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UWorld vs Archer NCLEX: Which Prep Is Superior?

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

The NCLEX is no joke, and every nursing student knows it. UWorld and Archer both claim to have the secret sauce to help you pass, but which one actually delivers? Let’s break down these two heavy-hitters, compare features, costs, and see what real users are saying to help you make the right choice.

Feature UWorld NCLEX Archer NCLEX
Price $399 (Qbank Only) – $549 (Self-Paced) Starts at $397
Practice Tests 2 (Self-Paced) 10
Practice Questions 2,800+ 7,100+
Video Instruction Limited 98+ lessons
Content Access Period 30 days – 1 year 1 year
High Score Guarantee?
Personalized Study Plans
Adaptive Learning Technology


uworld nclex

UWorld is the big kid on the block when it comes to NCLEX prep, famous for its massive, challenging question bank. The philosophy? Practice makes perfect, and UWorld gives you a lot to practice with.


  • Giant Question Bank: Thousands of questions mimicking the NCLEX style and difficulty.
  • In-Depth Explanations: Every answer, right or wrong, gets a detailed breakdown to solidify your learning.
  • Performance Tracking: See your strengths and weaknesses to focus your study time where it counts.
  • Highly Respected: Many nursing schools and students swear by UWorld’s effectiveness.


  • Can Be Overwhelming: The sheer amount of content can be daunting for some.
  • Not Much Hand-Holding: It’s mostly you and the questions, not a lot of extra guidance.

Archer NCLEX

archer nclex

Archer takes a more holistic approach, offering not just questions, but video lessons, adaptive learning, and even personalized study plans. It’s designed to be your all-in-one NCLEX companion.


  • Comprehensive Prep: Combines questions with lessons and study tools for a well-rounded approach.
  • Personalized Learning: The platform adapts to your performance, focusing on areas you need to improve.
  • Engaging Content: Video lessons and interactive features make studying more enjoyable.
  • More Affordable: Offers a lower price point than UWorld for budget-conscious students.


  • Smaller Question Bank: Fewer questions compared to UWorld.
  • Mixed Reviews on Content Quality: Some users find the explanations less detailed than UWorld’s.

Features Face-to-Face

Practice Questions & Tests

Image of practice question from UWorld’s NCLEX Review on laptop]

UWorld’s practice test interface

UWorld wins hands down with thousands of questions, while Archer has a smaller but still substantial bank. Both of these courses are designed to closely mirror the real NCLEX in terms of style and difficulty.

Class Material and Instruction

UWorld focuses on practice questions with detailed rationales, with no additional lessons or instruction. Archer, on the other hand, offers video lessons, study guides, and review modules in addition to its practice questions. If you were looking for a course that is more of a comprehensive review, then Archer is going to be the best fit for you.

Learning Experience / Platform

archer nclex platfor

Overall, the Archer NCLEX platform is more visually appealing and interactive – with adaptive learning to help personalize your experience. While UWorld has a clean and straightforward interface, it can feel repetitive with only question-style formatting.

Pass Guarantee and Refunds

Neither of these courses offer a pass guarantee or refund. This is notable if you are looking for some extra insurance regarding whether you will pass the NCLEX your first time.

Free Trial

Both UWorld and Archer offer free trials of their NCLEX courses – so you can test the waters before enrolling in a prep course.

Student Support

Both UWorld and Archer provide student support through email and live chat.

The Bottom Line

Use UWorld NCLEX if you:

  • Want the most realistic NCLEX practice questions available.
  • Prefer a self-paced, question-driven learning style.
  • Are willing to pay a premium for a proven resource.

Use Archer NCLEX if you:

  • Want a more comprehensive prep experience with videos and study tools.
  • Prefer a personalized learning path that adapts to your needs.
  • Are looking for a more affordable option.