vs simple nursing vs. Simple Nursing: Which NCLEX Prep Course Dominates?

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

Let’s face it: The NCLEX is a beast. It’s the final hurdle between you and that coveted RN license. But with a mountain of prep courses vying for your attention (and wallet), how do you choose the one that’ll actually get you across the finish line?

Fear not, future nurse! We’re diving deep into two popular online NCLEX prep contenders: and Simple Nursing. We’ll dissect their features, prices, and user feedback to help you decide which course aligns best with you.

FeatureNursing.comSimple Nursing
Practice Tests5 (SIMCLEX®)1 (Readiness Assessment)
Practice Questions6,500+2,000+
Content Access Period1 month – 2 years1 month – Lifetime
Hard Copy Books?NoNo
Money-Back Guarantee?200% Guarantee (conditions apply)3-day Guarantee
Free Trial?3 days5 days
Cost (Most Affordable)$39/month$25/month
Cost (Most Expensive)$139/month$59/month (Plus)
Learning StyleAll styles, focus on videoVisual, auditory
Teaching StyleComprehensive, structuredConcise, mnemonic-based
Unique FeaturesSIMCLEX®, NCLEX Readiness ReportPICMONICs, Streaming Lectures
Pass GuaranteeYes (conditional)No

Course Overview: A Quick Look

Both and Simple Nursing are geared towards helping nursing students conquer the NCLEX online. But their approaches differ. NCLEX Prep app is like the overachiever of NCLEX prep courses. It throws everything but the kitchen sink at you, aiming to cover every possible topic you might encounter on the exam.

See our full review of


  • Engaging Video Lessons: Forget boring lectures!’s videos are high-quality, concise, and taught by enthusiastic instructors.
  • Content Galore: They leave no stone unturned, offering lessons, study guides, cheat sheets, and more to ensure you have all the knowledge you need.
  • SIMCLEX®: This realistic simulation is like taking the NCLEX in your pajamas (minus the stress sweat, hopefully). It’s a great way to gauge your readiness and identify areas that need more attention.
  • NCLEX Readiness Report: This personalized report analyzes your performance and provides targeted recommendations to help you focus your studies.


  • Pricey: isn’t cheap. But hey, quality education often comes with a hefty price tag.
  • Information Overload: Some users find the sheer amount of content overwhelming. It’s like trying to drink from a firehose—exciting at first, but potentially exhausting in the long run.’s 458-page color review book

What Users Say boasts a 99.25% pass rate but only a 3.3 rating on Google Play. Users who have passed rave about the engaging videos and comprehensive content, but some warn about the steep learning curve.

Simple Nursing

simple nursing

If is the overachiever, Simple Nursing is the cool, laid-back kid who still aces the tests. It focuses on making NCLEX prep fun and accessible with its visual learning tools and budget-friendly pricing.


  • PICMONICs: These picture mnemonics are like cheat codes for your brain. They help you effortlessly memorize complex concepts with fun visuals and clever rhymes.
  • Affordability: is a wallet-friendly option, making NCLEX prep accessible to more students.
  • Clear Explanations: The content is presented in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner, even for the most complex topics.
  • NCLEX Readiness Assessment: This tool tracks your progress and identifies areas where you need to focus your efforts.


  • Smaller Question Bank: Compared to, has fewer practice questions. But hey, quality over quantity, right?
  • Visual Learning: If you’re not a visual learner, the PICMONICs might not be your cup of tea.

What Users Say:

Simple Nursing has a 96% pass rate (according to their website) and a 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot. Users love the PICMONICs and affordable price, but some crave more in-depth explanations.

Features Face-to-Face


FeatureNursing.comSimple Nursing
Most Affordable Option$39/month$25/month
Most Expensive Option$139/month$59/month (Plus)

As you can see, Simple Nursing takes the crown for affordability. However,’s higher price tag reflects its extensive features and resources.

Practice Questions & Tests

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to the NCLEX. Here’s how the two courses stack up:

  • Boasts a whopping 6,500+ practice questions, many of which are written by former NCLEX writers. They also offer SIMCLEX®, a simulated NCLEX exam that mirrors the real deal.
  • Simple Nursing: Offers a smaller question bank, but their questions are still designed to closely resemble the NCLEX style and difficulty level.

If you’re a question-crushing machine who thrives on practice, might be your jam. But if you prefer quality over quantity, Simple Nursing’s focused question bank could be just what you need.’s SIMCLEX

Class Material & Instruction

How do you learn best? Let’s see how each platform caters to different learning styles:

  • Their video lessons are top-notch, featuring clear explanations, animations, and real-life scenarios. Each lesson is paired with notes, cheat sheets, and practice questions to solidify your understanding.
  • Simple Nursing: This platform is a visual learner’s paradise. Their PICMONICs turn dry facts into memorable images and stories, making it easier to retain information. They also offer video lessons, but they are shorter and more focused than’s.
simple nursing rx

Simple Nursing visuals are top-notch

Score Guarantees and Refunds offers a 200% score guarantee. If you don’t pass the NCLEX after completing their course, they’ll refund your money and pay for your next attempt. Simple Nursing does not offer a score guarantee – though they have a 3-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the course.

Free Trials

Both platforms offer free trials, so you can take them for a spin before committing:

  • 3-day free trial
  • Simple Nursing: 5-day free trial

Payment Plans

Both offer monthly subscriptions or annual one-time payment options.

The Bottom Line

  • Choose if you:
    • Prefer a comprehensive, structured course with every resource imaginable.
    • Love engaging video lessons and detailed explanations.
    • Want a realistic NCLEX simulation to test your skills.
  • Choose Simple Nursing if you:
    • Are a visual learner who thrives on mnemonics and visual aids.
    • Want an affordable, straightforward course that cuts to the chase.
    • Prefer a more relaxed learning environment with a touch of humor.

Ultimately, the best NCLEX prep course is the one that fits YOUR learning style and budget. Try the free trials, compare the features, and choose the platform that makes you feel confident and prepared to tackle the NCLEX.