each of these oils comes with different uses and healing properties. Perhaps she can use the lavender to relax between shifts and the tea tree to use as a spot treatment in her skincare routine.

Whatever she decides, this set is perfect for those young nurses that are interested in aromatherapy and self care.


  • High quality
  • Wide selection of essential oils


  • Limiting in item variety
Best for Aromatherapy
Natrogix Bliss Esssential Oils 9 Pack Natrogix Bliss Esssential Oils 9 Pack

10ml Therapeutic Grade 100% Pure Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set Essential Oils for Diffuser Humidifier Massage Hair Skin Care

11/29/2021 12:07 am GMT

Wrap Up

Well, this concludes our list of 17 excellent gift baskets and packages to give your nurse after the care and effort they put into your treatment or to your fellow nurses and colleagues on a birthday. Each of these packages have slightly different elements, but most importantly, they all showcase the fact that you took the time to make your nurse’s day just a little more special. It’s always the thought that counts.