How to Cancel or Reschedule Your MCAT in 2024

Written by: Adaora Ezike, MPH
Reviewed by: Kristine Thorndyke

Put bluntly, life happens. Thankfully, an MCAT cancellation or rescheduling of your test date is not that difficult – but it can be pricey. 

There are a few simple ways that you can make changes to your MCAT registration online including your testing location, test date, or actual cancellation of your MCAT exam. Read on to better understand your options, how to make these changes, and what it’s going to cost you.

How to Cancel or Reschedule Your MCAT

If you need to cancel or reschedule your MCAT, you should head over to the MCAT Registration System or call 202-828-0600. Keep in mind that there are deadlines and fees for canceling or rescheduling your MCAT, which I’ll detail below.

MCAT Registration Fees for 2024

Registration Fees* (in USD) for 2024
Standard Registration: $335
Fee Assistance Program Registration: $140
*Examinees testing outside the United States, Canada, or U.S. territories will also be charged a $120 international fee in addition to the initial registration fee. International fees are nonrefundable upon registration cancellation.

MCAT Rescheduling Fees & Cancellation Refunds

Keep in mind, as you look at these timelines, that no changes are allowed with less than 10 days before the exam. All deadlines are at 11:59PM local test center time on the day of the deadline. 

Standard Change Fees

Date and/or Test Center Reschedule Fee

Cancellation Refund

60 or more days before MCAT



30-59 days before MCAT



10-29 days before MCAT



Fee Assistance Program Change Fees

Date and/or Test Center Reschedule Fee

Cancellation Refund

60 or more days before MCAT



30-59 days before MCAT



10-29 days before MCAT



Assuming there is a seat available on the date and location that works for you, then there should not be a problem in making these changes for your MCAT reschedule. 

You can change a registration through the MCAT Registration System or by calling 202-828-0600.

That said, if you’re planning on changing the date as well as the location of your test, you’re better off making these changes all at once versus separately. Each time you make a change to your MCAT exam, you will be charged for a rescheduling fee (you can see how the fees can add up quickly, especially if you are doing so with less than 30 days before your MCAT. 

You should be warned that you cannot change your test date before the registration has opened for that date/location. See updated MCAT test dates and registration

Changing Your MCAT Test Date or Location

As I mentioned earlier, before you make changes to your MCAT, you should confirm the following:

  • Registration has opened for your new MCAT test date
  • There are still empty seats for the new MCAT test date (You can check here
  • Changes are made with more than 10 days before your new and old MCAT test dates (All deadlines are at 11:59 p.m. local test center time on the day of the deadline)
  • You cannot reschedule into a future testing year

Canceling Your MCAT Exam

Depending on your situation, you can receive a partial or no refund on your canceled MCAT. Assuming there was not some sort of emergency (death of a family member or military duty), then here are the details about canceling your MCAT:

  • Cancel 60 days or more before your scheduled MCAT: $165 refund
  • Cancel 30-59 days before your scheduled MCAT: $165 refund
  • Cancel 10-29 days before your scheduled MCAT: $0 refund

The refunds will be automatically applied to the credit card used for registration and no changes can be made with the refund method. 

Requesting an Emergency Refund

If you are unable to take the MCAT due to an emergency (and you have at least 10 days until your MCAT test date), the AAMC will review your circumstances. You must meet one of the criteria as well as provide documentation as follows:

reschedule mcat

Source: AAMC MCAT Essentials

The emergency refund is not a full refund of the MCAT, and you will receive the 30-days cancellation refund of $165 for standard registration or $70 for fee assistance registration.

You can read more about emergency refunds in the MCAT Essentials

If your emergency does not meet one of the above scenarios, you can still apply to the AAMC, as they may still consider your emergency valid. 

Requests must be submitted using the Emergency Refund Request Form located in the Service Requests section of the MCAT Registration System. Make sure to follow all directions to avoid being marked as a “no show” on your MCAT. 

MCAT No Show Policy

If you do not sit for the MCAT that you are registered for (and do not cancel or reschedule in time) you will be marked as a “no show.” Although medical schools will not see this no-show, it will go towards your number of attempts. Remember – you get a finite number of MCAT attempts – 3 times in one consecutive year (12 months), 4 times in two years (24 months), and 7 times across your lifespan. See more on how many times you can (and should) take the MCAT.

Not having proper identification can result in a no show, so remember to pack these for the MCAT

Even if you decide to void your MCAT score or do not finish your MCAT, it will count as a no-show as well. Voiding your MCAT can only be done at the test center immediately after the MCAT and your decision to score or void your MCAT is final. 

how to void mcat scores

MCAT Cancelation & Rescheduling FAQ

Does a canceled MCAT count as an attempt?

If you cancel the MCAT with more than 10 days before the test, it will not count as an attempt. You cannot cancel the MCAT with less than 10 days of the local testing deadline 11:59PM.

Why do students void MCAT scores? 

If you did not feel like your attempt on test day was up to your potential, you can void your MCAT immediately following the test. The MCAT will not be scored, but it will count as an attempt. 

Is it better to cancel or reschedule the MCAT? 

If there is a test date that you think will better meet your study timeline, it’s more affordable to reschedule the MCAT test date (as you will only be charged one fee). If, however, you do not know when you want to take the MCAT, you may be better off canceling your MCAT until you are ready to schedule a new date.