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nurse graduation party

Throw the Best Nurse Graduation Party [30 Inspiring Ideas]

Wanting to plan the best nurse graduation party? Here we run through 30 inspiring ideas to help you throw the most awesome nurse grad party EVER!
first aid kit

The Ultimate New Nurse Survival Kit [36 Ideas for the RN Survival]

Want the perfect gift to give any nurse or nursing student? Check out our 36 awesome ideas to help you make the ultimate nurse survival kit gift!

10 Free NCLEX Practice Tests & Quizzes [1000s of FREE Questions]

Every registered nurse must know how to pass the NCLEX! Get practicing for the NCLEX with these 10 free NCLEX practice tests and NCLEX practice questions!
gift for male nurses

9 Unique Gifts for Male Nurses [2020 Buying Guide]

Struggling to find a unique gift for a male nurse? Look no further! Here we list the top gifts for male nurses to help you find the perfect one.
uworld review

UWorld NCLEX Review: A Look at the Curriculum, Platform, & Reputation

UWorld NCLEX provides a wide array of review questions with in-depth rationales, but it might not be the best NCLEX review program for your situation.
kaplan logo

Kaplan NCLEX Review

Is Kaplan’s NCLEX Review really worth it? Get the skinny on its curriculum, platform, and reputation among top commercial NCLEX prep courses!
crushnclex logo

CrushNCLEX Review: A Great Self-Study Option for Aspiring Nurses

The CrushNCLEX review program offers a lot of important content to subscribers, but their review package may not be the best fit for all students.

Our 5 Favorite Scrub Skirts & Nursing Skirts [New Buying Guide 2019]

Scrubs have a lot of advantages from a practical point of view, but they aren’t always stylish – here are 5 awesome scrub skirts that stand out!

7 Best Nursing Penlights [2020 Buying Guide For All Budgets]

Don’t make a bad first impression with patients! Here are the 7 best nursing penlights for any speciality and a range of budgets!
nurse gift box

17 Nurses Gift Baskets [Includes Helpful Buying Guide]

Our favorite gift baskets for nurses – perfect for your colleague, friend, or nurse who is taking care of your loved ones.
Scrub dresses

5 Cute Scrub Dresses For Nurses [Perfect for Pinning Ceremonies!]

Here are 7 cute scrub dresses for nurses that are both functional as well as stylish! Perfect outfits for nursing pinning ceremonies!
nurse compression socks

The 9 Best Compression Socks for Nurses [Expert Buying Guide 2020]

Don’t get caught with swollen ankles at the end of the day. We’ve got the 9 best compression socks for nurses to feel great at the end of your long shift!

NCLEX Mastery Review – Should You Get This App?

Wondering if NCLEX Mastery is worth it? Check out our review where we look at the value, curriculum and overall platform.
Hurst NCLEX Review

Hurst NCLEX Review: A Look at the Platform, Material, & Reputation

98.6% of test takers pass the NCLEX after using Hurst’s review course, but is Hurst Review worth it? Take a look at our platform & curriculum review.

11 of the Best Shoes for Nurses [2020 Buying Guide]

Aching feet at the end of the day? Consider some of these best shoes for nurses that blend both comfort and style for a long day at the hospital!

What is Nursing School Like? What You Should Know Before Enrollment

Wondering what to expect in nursing school? Here are the things you want to know so you can decide if it’s for you!
night nurse shirt

15 Funny Nurse Shirts That Will Put a Smile on Your Face!

Find some good ol’ humor in your day-to-day with these 15 funny nurse shirts that are guaranteed to get you through your next shift!
nurse tattoo

Can Nurses Have Tattoos [Outdated Policy Updates in 2020]

Can nurses have tattoos? The short answer is yes, but read on to see whether your tattoo will be allowed in the workplace.
nurse hairstyle

7 Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Nurses [Get Ready in 5 Minutes]

Looking for quick and easy hairstyles to fit your busy nurse schedule? Start here with our 7 ideas that will take less than 5 minutes!
nursing pins for pinning ceremony

The Top 6 Nursing Pins (and the Fascinating Story Behind Them!)

We’re taking you through a nursing pin history lesson and sharing with you our top 6 nursing pins for nursing graduation!
best watches for nurses

The 11 Best Watches for Nurses [Styles For Every Budget]

Here are 11 of the best watches for nurses that are designed to actually help you be more effective in the workplace – check them out now!
what are clinicals in nursing school

What are Clinicals in Nursing School? [Our Expert Guide on Clinicals]

Nursing school clinicals shed light on the nursing career that you simply cannot learn from a book – check out why they are so helpfulf for future nurses
nursing school backpacks

The 7 Best Nursing School Backpacks [2020 Buying Guide]

Don’t get caught with your high school backpack – we’ve got 7 awesome nursing school backpacks to get you to class in style!
Nurse tote bags

Our 5 Favorite Nurse Tote Bags [Function & Style Guide 2020]

Good nurse tote bags shouldn’t sacrifice looks for functionality – here are our 5 favorite nursing totes that have it all!
Best Pharmacology Flashcards

Top 4 Pharmacology Flashcards [Proven Effective in 2020]

Don’t get intimidated by the sheer amount of drug memorization necessary for the NCLEX – we’ve got an alternative – fun & effective pharmacology flashcards!

These are the 5 Best Laptops for Nursing Students for 2020

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a laptop for school that can’t keep up with the demand. Here are the 5 best laptops for nursing students!
patron saint of nurses

The Patron Saint of Nurses – Saint Agatha’s Story is a Must-Read!

We can’t make this kind of story up – read about the patron saint of nurses, Saint Agatha, and be inspired by her story of resilience!
Stethoscope Covers for Nurses

10 Cute Stethoscope Covers to Add Flair to Your Wardrobe

Have fun spicing up your wardrobe with these ten fun homemade stethoscope covers that we handpicked just for you!
Subjective vs Objective Data

Understand Subjective vs Objective Data (and Why it Matters!)

If subjective vs objective data has you in a ball of confusion, you’re probably overthinking it! Check out our simple guide to understand the differences
Physiology Coloring Books

Our 4 Top Physiology Coloring Books Recommendations

Make studying physiology a blast and even more effective with one of these 4 physiology coloring books on our list!
best anatomy coloring books

6 Anatomy Coloring Books for Effective & Fun Nursing Studies!

Learning anatomy can actually be fun and proven more effective than traditional studying using these 6 anatomy coloring books!
sat test day

NCLEX Testing Centers International & Domestic + Scheduling Tips

Scheduling your NCLEX appointment is a bit different than registering for other exams. Find NCLEX testing centers near you & book your NCLEX!

BoardVitals Review + 10% Off Coupon

Considering BoardVitals for your test review? Be sure to read our in-depth BoardVitals review and enjoy our 10% off BoardVitals coupons!
foldable clipboards

The 6 Best Nursing Clipboards & Foldable Clipboards for Efficiency

A nursing clipboard should improve organization, not hurt it! Check out our favorite nursing clipboards and foldable clipboards for efficiency

37 Hilarious Nursing School Memes to Brighten Your Studies

Everyone deserves a break when studying, especially you nursing school students! We’ve got the best nursing memes to brighten your day

18 Nifty Stethoscope Accessories for Doctors & Nurses

Working in the medical profession doesn’t mean you can’t have your own flair. Check out some of these stethoscope accessories to spice up your wardrobe

15 Best Nursing Bags & Lunch Bags for Nurses & Medical Professionals

Having a practical nursing bag no longer means sacrificing on looks. Check out our list of the 12 best nursing bags and medical utility bags for this year!
test prep

7 Best NCLEX Review Courses + Exclusive $ Discounts for 2020

Don’t waste your time on an ineffective NCLEX review course – we’ve got 7 of the best NCLEX review courses for this year!

Is the NCLEX Hard? Let’s Look at the Actual Test Difficulty

The NCLEX is different for each test taker, which is why to answer the question – “Is the NCLEX hard?” we have to look at other factors.
on schedule

The Best 5-Week NCLEX Study Plan for Passing the NCLEX!

The NCLEX can be intimidating but we’ve got you covered with this 5-week NCLEX study plan that will help you pass the NCLEX!

What’s a Passing NCLEX Score, Anyway? NCLEX-RN Scoring Summary

What is a passing NCLEX score? Get in-the-know about what you need to score on the NCLEX to become an entry-level nurse and start your career!
nclex computer lab

How Many Times Can You Take the NCLEX? [plus NCLEX pass rates]

We’re asked this question all the time. How many times can you take the NCLEX? We’ve got answers, plus some tips on how to use the NCLEX pass rates to determine your chances!
nclex stands for

What the NCLEX Stands For (it’s more than just an acronym)

Knowing what the NCLEX stands for is more than just a few words. The NCLEX stands for safety and regulation in healthcare. Learn more here!
what to bring nclex

What to Bring to the NCLEX? [Effective and updated for 2020]

Knowing what to bring to the NCLEX is a necessary step in preparing for passing the NCLEX. Check out what to bring and get on with your life!
mcat books

The 10 Best NCLEX Review Books [updated for 2020]

The best NCLEX review books you need to pass your NCLEX-RN exam! We’ve got our 10 favorite books that will help you pass with ease.

What is the Nurse Symbol Meaning? Learn the top 4 Symbols & Origins!

Headed to nursing school and still wondering what is the nurse symbol meaning? Get the scoop on the top nurse symbol meanings here.