Our Thoughts on Voiding MCAT Scores on Test Day – Should You Do It?

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Taking the MCAT can be a very taxing endeavor. Even after paying for the best MCAT prep courses and studying to the point of exhaustion, walking into test day can be very intimidating and downright stressful. What many test takers don’t realize is that voiding MCAT scores is an option at the end of your testing session. This option is not discussed much in the MCAT community, and perhaps for good reason. Let’s learn more about voiding MCAT scores and let you decide whether this sounds like a good option for test day.

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What’s the Void MCAT Scores Option?

At the end of taking the MCAT, every test taker has the option of voiding his or her MCAT scores. If you void your MCAT scores, this means medical schools will not have a record of you taking the exam, nor do they have any access to a system that shows you voided this test. Similarly, if you did not show up for your exam, medical schools will have no access to a report of you taking the exam. Only you will have a report of a voided or no-show exam through the MCAT score reporting system. 

That said, voiding an MCAT score or not showing up to take an MCAT test will count as an attempt (even if the medical schools do not see this). Be updated on how many times you can take the MCAT, as this is a finite number.

According to Section 9 of the AMCAS application, “Include only the MCAT exams you have taken at the time you certify and submit your AMCAS application. Do not include exams that you voided at the time of the exam. You are not required to include exams that you have not released to the AAMC”

Voiding MCAT scores, however, count towards your limit of MCATs that you are able to take (up to 3 times in 1 year, 4 times in 2 consecutive years, or 7 times in a lifetime).

What’s the Problem with Voiding MCAT Scores?

The issue with voiding scores, as you are reading this now, is that you may be anticipating not doing well on the MCAT. The key to not voiding your MCAT score is to feel prepared and have adequate studying under your belt so that you do not anticipate needing to void your score at the end of the test.

It’s completely common to feel anxious both before and after taking the MCAT, and everyone finishes the test unsure if they answered all the questions correctly. Voiding your MCAT score, however, should not be a decision that you take lightly. Although there are no consequences in terms of admissions seeing your scores, you will definitely be out the fees for your test as well as the entire day you spent taking the test.

When to Void Your Score

Overall, voiding your MCAT score should only be an option due to extreme circumstance. These circumstances may include you being sick on test day and it having a negative impact on your ability to perform well on the test. A second circumstance for voiding a score is if you were ill-prepared for this test, meaning you did not have enough time to answer questions or were lacking in fundamental knowledge to do well. Getting sick on test day is pretty much out of your control. However, not being adequately prepared to take a test is 100% in your control and should be addressed before going into the exam. Remember, if you do not feel prepared for the exam, you still have time to cancel your registration, and, depending on when you registered, possible receive a refund.

Apart from these two extreme situations that would have an impact on your score, you need to walk into test day confident of your abilities and a fair score you will receive. Remember, very few people walk out of the MCAT thinking they aced it, and feeling a little unsure about answering all the questions correctly is both a common and normal feeling to have. When all else fails, you can ask yourself these 3 questions on whether to void your scores. 

Keep in mind that registering to take the MCAT is not the end-all. You can always make changes to your registration or reschedule the MCAT if you make the decision with time to spare.

Did you find Are Voiding MCAT Scores Ever a Good Decision helpful? Let us know your experience in deciding on whether voiding MCAT scores is right for you. Comment below!

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