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The Best Pharmacology Flashcards [BUYING GUIDE]

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

Whether you are studying to pass pharmacology class or brushing up before the NCLEX, we’ve got the best pharmacology flashcards that will get you the test scores that you are looking for! We’re going to share some student-tested, classroom developed pharmacology flashcards that allow for test-yourself reviewing for the top generic medications!

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In a hurry? Check out our top 3:

Mosby’s Pharmacology Memory NoteCards

First on our list of the best pharmacology flashcards is Mosby’s Pharmacology Memory Notecards. For those who are visual learners or think they may benefit from changing up their studying methods, these pharmacology flashcards by Mosby is going to be a great way to get your medications memorized.

Each flashcard comes with a cartoon illustration on the front. The illustration is a humorous dialogue, which helps you to retain the information better than if you were just looking at a standard flashcard or block of text. On the back of each flashcard, you will find important details about the drug including: mode of action, uses, side effects, what to monitor for, and patient teaching.

These flashcards are compact enough that you can easily carry them around in your nurse bag or backpack (check out our favorite backpacks for nursing school), making for the best on-the-go studying available. These flashcards are convenient in that they are spiral bound together at the top so you don’t lose any flashcards. Each of the flashcards is laminated, meaning that these great pharmacology flashcards can keep up with you wherever and whenever you decide to study!

These flashcards really encompass a well-rounded way to study pharmacology, with the illustrations for visual learners, mnemonics for easy recall and better retention, as well as color-highlighted monographs.

Best Overall
Mosby's Pharmacology Memory NoteCards Mosby's Pharmacology Memory NoteCards
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Pharm Phlash! Pharmacology Flash Cards

Second on our list of the best pharmacology flashcards is Valerie I. Leek’s Pharm Phlash Cards. These flashcards cover the critical details for over 400 of the top generic medications you will come across in pharmacology class, on the NCLEX, as well as throughout your nursing career!

These pharmacology flashcards are grouped by color with tabs for easy indexing and organization of systems. Given that these are flashcards, you are only going to get the key bits of information needed as a basic review of the top medicines, meaning you can easily retain key concepts for a large amount of drugs, especially for the NCLEX!

The card quality is good, with each card being water resistant and glossy. These cards are durable and will will easily outlast you throughout your pharmacology studying.

Pharm Phlash!: Pharmacology Flash Cards Pharm Phlash!: Pharmacology Flash Cards

These flashcards are proven to help you to increase your pharmacology score on the NCLEX.

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Pharmacology Flashcards 5th Edition

These pharmacology flashcards by Dr. George M. Brenner make our list for its concise and and easy-to-read set for pharmacology studying. In this set of pharmacology flashcards, you will get full-color cards that cover the most common medicines. You will be able to practice the pronunciation of these medicines (rather than say it wrong to a patient!), as well as learn the drug class, MOA, clinical use, special considerations, adverse effects, interactions, and similar drugs (generic and trade names).

On each card, there is a “need to know” section as well as a tip on where to find more on this drug in their book Brenner and Stevens’ Pharmacology. This book is a great addition to these flashcards, but is not necessary for their function. When you purchase these flashcards, you will also have access to their Student Consult eBook version. This Student Consult eBook will give you access to 30 additional cards as well as comparison charts.

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Lange Pharmacology Flashcards

Rounding up our list of the best pharmacology flashcards is Lange Pharmacology Flashcards, Fourth Edition. This set of flashcards was created by medical students for medical students, but this set is still helpful for nursing students and those planning on taking the NCLEX.

There are 200 flashcards provided in this set with clinical vignettes with important concepts as well as tips on how they will appear in the real-world. All of the essential info about the drug is bolded, making it easy for quick reference and studying. We don’t recommend purchasing this set of pharmacology flashcards on the Kindle version, however, due to the fact that in this edition, you cannot test yourself as you would with the physical flashcards.

Lange Pharmacology Flashcards, Fourth Edition Lange Pharmacology Flashcards, Fourth Edition

Get prepped with these 266 two-sided flash cards.

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Best Free Pharmacology Flashcards

We hope you find this list of pharmacology flashcards helpful and are able to benefit for this effective and efficient method of studying. For those, however, who wish not to purchase flashcards, you do have additional options! You can consider making flashcards yourself or by having a look at this list of free pharmacology flashcards from to add to your study plan.

About these flash cards:

These free pharmacology flashcards were made by nursing students who were taking pharmacology at the time, meaning they are going to provide the key points learned in class.

You may notice that they are geared for ATI testing, which can be helpful for those who are already planning on taking the TEAS or NCLEX. All of these flashcards can be downloaded and accessed online, meaning you can take them on-the-go with any appliance including your phone, tablet, or PC. You also can consider printing them out and laminating them to make your own hard copies.

You can edit these flashcards to fit whatever class you are taking or specialized study method you prefer. These flash cards are pretty organized, by system, as well as serialized so you can keep track of them. We hope you enjoy these free pharmacology flashcards!

For more ways to study for pharmacology, check out this article by Registered Nurse RN.

Regardless of what pharmacology flashcards you think are the best, we hope you enjoyed our list of flashcards for both purchase as well as for free! Let us know about your pharmacology journey and which flashcards you found the most helpful by commenting below!

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