allbirds tree dashers review

Allbirds Tree Dashers Review [Reasons to BUY/not Buy]

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

In this Allbirds Tree Dashers review, we’re taking a hard look at some of the trendiest shoes currently in fashion (for good reason) with the medical community.

Here’s all the info you need to know if you’re considering snagging a pair of Allbirds Tree Dashers running shoes for work.

About Allbirds Tree Dashers

Allbirds is known for its minimalist designs with a branding emphasis on its commitment to sustainable business practices (its shoes are made from recycled materials).

Women's Tree Dasher 2 | Allbirds Women's Tree Dasher 2 | Allbirds
Our Verdict: A great-looking, supportive shoe that can withstand long days at the hospital.
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Apparently, celebrities are as enamored with Allbirds Tree Dashers as rank-and-file medical workers and runners. Kate Hudson and other A-listers have become de facto promoters of the brand, wearing their own pairs around Hollywood.

kate hudson allbirds

Later on in our Allbirds Tree Dashers review, we’ll cover a head-to-head matchup of Allbirds Tree Dashers vs Tree Runner, another popular offering from the company, as well as other popular athletic-shoes-turned-nursing-shoes.

Allbirds Tree Dashers Features

  • Cost: $135
  • Offered in men’s and women’s sizes
  • Four-eyelet laces
  • 10.6 oz. weight (give or take, depending on size)

Shoe body made with ZQ Merino wool (recognized for humane harvesting practices)



  • A bit pricier than some footwear options
  • At times the shoes feels “clunky” – slightly heavy as far as running shoes go (but not a dealbreaker)
  • Somewhat poor ankle support (might be an issue if you had a previous ankle injury)
Made to Pair with Tree Dashers
Allbirds Ankle Socks Allbirds Ankle Socks

Comfortable wool socks made from all natural resources that pair perfectly with the Allbirds Tree Dashers!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Things to Consider Before Buying Allbirds Tree Dashers

Let’s run down a few things to consider before you make the purchase:

Allbirds Tree Dashers Review – Style & Design

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When it comes to Allbirds’ signature style, minimalism is the name of the game. And, as fate would have it, minimalism is also a standard feature of doctor/nursing “fashion” (if we can call it that) – perhaps one reason, in addition to their durability and comfort, they’ve gained traction among healthcare professionals.

The bottom line on the style and design angle is no gimmicks, no wild designs — just sleek shoes suitable for wear in a professional environment.

You can see how Allbirds Tree Dashers stack up against other top shoes for doctors.

allbirds dashers

Allbirds Tree Dashers Review – Comfort & Extended Wear

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If you’re like me, of course, style comes secondary to comfort; what good is looking great if you’re miserable during your shift?

Luckily, this is where Allbirds really delivers. As opposed to many conventionally athletic-turned-medical shoes composed of rubber bottoms, Allbirds Tree Dashers’ cushiony, air-like insoles and bottoms – which are made from castor beans, sugarcane EVA and natural rubber – make for an airy walking experience.

allbirds style

Weight-wise, the Allbirds Tree Dashers come in at around 10.6 oz. – a tad heavy on the spectrum for serious running shoes, but still notably lighter than other athletic shoes often worn by medical workers.

After wearing these shoes on my own shifts several rounds in a row, I can’t emphasize enough how comfortable they truly are. 

Allbirds Tree Dashers Review – Durability

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In comparison with other running shoes that I’ve tested out on the job, there’s a little extra reinforcement around the toe and heel, which makes for a longer shelf-life (a major concern for those of us who rack up the mileage shuttling to and fro).

Understandably, given the unique materials involved (non-petroleum, namely), many nurses are worried about the length of use they can get out of their Tree Dashers. However, I’ve worn my pair for countless hours at work – easily over 100 – and they’ve kept their form pretty nicely thanks to their solid makeup. My peers have reported similar durability with their own pairs (anecdotal, admittedly, but with a big enough sample size to lend some credibility).

Per the design specs, the Tree Dashers are intended to be worn without socks, so if that’s your thing you don’t need to worry about wearing your shoes out prematurely by going sock-less. Also, I wore them sans socks and didn’t have any issues with blisters.

allbirds durability
This color, Blizzard, made our list of the 13 best white nursing shoes in 2024.

Can You Return These Allbirds Running Shoes?

Yes. Allbirds has a generous 30-day return policy, not just for its shoes but for all of its extensive product lines. A few notes on the company’s return policy to keep in mind:

  • Labels must be intact
  • Returns only eligible in country of purchase (buy in US, return in US)

Pursuant to Allbirds’ laudable commitment to social responsibility we mentioned previously, the company donates all lightly worn or like-new returned shoes to Soles4Souls, a nonprofit group that does God’s work on a number of fronts to make the world a little bit better for the next generation


Allbirds Tree Dashers Reviews from Nurses & Doctors

The Chicago Tribute reviewed the Allbirds Tree Dashers. Here’s what they said:

allbirds tree dashers review

The bit about the ankle support (or lack thereof) has some merit to it. As someone who dealt with a previous ankle injury, it’s a consideration I do make when looking at a shoe for athletic purposes.

However, I didn’t have any issues with my ankle while experimenting with the Tree Dashers. CNN also got in on the Allbirds Tree Dashers review action.

cnn review

I overlooked the sweat/stink issue earlier when we discussed the sock-free option, so cheers to CNN for the reminder in their Allbirds Tree Dashers Review (as seen above). As anyone who has worked in a high-stress clinical environment knows, things can get stressful.

My test run took place in September (not the hottest month, but still in the waning days of summer), and I didn’t have any issues with smell, even given the sock-free style.There are some healthcare-specific issues brought up by some reviewers – for example, Reddit user wilburgrey, an RN, who said they had worn out in a little over a year had this to share for their Allbirds Tree Dashers review:

rn review

So, take that with a grain of salt. Personally, I don’t have any light to shed here because I didn’t wear mine for a year – how long exactly they last in your own case will likely depend on a number of individual factors.

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Allbirds Tree Dashers Review FAQ

You’ve got questions about your new pair of kicks, possibly including the ones below. We’ve got answers.

Are Allbirds Tree Dashers supportive?

Yes. The foamy insoles and soles support the arches nicely, even during a long day of pounding the hospital floor.

Are Allbirds waterproof?

The Tree Dashers variety are not waterproof (given their wool components). However, other Allbirds shoes — like the Wool Runner Mizzles, Runner-up Mizzles, and Dasher Mizzles – are treated with water-resistant materials.

Can you run in Allbirds Tree Dashers?

Of course. The Tree Dashers are, in fact, designed as running shoes. The reason that any nurses and doctors use them is because they have passed the road test (runners know what a comfortable shoe for clocking miles feels like).

Are Allbirds Tree Dashers good for standing all day?

Yes. If you get one takeaway from this Allbirds Tree Dashers review, it’s the exceptional wearability of these shoes — even for lengthy, taxing hospital shifts.

Do Allbirds Tree Dashers run big?

No. In fact, many reviewers have claimed that they run small. However, being a size 8 myself, I can attest to the fact that they fit just like I would expect them to.

Alternatives to Allbirds Tree Dashers

Nurses and doctors have a ton of options when it comes to picking out the perfect pair of work shoes. Here is how Allbirds match up against some other popular brands among healthcare workers. 

Allbirds Tree Dashers vs Tree Runners

Allbirds has an extended line of “Tree+[suffix]” shoe names as part of its branding efforts, which can understandably be confusing. Here’s how Allbirds Tree Dashers stack up against Tree Runners, another favorite among Allbirds loyalists.

allbirds tree runners


  • Both made with renewable, recycled materials
  • Both are machine washable
  • Both are lightweight

Key differences:

  • Runners come in at $95 whereas Dashers cost $125 ($30 more)
  • Tree Runners are designed for more “casual” wear (“running errands, not 5Ks,” as the company puts it) while Dashers are specifically marketed to runners
  • Tree Dashers’ midsoles are designed for harder impacts

Basically, Tree Dashers are made for pounding the pavement whereas the Runners are more for casual wear. Each is great for nurses’ and doctors’ purposes – the Dashers just have a little extra support (which you pay for, obviously, in the $30 add-on cost).

Allbirds Tree Dashers vs Brooks Ghost

The Brooks Ghost is a super-popular shoe for nurses and doctors. The highlight, arguably, of the Brooks Ghost 13 is its Segmented Crash Pad that stabilizes your stride as you make each step and impact with the ground – perfect if you’ve had joint issues in the past that can be aggravated by a long shift on the hospital floor.

More Expensive Than Allbirds
Brooks Women Ghost 15 Neutral Running Shoe Brooks Women Ghost 15 Neutral Running Shoe

Perfect running shoes that can be worn throughout long shifts and provide support and comfort to those who suffer from joint pain and plantar fasciitis.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/18/2024 07:54 am GMT

How Allbirds Tree Dashers stack up against Brooks Ghosts:

  • Tree Dashers are less expensive than Brooks Ghost 13
  • Both are well-reviewed as mid-level running shoes
  • Allbirds Tree Dashers are slightly heavier (10.6 oz. or so) compared to Brooks Ghost 13 (10.4 oz.) – a small difference, though, that likely won’t mean a lot to you as a nurse or doctor at work.

Learn more about the Brooks Ghosts and their entire roster of shoes for healthcare workers in our 11 best Brooks shoes for nurses.

Allbirds Tree Dashers vs Adidas Cloudfoam

Adidas is best known for its classic indoor soccer shoes, but it also makes a mean running/nursing shoe in the form of the Adidas Cloudfoam.

MUCH Cheaper than Allbirds
Adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Running Shoe Adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Running Shoe
$75.00 $60.69

A performance sneaker with a handy slip-on design that comes in a variety of color options and a low cost.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/15/2024 06:14 pm GMT

How Allbirds Tree Dashers stack up against Adidas Cloudfoam:

  • Adidas Cloudfoam is significantly more affordable (starting at $65 with lots of options for promotional discounts)
  • More design and color options for Cloudfoam
  • Cloudfoam shoes are made with non-recyclable materials (textile synthetics)
  • The Tree Dashers have laces (which require tying obviously) whereas the Cloudfoam are slip-on (no laces)

Adidas Cloudfoam, while not as highly regarded for its performance as an athletic shoe, is a substantially cheaper and respectable substitute for the Tree Dashers if you’re not willing to spring for the extra $60 bucks or so.

Adidas Cloudfoam made our list of the 9 best tennis shoes for nurses.

Final Thoughts on our Allbirds Tree Dashers Review

Given all the info we’ve covered here, Allbirds Tree Dashers are well-received in the running community, popular among celebs (Obama even wore a pair out in public ), and ideal as a footwear remedy for a long, taxing day at the hospital.

Consider Allbirds Tree Dashers if you:

  • Don’t mind paying a bit extra for a classy pair of work shoes
  • Are committed to social responsibility (Allbirds partners with multiple nonprofit groups and uses recycled materials in its shoes as well like castor beans, sugarcane EVA and natural rubber)
  • Don’t require special footwear (like extra arch or ankle support) due to a previous injury or chronic joint pain
  • Are in the market for machine-washable shoes that dry fast
  • Prefer to go sock-less (they’re designed for sock-free wear)
Women's Tree Dasher 2 | Allbirds Women's Tree Dasher 2 | Allbirds

Super comfy, eco-friendly sneakers for doctors, med students, and nursing students! Upgrades to the original Tree Dasher includes an angular heel for softening impact. Pairs perfectly with Trino Sprinters low socks.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.