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white coat ceremony

9 Thoughtful Gifts for the White Coat Ceremony

Don’t give a lackluster white coat ceremony gift – gift the soon-to-be doctor something worthy of such an important achievement! Start with these 9 ideas!
white coat ceremony

What To Wear To Your White Coat Ceremony [Guide for Men & Women]

Struggling with what to wear to a white coat ceremony? Our guide breaks down all the options out there to help you find the perfect white coat outfit.
free MCAT resources

How to Prep for the MCAT [49 Resources to Get Started]

Preparing with the right MCAT resources can be key in scoring well, but not everyone has the best materials. These free MCAT resources can help you improve your score to 520.

The Ultimate Doctor Salary Guide [30 Specialties in 2020]

You didn’t choose to be a doctor for the money, but there are sizable differences in doctor salaries depending on the specialty – see here in our new guide!

The 8 Best MCAT Prep Courses for 2020

Don’t waste your money on an ineffective MCAT prep course. We’ve gone deep in providing you the most in-depth and detailed reviews of the best MCAT prep courses for 2020.
Gold Standard mcat review

Gold Standard MCAT Review: A Little Something for Everyone

Gold Standard offers several MCAT review packages at affordable rates – is it a good fit for you?
khan academy logo

Khan Academy MCAT Review

Wondering if Khan Academy is thorough enough as a standalone MCAT prep? Read our full review of Khan Academy MCAT and decide for yourself!
Altius mcat review

Altius MCAT Review: How Do They Guarantee a 90th Percentile Score?

Altius guarantees a 90th percentile score with it’s MCAT course – is it worth it and what do other students think?
Exam Krackers

Examkrackers MCAT On Demand Review

Considering Examkrackers MCAT? Read our detailed Examkrackers MCAT review before deciding if EK’s on-demand MCAT course is right for you.

How To Write A Medical School Personal Statement [Plus Examples]

Get into the med school of your dreams! Learn what makes a good med school personal statement as well as how to write and format yours to stand out.

Dating in Med School: What to Expect & How to Make It Work

Is dating in med school possible? Read these personal stories from students on dating, breakups, and more in medical school!

Magoosh MCAT Detailed Review

Magoosh is a low-cost alternative to commercial MCAT prep, but does that mean it’s worth it? Find out now with our detailed Magoosh MCAT Review
med school prep courses

6 Medical Student Blogs You Should Read if You’re Pre-Med

Looking for first-hand advice on med school? Check out these 6 student blogs for an inside look at how to prepare and what to expect.
adc medical bag

Our 12 Favorite Medical Bags for Doctors, Nurses & EMTs

We’ve got 12 awesome medical bags for everyone whether you are looking for the best rolling medical bag to the best trauma bags for your job!

Kaplan MCAT Course Review

Considering Kaplan MCAT? Read this detailed Kaplan MCAT course review before making any expensive prep course decisions.
princeton review logo

Princeton Review MCAT Course Ultimate Review

A detailed look at the Princeton Review MCAT Ultimate – explore the good, the bad, and what other students are saying.
reasons to become a doctor

7 Doctors’ Stories on Their Reasons to Become a Doctor

Do you know why you want to be a doctor? 7 MDs explain their heartfelt reasons to become a doctor and their love for helping people in need.
med school students

A Day in the Life of a Medical Student: What to Expect

What’s a day in the life of a medical student like? Eat, sleep, study, repeat? Read more about the day-to-day for med students
next step test prep logo

Next Step MCAT Detailed Review

Considering Next Step? Consider these pro’s and con’s before making a commitment. Read our detailed Next Step MCAT review here.
best lab coat

The 9 Best Lab Coats for Female Doctors & Medical Professionals

Don’t let your uniform cramp your style. We’ve got 9 of the best lab coats for female doctors & medical professionals that will allow you to look and feel your best on the job!
med school application

Understanding the Medical School Application Timeline [2020 Updates]

Overwhelmed by the medical school application process? Look no further. We’ve built a timeline to break down what you need to do year by year!
best stethoscope

The 7 Best Stethoscopes for Doctors (Updated in 2020)

A stethoscope can be critical in making an accurate diagnosis. Here are the 7 best stethoscopes for doctors that will allow medical professionals to work effectively.
best doctor shoes

7 Best Shoes for Doctors, Surgeons, & Med School Students

Don’t put unnecessary strain on your feet – take advantage of this list of the 7 best shoes for doctors, surgeons, and med students!
best med school backpacks

9 Awesome Backpacks for Medical School (+ Reviews)

An in-depth look at the 9 best backpacks and bags for med school – we look at features, material, and price to help you find the best option for you.
how many volunteer hours for medical school

Volunteer Hours for Medical School: How Many is Enough?

Planning on having a competitive med school application? How many volunteer hours for medical school is enough to stand out from the pack
Organic Chemistry Study Guides (1)

8 Awesome Organic Chemistry Study Guides [updated for 2020]

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating organic chemistry – do well in your classes and the MCAT with these organic chemistry study guides
biology coloring books

Top 3 Most Effective Biology Coloring Books for Medical Students

Biology is the most tested subject on the MCAT – treat yourself to effective and fun studying by utilizing these biology coloring books
how to memorize amino acids

Guide on How to Memorize Amino Acids (3 effective techniques)

With over 20 amino acids to remember for the MCAT, we’ve got a few ideas on how to memorize amino acids the easy and proven way!
summer mcat bootcamp

Top Summer MCAT Bootcamps for High MCAT Scorers

Summer MCAT bootcamps are not for the faint at heart, but there are some serious gains you can make in your MCAT score – see if an MCAT summer program is right for you!

Mac vs PC? Here are the Best Laptops for Medical School & Beyond

Don’t risk getting a laptop for medical school that will crap out in the middle of an important assignment! You need to consider one of these laptops to meet the demands of med school.

What’s a Perfect MCAT Score and is It Really Possible?

Do you have what it takes to reach a perfect MCAT score? We’re diving into what a perfect MCAT score is and what it means for you.

13 of the Best Books for Doctors or for Aspiring MDs!

Struggling for a gift for the doctor or aspiring doctor in your life? Check out our best books for doctors list, where you’re sure to find a book they just can’t put down!

The Ultimate List of MCAT Flashcards for Enhanced Prep

MCAT flashcards can be a great study aid and we’ve got the list of all the physical and online MCAT flashcards you’ll need for your prep!

20 Awesome Medical School Graduation Gifts for the New MD!

Medical school graduation is no easy feat and deserves a treat! We’ve got the most popular medical school graduation gifts for the new MD in your life!

Comprehensive Lecturio Review – Is it Worth the Price?

Lecturio seems to be everywhere when it comes to med school and boards prep. We’re diving into a Lecturio review to let you know the pros and cons of this med school supplement.
mcat classes

What Classes Should You Take Before the MCAT? [9 Essential Courses]

Don’t get left behind when it comes time to learning key concepts on the MCAT! We’ve created a list of college classes to take before the MCAT for each section as well as supplemental study!
gift for doctors

15 Gifts for Doctors that Are Guaranteed to Delight!

Make the special doctor in your life feel special! Check out our list of 15 gifts for doctors that are sure to bring a smile to his or her face.

Your Guide to Rescheduling or Canceling your MCAT Exam

If you know you need to cancel or reschedule the MCAT, don’t delay! Find out your options and you may be able to receive a partial refund on your MCAT registration

How Many Times Can You Take the MCAT? A Guide to Retaking the Test

Didn’t get the score you hoped for? This doesn’t have to be the end of the world if you understand your options of how many times you can take the MCAT! Find out here.
Gifts for med students

43 Awesome Gifts for Medical Students [2020 Gift Guide]

Don’t give another boring gift again! We’ve handpicked a list of best gifts for medical students that are proven to be received with delight and excitement
red phone

When Should I Take the MCAT? [75% of High Scores in These 2 Months!]

There’s no magic bullet for when you should take the MCAT. That said, here are some guidelines that you can use when deciding when’s the right date

A Proven MCAT Study Schedule To Fit Your Needs (3, 4, 6, and 8 months)

Forget those “3-week study guides” and other nonsense on preparing for the MCAT. Here are the real MCAT study schedules that are realistic and proven to be effective for students

What Time are the MCAT Scores Released? [2020 MCAT Score Releases]

Just took the MCAT? The waiting is the hardest part. We’ve got the MCAT score release schedule for 2019 so that you can take the test and get on with your life!

Our Thoughts on Voiding MCAT Scores on Test Day – Should You Do It?

We’re debunking the myths of who will see your voided MCAT scores and whether this affects your med school admissions. Plus examples of when voiding MCAT scores are a good idea

What Does the MCAT Stand For? A Brief History of Med Schools

What does the MCAT stand for, exactly? Beyond just the acronym, the MCAT is one of the primary indicators towards medical schools success. Learn how it’s evolved here!

7 Proven & Free MCAT Practice Tests for 2020 (Includes 2 Full-Length)

If your MCAT prep doesn’t involve practice tests, you’re planning to fail. That’s why we’ve compiled 7 FREE MCAT practice tests (including 2 full-length practice tests) that will dramatically improve your MCAT results
mcat timing

How Long is the MCAT? A Guide to the MCAT Timing

How long is the MCAT? Coming in at 7 hours and 33 minutes of “sitting time,” the MCAT is an endurance test – understand the MCAT timing and what it means for your test prep
study guide

8 Completely Free MCAT Study Guides (Plus Bonus Practice Tests)

Forget paying your hard-earned cash on your next MCAT study guide. We’ve put together a proven list of the top 7 free MCAT study guides (and bonus free practice tests too)
on schedule

New MCAT Test Dates Updated for 2020 (Plus Score Release Dates)

Planning on taking the MCAT this year? Here are the AAMC’s released MCAT test dates for 2020 that you can choose from when planning your study schedule.

Guide to the New MCAT Score Conversion – Are Your Scores Competitive?

How do you stack up to the competition? Check out our MCAT score conversion for the old and new MCAT tests!

52 Insane Medical School Scholarships for 2020 [$1+ million in free $$]

Med school without piles of debt? It’s possible. We’re here to ease the burden with top medical school scholarships for 2020 and beyond.
mcat books

The 9 Best MCAT Prep Books Guide [Updated January 2020]

Don’t waste your time with ineffective MCAT materials. Dive into our guide of the 9 best MCAT prep books for 2019-2020 with proven score increases.