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LSAT Test Dates & Score Release

Written by: Kristine Thorndyke

We’ve got the updated list of the LSAT test dates for 2023 and 2024 both in the US/Canada as well as the international testing dates.

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2023 LSAT Test Dates

Here are the 2023 LSAT test dates, which are offered in January, February, April, June, August, September, October, and November:

LSATDatesRegistration DeadlineTest Date Change DeadlineScore Release
June 2023June 9-10, 20234/5/20236/28/2023
August 2023August 11-12, 20236/29/20237/3/20238/30/2023
September 2023September 8-9, 20237/25/20238/1/20239/27/2023
October 2023October 13-14, 20238/31/20239/5/202311/1/2023
November 2023November 10-11, 20239/28/202310/3/202311/29/2023

2024 LSAT Test Dates

In 2024, the number of test dates are reduced to the following 4 months:

LSATDatesRegistration DeadlineTest Date Change DeadlineScore Release
January 2024January 11-12, 20231/4/202412/5/20231/31/2024
February 2024February 9, 20232/1/20241/2/20242/28/2024
April 2024April 12, 20234/4/20243/5/20245/1/2024
June 2024June 7-8, 20235/30/20244/30/20246/26/2024

International LSAT Test Dates 2023

LSATDatesRegistration DeadlineTest Date Change DeadlineScore Release
June 2023June 13, 20234/25/20236/28/2023
October 2023October 14, 202310/5/20239/5/202311/1/2023

International LSAT Test Dates 2024

LSATDatesRegistration DeadlineTest Date Change DeadlineScore Release
January 2024January 1, 20241/4/202412/5/20231/31/2024
April 2024April 13, 20244/4/20243/5/20245/1/2024
June 2024June 8, 20245/30/20234/30/20246/26/2024

How to Choose Your LSAT Date

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing your LSAT test date, but a simple rule of thumb is to take the LSAT in time that the law schools you are applying to will receive your scores before the deadline. The majority of law school deadlines can be found on their websites under their Admissions page.

If you plan on applying to law school for their Fall admissions, plan on taking the test either in the June or September testing slots the calendar year before. Taking the LSAT in December or February can still work for regular Fall admissions, but you run the risk of the law schools already having filled some of their incoming class seats from students who took the earlier LSATs.

For more help choosing your LSAT test date, check out our guide on when to take the LSAT.

Preparing for Your LSAT Test Date

You should plan on spending at least 3-4 months preparing for the LSAT. This can be done through LSAT home study programs or through live or in-person classes. Whatever you decide is the best way for you to prepare for the LSAT, be sure to work through as many official LSAT practice questions as possible in simulated conditions to be adequately prepared for the test day.

How Much Does the LSAT Cost?

For the August 2023 – June 2024 testing year, the LSAT costs $222. Additionally, the CAS (Credential Assembly Service) fee is $200. The CAS is the central hub for all documents required for your law school application, including your transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.

How to Change Your LSAT Date

If you want to change the LSAT test date that you registered for, you can do so before the Test Date Change deadline has passed. The LSAT test date that you’d like to change to must be within the current testing year, which runs from July through June. If you make this change on time, it is free of charge.

Up to 10 days after the Registration Deadline, you can request a test date change fee of $135.

11 days after the Registration Deadline up until the day before testing begins, you can request a test date change for $222.

There is a small caveat to those who are taking the last LSAT of the testing year. You may change the test date to the first exam of the following test date year. For example, if you are registered for the June 2023 LSAT (remember, the testing year ends in June) and you’d like to change the test date, then you would need to take the August LSAT.

Regardless of if you make the Test Registration deadline, you need to make sure you cancel your LSAT if you will not be able to sit for it – otherwise you will receive a designation of “Absent” on your score report of the law schools that you apply to.