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The 8 Best Lab Coats for Female Doctors & Medical Professionals

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

Aside from a stethoscope, one of the only telling signs as to the job of a medical professional would be the doctor’s lab coat. Like pantsuits, not all lab coats are created equal. Even the best lab coats for female doctors & medical professionals now fit every range of personality –  from the no-nonsense basic white coat all the way to film-worthy, fitted lab coats.

Today we will take a look at 8 of the best lab coats for female doctors, nurses and technicians. Let’s jump right into it!

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In a hurry? Here are our top 3 picks:

Maven Red Panda Lab Coat 3/4 Sleeve

Maven does a lab coat that is not only stylish but also quite functional as well. This streamlined lab coat includes decent-sized pockets, ventilation, and a decent collar. The two front pockets on this coat are even large enough to fit a mini tablet if needed!

The coat has a notched collar that rests naturally against the neck. To hold the coat closed, you can find three dyed-to-match buttons are on the front of the coat.

Sleeves are ¾ length, leaving wrists open and free from dangling cuffs, and these cuffs have 2-inch back vents to help keep things cool.

There are front darts and a center back waistband that also has darts to add a more feminine shape to the coat. A back vent is also included in the center of the coat to help keep air circulated. It’s this attention to details and functionality that gets Maven’s Red Panda lab coat on our list of the best lab coats for female doctors.

What we like:

  • Center back waistband for feminine flair
  • ¾ sleeve
  • Large pockets

What we don’t like:

  • Sizes tend to fit a little large

A very decent lab coat with just the right amount of style yet still keeping at $20 is a great deal.

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Natural Uniforms Women’s Scrub Warm Up Jacket

Sometimes simple is all that is needed, and Natural Uniforms has a good-quality, simple jacket that is also quite practical, making it among the top of our list of the best lab coats for female doctors.

While this jacket does not have a stylish collar to it, it does button right up to the neck, ensuring you are covered right to the top. There are 5 buttons to make sure the jacket stays closed from top to bottom.

The sleeves on this lab coat are full-length and have a knit cuff that fits tight around the wrist. This can be pushed up towards the elbow if needed and will return to shape after washing.

There are 3 pockets on this coat: 2 decent sized lower pockets and one chest pocket. None of them can be closed, but all the seams are triple reinforced for durability.

What we like:

  • 18 different colors options available
  • The knit cuffs are color matched and work nicely
  • The extra breast pocket is there if needed

What we don’t like:

  • No ventilation
  • Sizing is inconsistent
  • Lack of style makes it look a little frumpy

If you are looking for a low-cost lab coat that is available in many colors, then this is a great choice! For those who prioritize style over cost, however, this is not the lab coat for you.

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Barco Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Lab Coat

Sometimes we want to be like our favorite TV stars, and if you are in the medical profession, then this lab coat can help you feel closer to your favorite star on Grey’s Anatomy.

This is a white lab coat with an 80% poly / 20% cotton blend. It has loose full-length sleeves with a large updated collar that rests comfortably on the neck. Four white buttons keep the front of the jacket closed when needed

There are 2 pockets on the jacket. The pockets are a good size and are styled nicely with cut corners on them. To keep your pen safe and handy, the chest pocket includes a pen slot.

The back of the jacket has a loose back belt to help slim the jacket, and there are double english style back vents to keep the coat ventilated.

What we like:

  • Mimics our favorite TV show
  • Very stylish jacket
  • Durable material

What we don’t like:

  • Can be a little heavy and warm

This is a great lab coat if you want that particular bit of style and flair while you are dealing with patients. This coat does cost a little more than your basic everyday lab coat, but is worth it if you are going for that particular look or value style over budget.

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Adar Universal Lab Coat

The Adar Universal Lab Coat is a no-nonsense, longer lab coat that is labeled as men’s but is just as easily a unisex coat, which is why we maintained that we wanted it to be listed amongst the best lab coats for female doctors as well!

This is a 39-inch lab coat that has a walking stitch in the back and an adjustable back belt that is buttoned, so you can adjust the size and fit.

The pockets are on the front of this coat: two larger lower pockets that are big enough to hold a mini tablet and a breast pocket with a pen divider. There is also one inner pocket that is useful for a cellphone or other personal item.

This jacket comes with slits in the side of the jacket, so you do have easy access to your pant’s pockets without needing to open the coat or lift the coat up to your waist.

What we like:

  • A no-nonsense lab coat
  • 10 different colors available to suit any personality
  • Notched collar

What we don’t like:

  • Sizes can be inconsistent

A decent lab coat at an affordable price; Strong material means it is easy to wash and keep clean when it gets dirty.

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Natural Uniforms Unisex 40-inch White Lab Coat

Natural Uniforms gives us a standard lab coat that is 40 inches long and only offered in white. This is definitely a no-frills, minimal-style lab coat.

This lab coat has a 65% polyester to 30% cotton blend and is manufactured in a decent weight. It has long, loose sleeves and a belt in the back that can be adjusted if needed. As mentioned, this lab coat is only available in white.

There are three pockets on the jacket: two large lower hand pockets and a single breast pocket. There is no pen division in the breast pocket, and there are no inner pockets on this jacket.

What we like:

  • Covers everything down to the knees
  • Loose, comfortable fit

What we don’t like:

  • Could be warm in certain environments, did not breath well
  • Sizing is very inconsistent
  • No side slits to access pant pockets

This is a decent low-cost lab coat that will help get the job done in a minimalist style. This is the best lab coat for female doctors on a budget or for those who don’t mind wearing something that is not of the latest trend.

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Cherokee Women’s 36-inch Lab Coat

Cherokee offers a decent all-around lab coat that is decent looking and nicely functional at the same time, making it among our list of the best lab coats for female doctors & medical professionals.

This coat is made from a 65/35 percent polyester cotton blend. Cherokee’s lab coat is offered only in white and comes with princess seams to give it a more feminine fit. There are belts on the back for style, but they are non-adjustable.

There are two large, nicely stitched pockets on the front, but there is no breast pocket and no interior pockets either. Unlike Adar’s lab coat, there are no cuts in the sides for access to pant pockets.

What we like:

  • Nice cut to the coat
  • Big pockets that can fit a small to medium size tablet if needed
  • Decent weight of the material.

What we don’t like:

  • No breast pocket or pen pocket
  • No cuts for pants pockets

This is a great middle-of-the-road jacket that has some nice style to it and yet still remains quite functional at the same time. This is among the best lab coats for female doctors that won’t break the bank but is definitely more expensive than your bargain brands. For tips on how to clean your lab coat, read here

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Dr. James Unisex 40-inch Lab Coat

Dr James offers a professionally designed lab coat from Milan, Italy that is ideal for students, educators and also medical professionals alike. Designed for males or females, this coat offers everything a professional would need with a decent hint of style as well.

This is a 40-inch long lab coat with full-length sleeves and a cuff to finish off the sleeves. There is a back vent for comfort when walking and to help keep things cool. This chic lab coat is finished with snap buttons that are concealed behind the fabric, leading to easy snap-up and removal.

The neck is finished with a classic lapel collar for a nicely refined look, and there are side entry slits on each side that allow you to have access to your pants pockets when needed.

There are 4 pockets on the front: 2 of the large lower pockets are big enough to fit a standard tablet and one of the lower pockets has an additional cell phone pocket.

What we like:

  • Cell phone pocket
  • Tablet pocket
  • Pen compartment in the breast pocket
  • Quick snap buttons

What we don’t like:

  • Not as feminine as some other choices
  • Not adjustable in the back

It seems Dr. James has thought of just about everything when it comes to this lab coat. It covers all the bases in functionality with just a hint of style with a nice lapel collar and hidden snap buttons. This coat is not overly expensive but certainly not for those on a tight budget.

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Red Kap Exterior Pocket Lab Coat

Red Kap is serious about their work wear and has been around since 1923. They want to be sure that the lab coat you get is exactly the lab coat you want. They ensure that each garment goes through a solid quality control test to be sure it meets their and your expectations.

Each garment is finished using a durable press wrinkle free coating to help minimize the need for ironing. A long coat, at 41.5 inches in length, this jacket also has a full-length open sleeve.

There are three pockets on this jacket, two good-sized lower pockets and then a single breast pocket. The lower pockets are large enough to fit a mini tablet without any issue. There are no interior pockets inside this jacket.

Four UV protected buttons are on the front of the jacket that won’t fade over time. Dual-side vents are also included, so you have access to your pants pockets when needed.

What we like:

  • Very durable construction
  • Longer length even for those who are tall
  • Decent cut even for broad shoulders

What we don’t like:

  • Heavy material can be warm in certain situations

Red Kap uses great construction for their workwear and if you are looking for a coat that will last spills or other dirty situations and yet is easily machine washable, even when using commercial laundry services, then this is the one for you. Maybe not top of the list for fashion, but a very strong and durable coat that will last, making it among the best lab coats for female doctors.

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Best Lab Coats for Women – Bottomline

Each time we heard a negative comment or review about our chosen lab coats for doctors, it was usually about how the size they ordered didn’t fit the typical size they wear for t-shirts and sweaters. Keep in mind, as you are shopping for a new lab coat, that you will need to be able to wear it above your day clothes, which may include a sweater or thicker material. If you are torn between two sizes, we recommend you going the size up, just to be safe.

Also, when shopping for your lab coat, be sure to check the Amazon questions as it will help you determine what sizes work best for your body type.

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