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11 Best MCAT Anki Decks for 2024

Written by: Adaora Ezike, MPH
Reviewed by: Kristine Thorndyke

If you’ve perused the wide world of MCAT prep on the web, you may already be familiar with “Anki decks” – customized collections of flashcards sourced from various MCAT study materials. Here, I’ve rounded up the 11 best MCAT Anki decks that you can download for free to help you ace the exam.

Getting Started With Anki

Anki is open-source software (meaning free for all) that allows users to create flashcard study decks which they can then share on the web.

To get started, download the safe, free Anki app. Then let’s dive into the Anki deck internet stew.

11 Best Anki MCAT Decks

Quick disclaimer before you start downloading any of these MCAT decks. These decks are for helping to facilitate review and memorization. If you are new to the MCAT or still require thorough explanations to fill content gaps, then you may want to start with a comprehensive MCAT study program before attempting to memorize information.

Ortho528 Anki Deck

Best for MCAT newbies

best anki mcat deck

Download the Ortho528 Anki deck here.

  • Number of Cards: 4,351
  • Year: 2017
  • Sources: The Princeton Review, Examkrackers, Khan Academy (psych), Kaplan Biochem
  • Add-on Required: Image Occlusion

This might be the ideal Anki deck I would recommend to preppers just starting out on their MCAT journey (lucky you, if this applies, and godspeed on the journey ahead).

MCAT prepper Ortho528 created this eponymous deck (who reportedly used it himself to score a 132 on his MCAT). One of the perks of this Anki deck that I appreciate on behalf of MCAT newcomers is that it includes a smattering of reputable prep sources that provide a comprehensive set of study materials for students new to the MCAT.

While not as voluminous (at 4,351 cards) as many of the other decks that we will explore here, Ortho528 is a solid starting place to up your MCAT flashcard game.

MileDown Anki Deck

Best for visual learners

miledown anki deck

Download the MileDown Anki deck here.

  • Number of Cards: 2,900
  • Year: 2018
  • Sources: Khan Academy Psych/Soc
  • Add-on Required: Hierarchical Tags 2

I enjoyed this deck because of its copious number of illustrations and graphics that accompany the cards. If you learn best by way of visual stimulation – as an estimated 65% of Americans do based on social science research – MileDown’s deck is for you.

If you appreciate MilDown’s work, as I do, you might also want to consider giving his 90-page PDF review sheets a try as well.

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Most comprehensive


Download the JackSparrow2048 Anki deck here.

  • Number of Cards: 6,289
  • Year: 2020
  • Sources: Kaplan, RebopBebop‘s Anki deck
  • Add-on Required: N/A

Along with scores of other online users who prefer the JS set, I like this Anki deck because it is the most comprehensive – including plenty of AAMC spoilers.

Each card is elaborately well-done. You will immediately notice how much time JS invested into making these content-driven cards. The creator himself allegedly scored an impressive 527 on his MCAT, which he prepped for using his own deck. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Cubene Anki Deck

Best for Psychology/Sociology (P/S)


Download the Cubene Anki deck here.

If you’re struggling with the P/S portion of the MCAT, then you definitely want to check out Cubene’s deck. When testing this deck out, I found it a little lighter on the harder sciences, but it’s still got a ton of great prep material for the social science portions of the MCAT.

For this reason, you might want to consider using Cubene supplementally in addition to one or more of the other Anki decks discussed here.


Best for supplementing Kaplan MCAT prep materials

Download the RebopBebop Anki deck here.

As we’ve discussed here at Test Prep Nerds extensively in other MCAT guides, Kaplan is one of the more popular prep brands that students use to study for the MCAT.

Although it is a bit older than other Anki decks discussed here (born in 2016), RebopBebop’s deck is still relevant and exceptionally well put-together – ideal if you are using Kaplan’s prep materials. As you will see when you download the deck, the cards are arranged by chapter, so it’s really easy to follow along with the book to find the corresponding study materials in the deck.

Steven Pietrusza — the artist known as RebopBebop — also put together a highly reviewed MCAT study guide that I think is full of wise tidbits regarding how best to approach the test. You can find it here.


Best for preppers using UWorld materials

Download the NextLevelColor Anki deck here.

At a roughly 5,900 card count, NextLevelColor is one of the more voluminous Anki decks out there.

This is also one of the rare popular Anki decks that heavily incorporates UWorld prep materials, so if you’re using UWorld, NextLevelColor’s deck compliments these study materials nicely. 

The uploader – a (probably trustworthy) Canadian who self-reports a 519 score – has put together an extensive study scheduling/planning guide for anyone to go along with his Anki deck. So, if you crave structure and discipline in your study plan, this might be the best deck for you.

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2nd best for comprehensive coverage of all MCAT topics

Download Vixxyn’s Anki deck here.

This deck is an adaptation of another popular deck available on Reddit by sc4s2cg (linked above). The creator, Vixxyn, reported an impressive 528 on her test, crediting this flashcard set as one of the reasons (in addition to hard work).

The majority of the cards added by Vixxyn are grouped together in the “ZExpansion” category. All in all, this deck is highly comprehensive, but I think it is slightly less so than JackSparrow’s, but still impressive enough that I included it in this rundown.

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Most up to date MCAT Anki deck

Download the Bouras Anki deck here.

  • Number of Cards: 13,333
  • Year: 2020
  • Sources: Ortho528, MileDown, Khan Academy
  • Add-on Required: Hierarchical Tags 2

The Bouras deck is a treasure trove of the best decks from a handful of other creators featured here and study materials from Khan Academy, Science Simplified, and others, all rolled into one.

At a 13,333 card count, the major downside is simply the overwhelming volume of flashcards that you will have to work through (it took me a while to download the file). In my experience, having too much of a good thing can be just as bad as not having the option at all – so it depends on how you deal with a superfluous amount of content.

All that said, the cards are well-organized so it’s easy to concentrate on the area of your choice.

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Best-organized by category

Download the Mitochondrialdna24 Anki deck here.

  • Number of Cards: 3,500
  • Year: 2020
  • Sources: Kaplan, RebobBebop
  • Add-on Required: N/A

Mitochondrialdna24’s deck is another newer deck, released onto the web in 2020. It is a conglomeration of Kaplan’s prep books and RebobBebop’s excellent Anki deck that I profiled earlier.

The standout feature of this Anki deck that I appreciated is the division by topic and source material, which makes for easy organization and planning in terms of studying for specific portions of the test.

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Simplest, easiest to follow

Download the Nyc_penguin Anki decks here.

  • Number of Cards: 478
  • Year: 2020
  • Sources: Kaplan content, Uworld, AAMC
  • Add-on Required: N/A

This series of Anki decks made the list because of their simplicity. They are offered as a series of individual decks that you can pick and choose from, as you will see when you follow the link above. There is no add-on required, so you can just get straight to the point while focusing on whichever subject you choose.

Nyc_penguin also put together an impressive formula list that you can download here.

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Best for a singular focus on physics

Download Tiramiwho’s Anki deck here.

Best for Kaplan MCAT Physics book users

  • Number of Cards: 103
  • Year: 2019
  • Sources: Kaplan
  • Add-on Required: N/A

This handy set of cards focuses solely on the physics equations you will need to master to ace the MCAT. Tiramiwho draws these materials from Kaplan. At 103 cards, this is by far the smallest deck featured here.

Anki MCAT Deck FAQs

Let’s briefly cover some of the more common questions I am asked about various aspects of Anki decks for the MCAT.

How do I use Anki for the MCAT?

Anki decks are best used as supplemental materials. Accordingly, you should view Anki decks are review materials once you have already covered some particular aspect of the MCAT.

Where can I find more of these Anki flashcards for the MCAT?

Reddit is the unofficial repository of Anki decks. Users share their personal experiences and frequently upload their own Anki decks, which may be all original or may be adaptations of previously produced decks. Check out this Reddit page for more.

Is Anki good for the MCAT?

Yes. Based on the experiences of dozens of MCAT preppers whom I have spoken with regarding their prep methods, as well as on common sense, Anki decks are the ideal digital adaptation of the classic flashcard method.

Which Anki deck is the best for MCAT?

This really depends on what you are looking for in an Anki deck. If, for example, you are simply looking for the most comprehensive deck, the JackSparrow2048 materials might be what the doctor ordered.

Do I need to make my own Anki cards for the MCAT?

No. The web is awash with Anki decks from the thousands of MCAT preppers who have created their own over the years – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

How do I add add-ons (sometimes called plugins) to Anki?

Installing Anki add-ons, or plugins, is relatively simple. This explainer article and explainer video should help you if you have trouble getting the necessary software installed to run. For the non-tech proficient, it just takes a little bit of patience to get the add-ons you need.

The Bottom Line on the Best Anki Decks for the MCAT in 2024

So, ultimately, your choice of Anki deck will depend on:

  • What prep materials you are using to study (you might want to use an Anki deck that corresponds to the company or book you are using).
  • Your areas of interest (different Anki decks focus on different subjects; some are all-inclusive)
  • Your learning style (i.e., are you a text-heavy or visual learner?)

There is no “one size fits all” in terms of a universally optimal Anki deck. As we explored in the rundown above, we each have unique learning styles and preferences, as well as individual weaknesses on various portions of the test (psych vs. chemistry, etc.).