Understanding the ACT Test Information Release Service

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

After you take the ACT exam, there is no way to know which questions you answered correctly unless you order the ACT Test Information Release service. Unfortunately, this is not a free service and must be requested separately from registering for the ACT. Read on to understand the ACT Test Information Release service, when you may need it, and how to receive it!

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What is the ACT Test Information Release?

The ACT Test Information (TIR) service sends you three lists upon request. These lists include your answers, the list of test questions, a list of the correct answers, and tables to convert your raw scores to the scaled score you received. Additionally, if you took the optional writing portion, you will get a copy of the writing prompt, the rubric used for scoring, and the scores you received from the two readers (graders) of the essay.

When is the ACT Test Information Release Available?

The TIR service offered by the ACT is only available for the ACT tests taken in April, June, and December. You have up to three months after taking the ACT to order the TIR service or you can purchase it upon registering for the ACT. The test dates that allow the TIR service are for the following dates:

You can refer to the ACT’s official TIR page for changes in this schedule. If you order the ACT TIR before taking the ACT, you will receive your booklet and answer key within 4 weeks after the score release. If you ordered the TIR after taking the ACT, you’ll receive the service within 3-5 weeks after score release.

What Exactly is Included in the ACT Test Information Release?

As previously mentioned, here is the list of the exact information you will receive upon ordering the ACT Test Information Release:

  1. A copy of the multiple-choice test questions used on test day
  2. The list of answers you gave
  3. Answer key

If you also took the optional ACT essay, the TIR requested will also provide:

  1. The writing prompt
  2. The scoring rubric
  3. The scores received by the 2 different ACT graders

How much does the ACT TIR Service Cost?

The cost for the TIR service is $20 and can be found here. Unfortunately, this service cannot be purchased online so you must send a check or money order to the designated address.

What can the ACT Test Information Release be used for?

First and foremost, the ACT TIR can be used as a study aid to see what questions you got wrong and build a study plan around improving upon these areas (either on your own or in an ACT prep course). Furthermore, if you think your scores seem really off, it can also be used as a way to double-check your answers, as every once in a blue moon the ACT grading makes mistakes. Here are the main reasons we’d suggest order the ACT TIR:

Reasons to Order the TIR:

  • It makes a good study tool: As far as ACT test prep goes, learning from your own mistakes is one of the most efficient and effective means of studying. The ACT TIR will provide you with all the questions you got wrong so that you can better understand why you answered it correctly and can improve upon this in your retake. That said, if you are planning on retaking the ACT, you probably will not receive the TIR in time to study for the next ACT test, which means you will need to skip the next testing day and take the ACT the following test date. Here is a list of the ACT test dates this year.
  • You think the ACT made an error when grading your test: This is the cheapest way to check whether the ACT had any errors when grading or processing your ACT scores. This can be the first step before investing in Hand Scoring, which can cost up to $90 for the multiple choice and writing section. If, after reviewing your ACT TIR, you found errors in the grading, then the Hand Scoring is a great next step, which will be reimbursed to you, should they find an erorr.

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