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The 15 Best Nurse Side Hustles & Gigs

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

Sometimes a nurse side hustle is a great option to bring in some extra cash. Nursing shifts can be demanding, and they don’t always pay the most. There are tons of side hustles that will put your nursing expertise to good use. Many also have flexible, simple scheduling!

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The 15 Best Nurse Side Hustles in 2024

Freelance Health Writer

nurse freelance writer

Hourly Rate: $39

Basic Requirements: Medical knowledge, good writing skills

If you have a good grasp of grammar and like writing about medical topics, then freelance health writing might be the perfect side hustle for you. Not only does this side hustle have super flexible hours, but it’s also one of the most lucrative gigs you can get.

You’ll work with multiple clients by completing contracts to write articles, blogs, and other pieces. Typically, you’ll be expected to research a medical topic and then write about it. A medical background is a huge advantage in this line of work.


  • Great for strong writers
  • High potential pay rate
  • Ability to refresh your medical knowledge
  • Completely flexible hours


  • Finding work is sometimes hard
  • Can be frustrating if you struggle with writing

How to Get Started: The best way to get started is by signing up with online content platforms like Textbroker and Upwork. Your writing will be evaluated, and then you’ll connect with clients.

Immunization Nurse

best nurse side hustles

Hourly Rate: $28.50

Basic Requirements: Nursing degree, license, immunization experience

Immunization nurses can be hired on a temporary or permanent basis. Sometimes they’re hired by healthcare facilities or the government during flu season, or during public health crises like COVID-19.

The purpose of an immunization nurse is to give patients vaccines, provide education, and determine what other vaccines a patient may need. They are experts in vaccines and evaluate the health needs of the broader community as well.


  • Temporary or permanent positions
  • Relatively simple work
  • Uses your nursing degree
  • Government and healthcare jobs


  • Tough to do as a side job
  • Hours can be strenuous

How to Get Started: If there is a current or upcoming need for vaccination experts, you should get in contact with your local hospital or government agency to be considered for a position.

CPR Instructor

best nurse side hustle

Hourly Rate: $23.50

Basic Requirements: CPR certification, instructor course, monitored training

A CPR instructor is, as you’d expect, someone who teaches CPR classes. You will show students how to use CPR techniques, correct their forms, and assess their skills. At the end of the class, they will receive their CPR certifications.

In addition to having your own CPR certification, you must be able to lift CPR equipment, teach students, and have a high school diploma. Depending on the institution, you might be expected to have a few years of teaching experience first. This can be a great side hustle for nurses who are interested in teaching. 


  • Relatively little training required
  • Great for natural leaders and teachers
  • Can be employed by multiple different institutions
  • Teach students to save lives


  • Tough without prior teaching experience
  • Must be in good physical shape

How to Get Started: To be certified with the American Red Cross, you need to get your CPR certification (which are offered online at the American Red Cross website) and then go through a CPR instructor certification course.

Telehealth Nurse

telehealth nurse

Hourly Rate: $38

Basic Requirements: Nursing degree, license and certification

Telehealth communication has become much more common since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a telehealth nurse, you will work over the phone or over a video call instead of in person.

Telehealth nurses will assess patients and provide education and counseling. They may offer crisis intervention services, as well as triage care. A variety of potential institutions might employ them, like healthcare facilities, home care agencies, and insurance companies.


  • Flexible commuting and scheduling
  • Low personal risk with patient contact
  • Ability to perform normal nursing duties
  • Work available in multiple industries


  • Not ideal for those not good with computers
  • Requires long periods of sitting

How to Get Started: Since you’re a nurse already, you can probably find out what telehealth opportunities are available in your own work setting. Or you can look for job postings on job search websites like Indeed.

Part-Time Caregiver

home health aid

Hourly Rate: $13.50

Basic Requirements: High school diploma, ability to lift 50 pounds, car access

A part time caregiver will have a relatively flexible schedule, making it the perfect nurse side hustle. You might work with your client during times you have off from your regular nursing job. Since the job isn’t full time, it works well as a side hustle for healthcare workers.

As a caregiver, you will help your client with their daily activities. The exact details will vary depending on the client’s needs. Typically, you might help with dressing, bathing, cooking, and offering medication. You will also offer companionship to the client.


  • One-on-one work with clients
  • Part time with flexible scheduling
  • Often includes downtime to relax
  • Can work in the home or specialized facilities


  • Not ideal for those who dislike one-on-one work
  • May be emotionally intensive

How to Get Started: You may be able to find out from your colleagues or administrators whether there are caregiver jobs available in the area. You can also create a profile on and find caregiver jobs in your area. 

Set Up an Etsy Shop

etsy shop

Hourly Rate: $12

Basic Requirements: Internet connection, shipping tools

Etsy is one of the most popular websites for crafty small business owners. If you have a creative hobby that you want to monetize, the platform is perfect for it! Many hobbyists run a small Etsy shop on the side to supplement their income, making it a great nurse side hustle to work around your busy schedule.

It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll only make money on Etsy if your items actually sell. That means people need to be able to find your store, and your products need to be both decently priced and high quality. Be forewarned, however, that running a successful online business can be tough.


  • Small business
  • Total creative control
  • Set your own hours
  • Scale for your needs


  • Can be labor intensive
  • Takes a while to make money

How to Get Started: Once you’ve figured out a niche, make an Etsy account and set up your store. It’s free to set up your store and there is only a small fee for uploading products to your store. 

Lactation Consultant

lactation consultant

Hourly Rate: $42

Basic Requirements: Certification, 90 training hours, clinical experience

A lactation consultant is a nurse who helps mothers and babies with lactation. In this role, you will work with patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. You’ll gather information about the patient’s medical history, the needs of the baby, and the current lactation markers.

With each patient, you will create an individual care plan to help improve lactation. This will take into account social, psychological, and physical factors. You will follow up with the patient, provide education, and work with other healthcare professionals.


  • High rate of pay
  • Work with new moms
  • Consistent work available
  • Develop individual care plans


  • Not ideal for nurses who dislike maternity care
  • Requires some extra training

How to Get Started: Lactation consultants are often in high demand. You should find out what requirements there are at your local hospital and get to work meeting them. You can also browse job boards like Indeed for local listings.

Medical Transcription

Hourly Rate: $15.50

Basic Requirements: High school diploma, knowledge of medical terminology, certification

The role of a medical transcriptionist is to write down the audio recordings made by physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers. You must have a strong background in medical terminology for this, so being a nurse is a bonus.

As part of the job, you will write and format reports with the audio information. You will also interpret abbreviations and terminology when writing out patient histories, discharge papers, and related documentation.


  • Great for fast typists
  • Flexible hours and scheduling
  • In-demand job
  • Work in multiple different settings


  • Bad for slow typists
  • Learning abbreviations can be frustrating

How to Get Started: Most transcriptionists work in physicians offices and hospitals. See whether any of your local healthcare settings are in need of a new transcriptionist. There are also many remote opportunities for medical transcriptionists on Upwork.

Medical Surveys

medical surveys

Hourly Rate: $60 (limited surveys)

Basic Requirements: Nursing experience, meeting survey demographic requirements

Paid medical surveys are one of the most lucrative nurse side hustles available, when you consider the hourly rate. However, the number of available surveys is typically limited. In just a few minutes, you can pocket a significant amount of extra cash.

Medical surveys are often offered by pharmaceutical companies and government entities to learn more about healthcare workers. Because you have to be a licensed healthcare worker, they pay more than average marketing surveys.


  • Very lucrative
  • Doesn’t take much time
  • Multiple sites to use
  • Legitimate surveys


  • May not qualify for every survey
  • Number of surveys is limited

How to Get Started: You might consider signing up for websites like My Medical Panel, which connect healthcare workers to relevant paid surveys.

Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

Hourly Rate: $16.50

Basic Requirements: Experience, familiarity with online technology and scheduling

Virtual assistants are self-employed contractors. As such, they have total control over how often and how much they work. As the name implies, they work virtually, usually from their home office. This is an easy gig to pick up in your downtime at home.

The virtual assistant position is also very simple. You will typically offer administrative services to your clients. Maybe you’ll make phone calls, manage emails, schedule appointments, or make travel plans. Some people also offer online services like social media maintenance.


  • Self-employed with flexible hours
  • Work from home
  • Very easy to do
  • Can offer additional services


  • Admin tasks might bore some
  • Doesn’t use your nursing degree

How to Get Started: Consider signing up for different virtual assistant platforms like Time Etc., Prialto, or Upwork.

Cosmetic Injector

cosmetic injector

Hourly Rate: $38

Basic Requirements: Nursing degree, 2 years working with a physician in cosmetics

You might also consider using your nursing degree for the cosmetics industry. There’s a strong need for healthcare professionals who can offer cosmetic services. A cosmetic injector is a nurse who provides physical injections of cosmetics like Botox.

You may also perform injections of things like dermal lip and cheek fillers. You will assess patients to determine whether they are suitable for certain cosmetic treatments. In addition to fillers and Botox, you may help with chemical skincare treatments and laser hair removal.


  • Well paying job
  • Requires nursing degree
  • Multiple cosmetic treatments
  • Simple patient assessment


  • Not ideal for those who dislike cosmetics
  • Hours may not be the most flexible

How to Get Started: There are frequent job postings for cosmetic injectors on ZipRecruiter and Indeed. 

Camp Nurse

summer camp nurse

Hourly Rate: $28

Basic Requirements: Nursing degree, certification, CPR training

A camp nurse is someone who provides qualified medical care at a summer camp. Usually the nurse will be the top supervisor in charge of the medical team. There may be a few nurses who take different shifts throughout the weeks.

As the camp nurse, you will need to do health checks of the campers. You’ll also need to make sure that each camper gets their daily medication, and respond in cases of medical emergency. You may need to take injured campers to the hospital for evaluation and communicate with parents as well.


  • Summer job
  • Lots of responsibility
  • Good rate of pay
  • Ability to delegate to a team


  • Full time commitment
  • Not good if you dislike working with kids

How to Get Started: Find out which summer camps are looking for nurses locally or online at Summer Camp Jobs. You’ll want to get your application in long before the camp season starts, between February through May. 

Birth Doula

Hourly Rate: $29

Basic Requirements: Completion of training and certification

A birth doula is also often referred to as a childbirth attendant. This is a healthcare professional who gives physical, educational, and emotional support to new mothers. After the mother gives birth, the doula may visit the baby’s home to see how things are going.

Doulas are present throughout the labor process to provide advice and guidance. They function as a source of comfort and encouragement for a new mom. In addition to providing education, you will also listen to the new mom and address her concerns with compassion.


  • Great for kind and compassionate nurses
  • Help new moms through childbirth
  • Create a connection with the baby
  • Make sure mothers adjust well after birth


  • Not ideal for those who dislike childbirth
  • Can be emotionally taxing without the right temperament

How to Get Started: As a nurse practitioner, you’ve already fulfilled many of the requirements to become a birth doula. You might consider getting an official certification and special childbirth training. These doula trainings can be completed online with institutes such as Birthing From Within

Nurse Tutoring

nurse tutoring

Hourly Rate: $29.50

Basic Requirements: Proficiency in the material, competency at teaching

A nurse tutor can be anyone who is tutoring nursing students in their classes or as they prep for the NCLEX. If the students are struggling in a particular area, you can focus on that particular topic. The needs of different students will be uniquely varied depending on the individual.

This position works well for nurses who like to teach, especially if you remember a lot from your own nursing school days or from prepping for the NCLEX. You may be hired privately by students or taken on by the school itself to provide resources to students.


  • Teaching nursing students
  • Great for natural teachers
  • High rate of pay
  • Flexible scheduling


  • Must know source material very well
  • Must adapt to different learning styles

How to Get Started: The best way to get started is by finding out whether there’s a need for tutors in your local nursing program. You can find this out by asking at the library or administrative office. There are also online nursing tutoring opportunities at tutoring sites such as Wyzant and Varsity Tutors

Prenatal Class Teacher

prenatal class

Hourly Rate: $35

Basic Requirements: Training and certification

By teaching prenatal classes, you will be responsible for helping women and their partners prepare for childbirth. This is one of the best nurse side hustles for those who have past experience in the maternity ward.

Some of the class will be educational, teaching parents about caring for infants and the stages of pregnancy. Some will involve teaching women labor techniques and methods of relaxation. You’ll also educate mothers about how to provide nutrition for their infants.


  • High rate of pay
  • Prenatal teachers are in demand
  • Great if you have past maternity ward experience
  • Connect with expectant parents


  • Requires some training and certification
  • Not ideal if you struggle to teach

How to Get Started: You can get started in person with jobs posted on sites such as Ziprecruiter as well as apply to remote birth educator roles on Womb Room.

Nurse Side Hustle FAQ

How can an RN make extra money?

There are multiple jobs that an RN can take on to make extra money. For example, you could be a freelance writer or a part-time caregiver.

What’s the easiest way for a nurse to make an extra $1,000 a month?

Nurses can make an extra $1,000 a month by doing jobs like freelance writing, student tutoring, and prenatal class teaching.

How can nurses work for themselves?

Nurses have a unique medical skillset that is valuable for teaching and caregiving. You can also set up a small business like freelancing or Etsy selling.

How can nurses make money online quickly?

Nurses have the opportunity to participate in things like medical surveys. You can also look for medical transcription and freelance writing jobs online.

Final Thoughts

A nurse side hustle is a great option if you have a little extra time and want some extra income – you can also prep for interviews using this guide for nursing strengths and weaknesses.

But it is important that a side hustle for nurse practitioner doesn’t distract you from patient care. You don’t want to exhaust yourself so much that your patients suffer for it.

One of the best nurse side hustle options is to be a freelance health writer. This is among the best jobs for nursing students and nurses alike! Freelance writers have super flexible hours and time commitments. You can write as much or as little as you want. At the same time, you can easily work from home or do a little writing on your downtime at your regular job!