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Throw an Awesome Law School Graduation Party [25 Inspiring Ideas]

Don’t get stressed planning your own law school graduation party – we’ve got the 30 best grad party ideas for the #1 JD!
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Expert Guide on What to Wear to Law School [2020 Law School Capsule Wardrobe]

Knowing how to dress in law school is very important. To help you nail the law school dress code we will guide you through the different outfits for different occasions.
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Crafting a Great Resume for a T14 Law School

Check out our tips on writing the perfect resume plus a law school resume example that got a student admitted into a T14 school!

The 4 Best LSAT Proctors in 2020

Don’t show up to the LSAT without practicing test-like conditions! Work through your LSAT practice tests with these virtual LSAT proctors and be prepared.
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Dating in Law School [Updated 2019 Guide to Law School Relationships]

Dating and law school can be a minefield. Here we break down the pros and cons of relationships in law school and see if they can they coexist.
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The Ultimate Lawyer Salary Guide [Updated for 23 Fields in 2020]

Not all areas of law pay the same – understand the earning potential of these top 26 types of lawyers with this Ultimate Lawyer Salary Guide for 2020.
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27 Awesome Gifts for Law Students

Don’t settle on a boring gift for the future lawyer! Here we look at 27 gifts for law students, from practical and essential to hilarious gag gifts!
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23 Best Gift Ideas for Professors

Looking for gift ideas for your college professor, university professor or PhD advisor? Our guide runs through 23 of the best professor gifts to buy online!
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15 Gifts for Passing the Bar – Celebrate the New Lawyer!

Looking for that perfect gift to say well done for passing the bar? Here we run through the top 15 gifts to congratulate that new lawyer.
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Best Backpacks for Law School Buying Guide

Don’t settle when it comes to the best backpacks for law school – check out these 7 law school backpacks that will meet your needs!
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A Guide to the LSAT Experimental Section & How it Works

You take an extra section on the LSAT for research, yet you don’t know which it was.. here’s some hints on which was the LSAT Experimental Section
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How Long to Study for the LSAT for a 5 to 11 Point Score Increase

Don’t ignore the numbers when it comes to how long to study for the LSAT for the score you need – we have the study schedules you need for your goal score
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Proven LSAT Study Schedules for High Scorers (1-6 Month Schedules)

To do really well on the LSAT, you need to follow a proven LSAT study schedule that covers everything you need to know on test day.
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7 LSAT Logical Reasoning Tips [Plus our Favorite Study Aid 2020]

With half of the LSAT filled with Logical Reasoning questions, you don’t want to miss these LSAT Logical Reasoning Tips to ace the LSAT.
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7 LSAT Logic Games Tips in 2020 [Plus our Favorite Study Aid]

You need strategies to do well on the logic games! Check out these LSAT logic games tips to help you do well on test day!
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7 LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips [Plus our Favorite Study Aid]

There’s a lot more than just reading involved to do well on the LSAT”s Reading Comprehension. Check out our top 5 LSAT Reading Comprehension tips
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The Ultimate Guide to LSAT Scores [Updated for 2020]

Calculating your LSAT scores and overall LSAT percentile is critical in understanding your law school chances. Get ahead with this guide!

Best Laptop for Law School Guide for 2020

Law schools have specific requirements for their programs – be sure you get the best laptop for law school with this 2018-2019 guide.
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4 Completely Free LSAT Study Guides for Effective Prep [Updated 2020]

New to the LSAT? Don’t get overwhelmed with all the information out there – start with these 4 free LSAT study guides to get in-the-know quickly and effectively!
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The 6 Best LSAT Prep Courses [PROVEN effective for 2020] + Exclusive Discounts!

Don’t waste precious time and money on an ineffective LSAT prep course. We’ve got the best LSAT prep courses that have proven to actually raise your score

How Many Times Can You Take the LSAT in 2020?

How many times can you take the LSAT? The answer has changed since September 2017 – get in-the-know about the LSAC’s new stance on LSAT retakes!

LSAT Practice Tests for Effective LSAT Study [Updated for 2020]

Which LSAT practice tests are the best for your LSAT prep? We’ve got the list of the best LSAT practice tests to purchase for 2020.
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Struggling on When to Take the LSAT? We’ve Got Some Ideas!

Struggling with when to take the LSAT? We break down each testing month and the advantages and disadvantages of each for your law school application
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2020 LSAT Test Dates & Score Release

You won’t get into your top law school without planning for the LSAT. We’ve got the LSAT test dates for 2019-2020 so you can plan your study schedule.
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The 8 Best LSAT Prep Books for Effective Study [ Updated for 2020 ]

Don’t waste your time on ineffective courses. Check out the best LSAT prep books that are actually proven effective on increasing your scores!